Nathan is stunned to find Maxie in Claudette’s room at the Metro Court and informs her who CJ really is. Claudette claims this is a crazy coincidence and that the universe made this happen so that Nathan can get the closure he clearly needs over what happened. Nathan would rather she leave, but she points out that even though they both made mistakes, he made the really big one. They bicker, which Maxie stops by suggesting they all get a good night’s sleep, and that she’ll see Claudette in the morning at work. Nathan is shocked, but Maxie wants to process this and perhaps Claudette is right and this is fate. Maxie and Nathan leave, and Claudette opens her suitcase and looks at her wedding photo of Nathan. She flops onto her bed as she hugs it. Down in the bar, Curtis finds Nina working on the real men issue, and they talk about the issue and how she has Julian right where she wants him for providing him with an alibi. Curtis warns her about getting involved with his legal troubles. He decides to leave her to her work, as he has to start looking for a job of his own. She stops him and realizes how good he is at talking to people and getting answers from them, so she offers him a job. She asks him to meet her in her office tomorrow and she’ll explain the details of his position.


Aaron and Kristina hang out in the park and kiss. They talk for a bit about her father before she suggests they take things back to his place. Later, Maxie and Nathan argue in the park over Claudette. Maxie confesses to him the details of her affair with Lucky while he was married to Liz. She explains that she did anything she could to win Lucky away, and she saw that girl in Claudette tonight. She knew she had to back-off as Claudette could turn him in to the police over the shooting, and they have to proceed carefully. Maxie knows she has a plan in motion, but if she never loved him in the first place, then this can’t be about winning him back.

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In the van outside of Alexis’ place, Anna fears Alexis may be in danger, and wonders what is keeping Jordan with the warrant. In the house, Alexis tells Julian she’s jumpy because of her hormones and morning sickness. He believes her at first, but soon begins to suspect she may be lying as she doesn’t feel cold or clammy. Jordan returns to the van and hasn’t been able to get the warrant due to the late hour. Alexis continues to try and keep Julian believing in her, and claims everything he’s done for her is just overwhelming. He tells her to calm down and that he will make her some tea. He leaves to do that, and Alexis speaks into the wire that she feels something is up and has to get out of the house. Unfortunately, Julian grabs her before she can leave and covers her mouth. Anna and the others can’t hear anything over the tea kettle whistling that Julian put on, and they realize Julian has found the wire. They try and start the van to get there, but it won’t start. Back at the house, Julian rips the wire off of her, and Alexis and Julian begin to fight as she tries to escape him. When Jordan, Paul and Anna finally burst in with backup they find Alexis and Julian are gone.

Announcement: Finola Hughes takes a break from filming General Hospital

Kristina and Aaron arrive at his place where things continue to heat up between them. They make love and as Kristina falls asleep she mumbles Parker’s name. Later she wakes up and learns what she said from a hurt Aaron. She tells him that the Parker situation was messy and complicated and he deserve the truth if they are going to see where this thing between them can go.

Julian takes Alexis down to the pier where he informs her that he figured out she was wearing a wire, and he had his people disable the surveillance van outside the house so they could escape. She tells him that this is only making it worse, and begs him to let her go. He cries that she betrayed him and will die by the same knife that Helena used to kill her mother. He holds the dagger to her throat, and she begs him to think about Sam. Julian informs her that this is all her fault for not believing in him and that he’s left her no choice. She reminds him about the baby and asks if he wants to kill his own child.

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