Cody is pacing on the waterfront waiting for Maxi to return from the hospital with some drugs for him. When she arrives and says that she won't do it, he pins her against a wall and says, "Give me the drugs so this doesn't get ugly!" He is shaking her until he feels the cold barrel of a gun on his neck. It's Coop. Maxi tells Coop that Cody didn't hurt her and Cody tells Coop to go ahead and pull the trigger. Coop tells Cody to find another way to deal with what happened in Iraq. Cody turns the tables and tells Coop that he's useless unless he's being shot at. After Cody takes off, Coop takes Maxi up to his room and tries to impress upon her how loose of a cannon someone with post traumatic stress syndrome can be. He calms down a little and tells her that she turned his life around and he doesn't want anything to happen to her. He tells Maxi that she's not just a girl in his bed, she's his best friend. Then, he asks her to stay away from Logan, too, for that matter. Logan is his friend, but Coop isn't sure if he's of sound mind after the war.

Sonny calls Max into his office. He tells him that he'll be seeing more of Kate Howard and that Max should treat her with respect. Just then, Milo comes in and reports that Miss Howard moved out of the Metro Court and likely went back to New York. Sonny says that he'll take care of it and then focuses on business. He tells Max to drag Logan Hayes in so they can hear why he practically handed their shipment over to Ric.

At the Penthouse, Carly tells Sam that she'd like to kick her ass and then takes her down on the couch. They wrestle and tumble until Sam breaks free and is able to swing a pool cue at Carly. She retaliates by throwing a vase of flowers towards Sam. Diane walks in and slams a book on the desk to get their attention. She tells the women to stop it because the police are on their way. Sam and Carly cool it and Diane explains that the cops have a search warrant and are coming to look for evidence to tie Jason into the Alcazar murder case.

At the nurse's desk, Epiphany asks Liz if she's heard anything about Jason's case. She explains that as a mother, she thinks that if Jason stays in prison, maybe Stan will stay out of trouble. Liz tells Epiphany that she and Jason didn't talk about his case when she visited him. Ric walks up to the nurse's desk and delivers a subpoena to Liz.

Amelia is at Pentonville listening to Jason tell her that he doesn't want trouble for Sam. "Sam and I are over and so is your revenge," Jason insists. Amelia doesn't seem threatened in the least.

Lulu is in Logan's room listening to the atrocities of war. She is touched by seeing how vulnerable he becomes as he talks about some of the things he experienced in Iraq. She tells him that she is so grateful to him -- and guys like him, who do what they do so that that idiots like her don't have to think even about it. As they move in for a kiss, Scott shows up at the door insisting that he is NOT Logan's father. Logan tells him that he's a liar and Lulu does her best to intervene as the two men (who look eerily alike) argue. Nikolas knocks on the door and tells Lulu that she's coming with him. Scott tells Nikolas that since he's looking out for Lulu, he'll leave now. After he's gone, Nik asks if Scott is really Logan's father and Logan tells him that he ran out on his pregnant mother and all of her letters came back "Return to Sender." Nikolas says that is between Logan and Scott, but tells Lulu that Logan is a dangerous man and she shouldn't get involved with him. Just then, Max comes to fetch Logan for Mr. Corinthos and Nikolas escorts Lulu out the door telling her, "As I was saying…"

Mac and his team have just finished scouring Jason's apartment to find "quite an arsenal." Diane points out that Jason has all of the necessary permits to own and carry his firearms. Just then, Scott arrives to make sure that the police department finds what it is looking far. "Or are you hear to plant evidence?" Carly accuses. Diane drags her out in the hallway and urges her to calm down. She says that she is the lawyer here and she is the one who will handle the DA's office. Carly simmers down a little, but tells Diane that she needs to keep her eye on Sam. She explains that Sam is angry at Jason now and could say things to incriminate him.

Nikolas takes Lulu to Kelly's. She tells him not to police her like the Q's are doing. She says that everyone is acting like Logan has horns and he's really a pretty nice guy. She says that she's trying to do the best she can given all the bad things that have happened this year. Her brother points out that Dillon leaving for LA is yet another loss for her, so maybe she's looking to Logan for all the wrong reasons. Lulu says that she has a house full of Quartermaines looking out for her, and besides, Logan is just her friend.

Max drops Logan off at the coffee warehouse and when Milo hears that Logan was found with Lulu, he frisks him angrily and warns him to stay away from her. Logan is dumped into Sonny's office and he promptly gets in Logan's face and says, "You lost my shipment. You got my crew busted by the cops. That makes you a liability -- one I need to get rid of." Logan explains that he didn't call after the ambush because he thought the cops might be following him. He said that he sat and waited for Sonny to come to him. Sonny tells Logan that since his answer shows creativity under pressure, he may still be of some use to him. When Logan goes back out to the coffee shop, he taunts Milo and Max by saying that they won't need to eliminate him any time soon. Maxi walks in and drags Logan outside. She tells him that their deal is off because she knows that he's dangerous. She also tells him to stay away from Lulu.

After getting subpoenaed, Liz goes back to Pentonville to tell Jason that she has been called to testify against him. Jason says that Ric is trying to mess with his head. He tells her that she should tell Ric the truth about what happened in her hospital room the night Lorenzo died. She recalls that she had just given birth to Jake and Jason stopped by to see how they were. She thanked him for getting them to the hospital in time, and then he got a phone call. Jason urges her to tell the judge all of that so that prosecutor won't focus on their personal life. Liz protests that she won't say anything to get him in more trouble, no matter what!

Carly storms into the coffee warehouse and pushes her way into Sonny's office. She tells him that Sam dumped Jason and asks if he thinks the timing is strange. Sonny says that their breakup was complicated and she needs to back off. Carly wants to break Jason out of jail before Sam can make things worse for him and Sonny says, "Whatever you're thinking, don't, I'm going to handle it."

Coop finds Lulu at Kelly's and tells her to stay away from Logan because he can be dangerous. "When things go wrong, Logan tries to dig his way out and he ends up making everything worse," Coop says.

Liz gets back to the hospital and thanks Epiphany for covering for her while she saw Jason. Epiphany advises her to tell the truth while on the stand and let the lawyers figure out how to spin it. Nikolas comes and asks Liz how to get through to Lulu. He explains the situation with Logan and Liz tells him that he might end up pushing her right to Logan. She says the women will, ultimately, follow their heart.

Diane goes to see Jason to tell him that he'll soon be transferred back to Port Charles, but the trial will start the next day. She tells him that Ric has added Donald Clooney and Elizabeth Spencer to his witness list. Jason tells her to get Elizabeth off the stand as soon as possible, and keep the conversation on anything but their personal relationship. "Ric knows that Elizabeth and I slept together," he explains. He says that if asked, Liz will have to admit that Jake is his son and then everyone will get hurt. Diane worries that if Liz mentions the phone call that he took that night, the jury will likely draw the conclusion that it was his order to take Lorenzo out. "I will do whatever it takes to protect my son!" Jason insists. Diane asks, "Even if it means that you'll spend the rest of your life in prison?"

Ric goes to the penthouse and Sam tells him that he just missed his precious PCPD. He delivers a subpoena instead. He tells her that it would be unadvisable to perjure herself for Jason. "Don't worry Ric I'll tell you anything you need to know."


Elizabeth begs Sam not to turn on Jason.

Ric promises Diane that he will deliver justice.

A gunshot rings out in Pentonville.

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