Nina is working at Crimson when she has a fantasy of Franco bursting into her office dressed as a romance novel cover heartthrob and declaring his love for her. Maxie snaps her out of her daydream by gushing about her future with Nathan. Nina becomes upset and thinks she is going to be alone forever, and that she never should have broken up with Franco. She wonders if there is still a chance for them, but Maxie reminds her they broke up for some pretty important reasons. Nina says she has accepted that she can’t have a child, and that Franco doesn’t want one. She decides to text Franco, but becomes distracted by a buzzing noise coming from a package on her desk. Nina and Maxie wonder if it could be a bomb, but Maxie sees who it is from and realizes it is a sex toy sent to them for review. After they marvel at how many attachments it has, Nina decides to text Franco and find out if he’s made a decision about the indecent proposal she offered him.

Franco arrives at Liz’s new place with a toaster as a housewarming gift. Liz thinks something is up, and Jake admits he called Franco and asked him to come over. They make some toast, and Jake talks about how much he misses his dad. Franco says his dad is doing some important stuff and suggests Jake draw his dad a picture to give him when he returns. Jake runs off to do that, and Liz thanks Franco. Franco admits he’s jealous of Jason as he is 100 percent committed to Sam, and he wishes he could be that clear about his feelings for Nina. He discusses his problems with Nina, and how he has been reflecting back on all the horrible things he’s done. He feels that he’s not worthy of being loved, and Liz tells him to stop acting like a self-pitying whiner. She lets him know that he has changed, and he has been a good friend to her when everyone has hated her. The two share a kiss.

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Morgan surprises Kiki at her place and reveals he has been released. He gives her a hug, and tells her that he was a jerk to break things off and it was a mistake. She asks why he did it. He explains that Ava convinced him she was better without him, and she only did it because she loves her. He admits he wasn’t good for her, but he is stable now. He wants to try things again with her, as the thought of her is what got him through everything. He knows it may be too late because he saw her with Dillon at the ball. He doesn’t know if there is anything going on with them. Dillon returns with Kiki’s prescription and some chicken noodle soup, only to find Morgan there. Kiki tells Dillon that Morgan stopped by because he was just released, and Morgan sees how dressed up they are and realizes he’s intruding. He tells them to have a great night and heads off.

In England, Jason and Sam break into Ava’s hotel room to look for clues. Sam learns that Ava failed to show up for an important meeting, and she and Jason wonder if Ava and Nikolas are together.

At Huxley’s manor, Huxley demands Ava hand over the real Weeping Nyad after smashing the fake she was carrying. Ava swears that is the only statue she had, and it was authenticated. Nikolas tells Huxley that Ava is lying to him, that she was going to sell the phony to a collector and keep the original as it is priceless. Ava damns Nikolas for revealing that, and claims the original is back in her hotel. He locks them back in the room, after tying them back to back, and leaves to get the statue. Ava tells him his plan may have bought them some time, but she doesn’t have the original statue and honestly thought that was the real statue. Nikolas reveals that Spencer is the only person who knows he’s alive, and now if he dies he will think he’s abandoned him. They decide to try and break out. They manage to stand up together, and Ava finds a letter opener to cut through the ropes. After they are freed she uses it to try and pick the door lock.

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Huxley arrives at Ava’s hotel room and finds nothing. He calls Margarethe to inform her that the statue isn’t here, and that he’s returning home to his guests. He leaves, and Sam and Jason climb back into the room from the window ledge they were hiding on. They decide to follow Huxley to his house and find out if Ava and Nikolas are there.

In Port Charles, Morgan picks up his meds at GH, and runs into Kiki.

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