Nathan arrives at Alexis’ place and arrests her, much to Sonny and Alexis’ shock. As Nathan takes her away, she asks Sonny to call Diane.

Finn wakes up in his room at the Metro Court and finds Rachel stayed with him. He needs to get to the hospital to retrieve something from his locker, so Rachel offers to get it for him. He tells her that he needs a notebook, writes instructions down for her, and she heads out.

At GH, Maxie storms into the locker room looking for Lucas, only to run into a shirtless Griffin. She apologizes and explains she was looking for Lucas to ask to be in the real men’s issue. Out at the nurses’ station, Franco and Liz talk about the person killing patients at the hospital and their motives.

Return! Shari Belafonte retuning to General Hospital

Nina tries to get Julian to pose for her at Crimson, but they end up tumbling to the ground. Olivia walks in and asks if she is interrupting. They assure her she’s not, and Nina makes herself scarce. Julian explains everything to Olivia, who has come by to talk about Leo. After they discuss their son, they move on to Alexis, as she saw he was staying at the Metro Court. Olivia urges him to go home to Alexis and work things out.

At the PCPD, Jordan explains to Anna and Paul that Alexis has motive, no alibi, and her prints are on the dagger. Anna reminds her that evidence is subject to interpretation. Alexis is brought in, and Sonny follows. Sonny tells Alexis that Diane is tied up in court, so Alexis uses it to her advantage and claims she won’t be able to answer any questions until her lawyer is present. Jordan orders her to be taken to interrogation and cuffed. Paul and Jordan head in to talk to Alexis, and Jordan tells Alexis that CSI is going to be going over every inch of her house and they’ll find any evidence she tried to destroy. Alexis thinks about the burnt shirt and tells them to search all they want, but she isn’t saying one word without her lawyer. Later, Anna goes in to talk to Alexis. Alexis reiterates she isn’t answering any questions without her lawyer. Anna assures her she is after Julian, not her, and she feels they share a connection as she knows what it’s like to love a man who does things that are wrong. Anna knew though that Duke loved her one hundred fold, and she hopes Julian loves Alexis as much as she loves him. Alexis tells her to go to hell.

Deconstructing GH: An unlikely pairing and some big reveals were treats for viewers

Nina arrives at GH and asks Franco to get naked for the real men’s issue. He turns her down, so she suggests sex then with no strings attached. She asks him to think about it, and heads off. Franco decides he needs a cold shower. Elsewhere, Nathan arrives and runs into Griffin. Griffin tries to tell Nathan something important, but they are interrupted by Maxie. Maxie thanks Griffin for the advice he gave to both of them, as they’ve worked things out. Maxie gets a terrific idea and suggests Griffin marry them. Griffin says he can’t as they aren’t Catholic and he is on leave from the church. Maxie is disappointed, but still expects him to attend. Nathan remembers there was something Griffin wanted to tell him. Griffin just wanted to say that he hoped Nathan and Maxie would work things out. In the locker room, Rachel finds Finn’s journal in his locker. As she is leaving, Liz catches her, and wonders what she is doing here. Rachel claims she needed to use the bathroom, and she came here to get a prescription for anti-depressants as she is grieving. Rachel storms off, and Liz tries to figure out what locker Rachel was looking for. Suddenly a half-naked Franco walks in after his cold shower. He tells her if she wants to break in then she will need some tools. Liz says she thinks someone else broke into a locker, and she wants to know why.

Back at the Crimson office, Sonny arrives to see Julian, so Olivia leaves them. Sonny tells Julian that his wife has been arrested for murdering Carlos.

Rachel returns to Metro Court where Finn asks for his notebook. She refuses to give him his notebook, which is filled with dates and formulas, until he explains what is going on. Finn reveals he is dying.

Sonny returns to the PCPD with Julian in tow. Julian demands to talk to his wife.

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Sonny talks with Morgan about whether he feels ready to come home.

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Anna and Jordan watch Julian with Alexis, and wonder who will sell the other out first.

Alexis accuses Julian of setting her up.

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