An associate of Sonny’s drops off a briefcase containing guns and money at the cabin for Sam and Jason. Jason says they need to go find the man who forged Nikolas’ passport to see if he knows where he’s headed.

On the plane to London, Ava is stunned to see Nikolas, who has a full beard, sitting next to her. Ava snaps a selfie with Nikolas and wonders how much the people in Port Charles would pay for it. Nikolas asks what it will take to keep her quiet. She tells him not to worry as fakes and frauds like them need to stick together. She gives him some advice, such as not to take up an accent as it’s more trouble than it is worth, warns him to never return to Port Charles, and hopes whatever he is planning takes his son into account. As they talk, a mysterious man (Trent Dawson) spies on them. The man, who has a British accent, interrupts them and thinks Nic is that actor from that bear movie. Ava tells the man that is who he is. The man introduces himself as Huxley Nitch, and Nikolas says he is Nile Carradine. Huxley thought he was Tom Hardy, but Ava explains he’s trying to stay off TMZ’s radar right now. Later the plane lands, and Nikolas thanks Ava for helping him. She says she was happy to, as now he owes her a favor. As they are getting off the plane, Huxley asks Nikolas to join him for dinner tomorrow at his house, but Nikolas politely declines. Huxley then makes a call to Margaretta and tells her to prepare the blue room as they are going to have company.

Baby news! Erin Chambers gives birth

At Anna’s place, Felicia is trying to get Emma ready for her trip back to California, but Emma is focused on creating a dating profile for Anna. Felicia feels this is something Anna should decide to do herself. Emma knows her grandma misses Duke and she just wants her to be happy. Emma goes ahead and posts the profile when she’s finished with it.

Anna drops by Jordan’s office to find out the latest on what Nathan is up to at Julian’s, but Jordan isn’t going to let her be a part of this case as she doesn’t trust her around Julian. Andre arrives as they argue, and Anna asks for his opinion. She explains to Andre what is going on, but Andre says he can’t back her up. Anna is stunned and leaves, and Jordan thanks Andre for having her back. He says Anna is right and would be an asset, and that he only meant he wasn’t going to side with Anna against Jordan. Jordan becomes upset and again accuses Andre of having feelings for Anna. They argue, and she asks him to leave.

At Julian’s place, Nathan confronts Julian with the dagger, which he thinks could be the murder weapon. They take the blade as evidence, and Alexis explains the origin of it. Nathan and the cops leave, and Julian begins to. Alexis says they can’t tie the dagger to him without more evidence, and he obviously wiped it clean. He thinks she sounds like she cares, but she reveals that she is divorcing him. He begs her to give him a chance, but Alexis says when he killed Carlos that he killed their relationship. He knows she loves him, but Alexis tells him she loved who she thought he was, which was a lie. She yells that she can’t be married to who he’s become. He asks how this will look to the police, but she doesn’t care. She tells him he will get off, so he doesn’t have to worry. Julian decides to go to the Metro Court, but will return once she cools down, as he will never give her a divorce. He tells her he meant every word of “till death do us part.”

Temporary recast! Nick Stabile takes over popular role

Jason and Sam head to a pawn shop and ask a man to make them some passports. When he leaves the room with their photos, they begin quickly looking through his files. The man returns and tells them that he’ll have their passports in a day or so. Jason and Sam thank him and leave.

Anna returns home and vents to Felicia about how two people she thought she could trust have betrayed her. Felicia talks with her about moving on from this vendetta, and suggests she put herself out in the dating world. Anna says she’s not ready for that. Later, Anna is about to get on her computer, but Andre arrives to see her.

Jason and Sam return to the cabin, where Jason has a memory of the two of them on the run and in another safe house.

Nathan drops in on Jordan at her office to fill her in on the dagger, and that CSI believes there is a trace of blood left on it.

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