Lulu rushes into the Q study and fills her purse with pastries to take to Logan. As she attempts to slip out, Monica and Edward corner her and tell her to put away the stolen food. As Lulu laughs at them and heads for the terrace door, Alice appears. They tell her that she is under house arrest for her own good. Lulu reminds them that she is 18 and free to do what she likes. Edward says that she has been entrusted in their care and needs some supervision because she is showing bad judgment by hanging around with Logan Hayes. "You are our last chance to get this parenting thing right," Edward tells her. They tell her that she's beautiful and intelligent and far too vulnerable. "In other words, you're easy pickin's" Alice interprets. Monica explains that if Lulu needs to run errands, they will drive her. Edward tells Alice that she is in charge and if Lulu escapes, there will be serious consequences to pay. After Edward and Monica leave the room, Lulu asks Alice if she seriously plans to adhere to Edward's new rule. Alice says that she cares about Luke and that she is doing it for him. Lulu offers an exchange. She tells Alice that she WON'T tell everyone what she does in the boat house when no one is looking, in exchange for a some time out of the house. "You've got 2 hours," Alice tells her.

At Kelly's, Coop is telling Maxi that being a ping pong ball between the DA and Sonny is starting to get to him. He says that things have become more complicated since Logan was shot and Cody came to town. Maxi asks him if the roles were reversed, would Logan be this concerned about him? Coop says that Cody is dangerous and it's more than post traumatic stress syndrome, so he warns Maxi to stay away from the war between him and Logan. "Shut up and kiss me," Maxi says, and after they kiss, Coop goes to work.

Carly visits Jason and notices how awful he looks. She asks if his pathetic excuse of a girlfriend has even bothered to visit him yet and then goes into how much he needs to end that relationship. "It's done!" Jason asserts. Carly wants to know what happened, so Jason tells her how the breakup happened. Jason is pretty close-lipped and finally he tells Carly that it was Sam's decision. Carly can't believe that Sam would dump him while in prison. She rants that now that Sam is done, he deserves to find a wonderful woman who deserves….then she thinks for a minute and realizes that Liz might be the next woman in Jason's life. "No!" she says. Then she rambles about how pathetic Liz is. Finally, Jason demands to know what's wrong in her personal life. Carly asks why he would ask that. Jason says when things are wrong her in life; she starts digging in his life. "I miss my husband," Carly pouts. She explains that she and Alexis teamed up to try to goad Jerry into revealing where Jax is. Jason makes her promise to stay away from Jerry. Carly tells Jason that for his information, Jerry might actually help him get out of prison. "I'll make a deal with the devil if it'll help you get out of here," Carly says on her way out. Jason yells after her to stay away from Jerry!

Sam has asked Nikolas to come to the penthouse. When he arrives he sees her luggage and asks if she has a location shoot. She says that she's leaving the penthouse, but she's called him over about something else. "You need to look out for Lucky," Sam says. Then she explains her concerns that Elizabeth will dump Lucky soon -- to be with Jason. She says that Lucky came over last night and asked if Elizabeth loves Jason, but didn't tell him that Liz and Jason slept together last summer. She says that it feels awful when you're hit with a ton of bricks and have no one on your side and she just wants Nikolas to be there for his brother.

Tracy is talking to Alan from her room at Shady Brooke. Alan is half listening to her, half examining his hands. Tracy's rambling on about ways to help get Lulu away from Logan and Alan is twisting his fingers back and forth. When she notices that he's not paying attention, she demands to know what he's doing. "I dunno. I don't feel myself. I don't feel like I'm really here," Alan muses. Just then Scott drops by and Tracy tells him to get his son away from Lulu. He asserts that Logan isn't his son and then Tracy has an idea. She realizes that Scott might actually want his son with Lulu, if only to drive Luke nuts. Scott argues with her a little more, and leaves her completely frustrated. She demands that Dr. Lainey Winters be called for her. Alan tells her that he has finally figured out what's wrong, with him. He's fading, he says, "because of you." He explains that he doesn't have the drive to give her a hard time lately. He thinks that she must be doing something that he approves of. She laughs and says, "I'm slipping?" He says that she's doing something good for Lulu, so he's going to take the rest of the day off. Tracy gets kind of somber and says that she's just as self-obsessed as ever because she only cares for Lulu in order to get Luke back. Alan assures her that she'll do something unconscionable soon enough and he'll have to come back. Tracy says that she doesn't want him to take a break. She rambles that Dillon hasn't even written a post card since he left and then worries that she pushed him away. Then, she turns to ask Alan what he thinks and he's gone.

Cody is at Kelly's talking with Maxi. She explains that since Logan came to Port Charles, he now works for a mobster. Cody sees a conflict of interest between newly appointed Cop Coop and mobster Logan. He asks how the blonde fits in and Maxi spits that Lulu and Logan deserve each other. Maxi changes the subject and asks who got him hooked on pills. Cody doesn't feel like being judged, but Maxi assures him that she works in a hospital and would never judge someone for addiction. She asks him to spill the beans about what awful thing Logan did in Iraq. "I might. But you'll have to give me something, first," Cody sneers.

Nikolas goes to the hospital to find Liz. He asks if they can talk for a minute, so they go to the lounge. He starts by apologizing for taking off after Jerry instead of sticking around to support them when Jake was gone. Liz admits that she and Lucky had some rough spots, but now that Jake's home things are in place, thanks to Jason. "Grateful enough to leave Lucky for?" Nikolas probes. He explains that he wouldn't judge, he knows that it's possible to fall in love with someone else while you're with someone else. He comments that he wouldn't have Spencer if not for his affair with Courntey. Nikolas says that he just doesn't want her to hurt Lucky the way he hurt Emily. He tries to shed light on Lucky's jealously of Jason and says that he understands why Lucky is acting the way that he is. Again, Liz verbalizes her intentions to stay with Lucky and that she loves him.

Coop goes to Logan's room and finds out hat he is spooked by Cody's presence in Port Charles. "You've got to admit that Cody has good reasons to hate you," Coop says. Logan says that he thought Coop understood. He says, "You know how things happen out there and besides, I thought you believed me when I told you it was an accident." Coop explains that he does believe him, but Logan has to deal with the person who he hurt the most. As they sit talking, Lulu comes to the door. Coop leaves so that Logan and Lulu can be alone. She gives him the muffins that she stole from the Q's and then sits down and asks what happened in Iraq between him and Cody. Logan sadly tells her about the women who carry their dead children in their arms and the smell that gets inside your head and never leaves. "War changes you, Lulu, at the core," he tells her. He says that he can't be mad at Cody because he snapped - it could've easily been him. Lulu is respectful and sympathetic and apologizes for bringing it up.

Amelia goes to Sam at the penthouse. When she learns that Sam has leased an apartment, she suggests that maybe Lucky will help her move in. Sam asks her what she's hinting at. "How long before you decide to steal Liz's husband?" Amelia says point blank. Sam plays along and says that Lucky is a pretty good catch because he's hot and loyal. "It's not like Lucky hasn't strayed before, why wouldn't he want to talk a walk on the wild side," Sam says. Then she sets the record straight and says that she doesn't want Lucky and throws Amelia out.

Lainey calls Nikolas to tell him that Tracy Quartermaine has been demanding to see him at Shady Brooke. Later, Nikolas is escorted into Tracy's room as she is ranting at Alan for disappearing. She turns to tell Nikolas that she is not delusional and that he needs to pay attention. "Lulu is in trouble," Tracy warns.

Amelia goes to see Jason at Pentonville. "What do you want?" he asks. She's there to give him an update. She says that Sam is angry and hurt and a very loose cannon. She suggests that he come forward and claim his child before Sam does it for him. Then she tells Jason that he should turn Sam in for watching the kidnapping and not coming forward. "Doesn't your show tank if Sam goes to jail?" Jason asks. He says that he's not going to turn Sam in so Amelia can take her agenda somewhere else.

Carly pushes her way into Jason's penthouse and tells Sam that she will sit there and watch while she moves out. Sam turns on her and spews about all of the mistakes that she has made in her own life. She says that she's surprised that Jax hasn't run screaming yet, or maybe he has. "You're the one leaving here a loser," Carly says. She points out that Sam has lost Jax, Sonny and now Jason - yet they are all still in her life. "Hit the road Sam and don't come back," Carly says. Sam smacks her in the face. Hard.


Jason tells Amelia to leave Sam alone.

Ric subpoenas Liz to testify against Jason.

Tracy tells Nikolas to stop Lulu from seeing Logan.

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