It’s a new morning in Port Charles. Nathan is surprised to find Maxie back at the apartment. He apologizes for lying to her about his past, and asks if they are still a couple. Maxie tells him that she’s not upset at him for what happened, but because he lied to her about it. She thought they trusted one another, but that trust is broken and she doesn’t think they can get it back. He says he was ashamed about what he did and didn’t want anything to know. He felt like meeting her was a second chance to be the man he was meant to be, but she still doesn’t know if she can trust him. She says she’s made so many mistakes in her life and she can’t make one more.

Aaron drops by Alexis’ place to see Kristina, who says she has a great opportunity for him. She tells him that her father will let him sell Corinthos Coffee on his food truck, which thrills Aaron. However, he hasn’t saved up enough money for his food truck. Kristina thinks her dad may be able to help him with that. He tells her how incredible she is, and they kiss. Things get heated between them, but Aaron stops it from going too far and says he needs to get to class. He asks to see her this weekend, so she says she’ll call him.

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Kiki drops by the Crimson offices at Metro Court with some coffee and pastries as thanks for Dillon for taking her to the concert last night. Dillon got her a gift, a Glamour Boys t-shirt. He asks her to go on a real date with her, but she’s not sure she’s ready yet as she’s not over Morgan. He knows that, and he understands that it takes time to get over someone. Kiki fills Dillon in on her complicated history with Morgan, and how she keeps going back to him, even with all the mistakes he’s made. He can accept her feelings for Morgan, but he’s still interested in taking her out. Kiki has to head back to work, but he stops her and gives her a passionate kiss.

Sonny visit Morgan at the clinic and can tell something is bothering him. Morgan tells his dad that he caught Kiki kissing Dillon at the ball, but that it is his fault as he pushed her away. As he rambles on, he slips and says he and someone else decided it was best he didn’t see Kiki anymore. Sonny demands his son tell him who convinced him of this. Morgan says he can’t talk about what happens in therapy, so Sonny stops pressuring his son. Sonny heads out, but tells the woman at the front desk that he forgot to log in when he came. He checks the book and sees that Ava came to visit recently. Back in his room, Morgan begins deleting the photos of Kiki from his tablet.

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Ava meets Julian at the hospital and wonders why Alexis isn’t with him. He tells her that she had some legal things to deal with, but Ava is suspicious. Julian assures his sister that nothing exists to connect him to Carlos’ death. He plans to focus on the Jerome family business, which will give him the resources to silence anyone who tries to make trouble for him. Ava is pleased, and says things are turning around for her and Kiki too, and that she has finally moved on from Morgan. He asks how she can be so sure that Morgan won’t keep after Kiki. Ava says that shall remain her secret.

Alexis meets with Diane in the park to discuss turning Julian in. Alexis wants to warn him first, which Diane feels is a bad idea given he didn’t hesitate in killing Carlos. Alexis doubts he’d hurt her, but Diane tells her Carlos probably thought the same. She warns Alexis that the longer she waits, the worse the consequences will be for her. Diane says she could be disbarred or even serve time. Alexis agrees to turn him in today, but she needs to stop by the house to get the shirt. Later, Kristina wanders around thinking. She makes a call to Parker and asks if they can meet. Elsewhere, Sonny corners Ava and accuses her of being very busy.

Alexis returns home, where she’s flooded with memories of the good times with Julian. She goes to retrieve the shirt, but finds it is missing from the place she hid it. Julian catches her and asks if she’s looking for the shirt, which he is holding.

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