Ned and Emma perform a duet of Elton John and Kiki Dee’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” complete with Elton themed costumes. After their performance, Lucy makes more speeches about the Nurses’ Ball and what it is about. She also assures them that there won’t be any stage crashing this year by a well-known fanatic. Backstage, Epiphany finds Liesl tied up in a closet. She unties her, and asks her what she is wearing. Dr. O says it is a costume for her number, but Epiphany says she is not performing this year. Elsewhere, Carly looks at the contents on Ava’s flash drive and knows she has her. In the ballroom, Rachel tries to speak with Jordan about evidence she has acquired about her shooting, but Nikolas quickly whisks her away. Backstage, Lucas finds his mom unconscious on the floor. She comes to and knows where she is, and he insists on taking her to the hospital. In the women’s restroom, Carly corners Ava and demands she give up custody of Avery, and she flashes the homemade sex-tape that Ava and Paul made. Ava laughs and says she’s done a lot worse than that and gotten away with it, so have fun doing what she wants with the video. Back in the ballroom, Franco checks on Liz and Jake. Jake is about to make his debut, and Franco tells him how to deal with nerves. Jason sees Franco talking to Liz, and it annoys him, but he isn’t about to start anything tonight. Meanwhile, Lucy tries to convince Griffin to perform in the ball, and promises to return the favor in the future. Lucy runs off and asks Milo and Epiphany if they have seen Lucas since he’s about to miss his wedding. Elsewhere, Lucas finds nurse Amy and asks her to tell Brad that he has to run to the hospital because his phone is off. Amy says she will, but then gets caught up taking selfies.

At GH, Finn is startled to see Obrecht working and not at the ball. She thought she would be at the ball as well.

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Back at the ball, Lucy asks Jake to go on now because she can’t find Lucas. Lucy introduces Jake, who freezes on stage. Franco joins him to help him get over his fear, and he sings “This Changes Everything” as Franco keeps the beat and sings with him. Nina is moved to tears as she watches Franco with Jake. Afterwards, Lucy announces they’ll be taking a break, but urges everyone to donate. Robin and Emma leave, as Robin takes Emma to Mac and Felicia’s for a sleepover. Backstage, Franco tells Jake how awesome he was, and Liz, Jason and Sam arrive and tell him the same and that they are proud of him.

Lucas arrives at GH with Bobbie and yells for help.

At the ball, Carly sends Paul a phone message, and he drags Ava off and confronts her with the movie he just got from Carly. He can’t have this going public, and he could lose his job over it. He reminds Ava that he still has the recording of her. He tells her whatever Carly wants, do it. Magic Milo and The Wands take the stage, and Griffin has joined them in Lucas’ place. They end their show in their traditional undies that spell out Nurses’ Ball.

Finn checks over Bobbie at GH and prescribes something to make her rest easier. She insists Lucas go get married, even without her. He doesn’t want to, but Bobbie won’t take no for an answer. Later, Obrecht confronts Finn about why he left his last job, and what he is hiding. He refuses to tell her anything.

Maxie runs into Griffin backstage at the ball, along with the other members of the Magic Milo troop, and they all tease him about being a stripping priest. Meanwhile, Ava confronts Carly in the women’s room and starts a catfight with her over the drive. Elsewhere, Rachel once again tries to tell Jordan about her shooting, but Nikolas stops her. Curtis sees her being dragged off by her husband and worries about what is going on. Meanwhile, Epiphany tells Brad that it’s show time. Brad is nervous and wants everything to be perfect.

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In Bobbie’s room at GH, Lucas returns as he forgot something and finds someone about to inject Bobbie with a drug.

Diane delivers papers to Jason at the ball and informs him that he’s being sued by Nikolas, who claims the money he used to buy ELQ is from organized crime. Diane says the money has been scrubbed clean, but the IRS has frozen his assets in the meantime. Meanwhile, Ava grabs the drive from Carly and flushes it, but Carly tells her it is already in the cloud. Elsewhere, Curtis rescues Rachel from Nikolas. Back on the stage, Lucy begins the wedding, but Lucas is missing.

Back at GH, Lucas has been attacked and lies unconscious next to his mother’s bed.

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Bobbie calls out for help as Lucas lies motionless.

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