Anna has just handed "Eli" a shot and he yells "Party!" as he slams it down. Patrick and Robin look on in complete disbelief. Anna addresses the crowd and says that they are partying, but also they are there to raise money for a good cause. "Eli" slurs a semblance of a toast that they are there to party, but also to raise money for the kids. The crowd applauds as Anna promises that they will rock the house at the concert. Later, a really hot groupie approaches "Eli" and reminds him of their night together in Cancun. She asks if he's up for body shots later in his room. Anna busts in between them and says that he is so busy later. "Call me when you ditch the babysitter," the groupie says as she sashays away.

Kate's publisher, Warren, returns to the party and goes to the bar for a drink. He continues his conversation with the bartender about the magic of his little prescription bottle. He says that it works on women, too. In fact, his girlfriend becomes insatiable after just one pill. He pulls his blue pill box from his pocket and sees that it's empty. "Wait a minute, I put two in here for tonight, where did they go?" he ponders.

"Go ask your wife," Sam tells Lucky when he comes to the penthouse asking if Liz loves Jason. Sam says that Liz isn't the reason that she and Jason have broken up -- they stopped being there for each other. Lucky asks her specific questions about what changed for them…and when? Sam says that Jason isn't as honest as he presents himself to the world. She says that his "betrayal" is part of the reason for the break up, but it was mainly because of their own problems. Lucky isn't buying it. He pushes to know what she was referring to at the park. "Did Jason betray you with Elizabeth?" Sam says that he did…every time Elizabeth played victim or tracked him down for comfort, Jason betrayed her. Sam explains that Jason's walls kept going up against her and he kept getting closer to Liz, that's all. Just then, Amelia shows up at the door and when she sees that Lucky is there, she says, "I can only imagine what this is all about."

Liz is visiting Jason at Pentonville and they have gravitated towards touching hands as they talk. The guard comes into the room and admonishes them for having any contact. He starts to take Jason back to his cell and Liz begs, "Please, don't take him away from me." The guard goes away, for now. Then, Liz tells Jason about the question Lucky asked her. She says that she told Lucky that she doesn't love Jason. "I want my family with Lucky, I want my children, and you," she admits. Before Jason can respond, the guard comes and tells her that it's time to go.

Kate pulls herself away from a passionate kiss with Sonny and apologizes. She says that she doesn't know why she did that. Sonny says, "No? What about under the boardwalk?" Kate says that nothing happened under the boardwalk. "Why could I control myself under the boardwalk on Coney Island as a teenager and I can't now?" Sonny tells her that it's okay; she's safe…if anything happens he'll take care of her. She is a fraction of an inch away from his mouth as she proclaims that nothing is going to happen.

Alexis is rushing around her house tidying up as Carly arrives. Carly wants to know what Alexis is serving Jerry for dinner. "Animal Crackers, fish sticks and popcorn." Carly can't believe that Alexis didn't plan anything, but she just wants her to get his clothes off and so she can snag his PDA. "Get the man's clothes off and get my husband back!" she shrieks. Alexis starts to argue with her, but then Jerry is at the door so Carly rushes upstairs to hide. Alexis opens the door to Jerry and he gives her some wild flowers to remind her of the day they met. "Alone at last," he sighs as he looks around the room. Alexis tells him what's on the menu and he says that he doesn't mind being spontaneous now and again. She fumbles with the bottle of wine and he asks "What's the plan, are you trying to get me drunk so you can find out where my brother is?" They both have a good laugh at that one and then Jerry makes a toast, "To us." She tries to spill wine on him and he says, "That was too obvious. Don't you think I know what's going on here?" Carly, watching from the stairs, rolls her eyes. Then Jerry explains that he understands that she's nervous. She is fidgety as she suggests that they order food, but Jerry says that he adores biting off the little heads of animal crackers. There's a knock at the door and Alexis opens the door to find Ric. He sees Jerry and says, "What the hell is going on here?" He turns to Alexis and reminds her of everything "Mr. Craig" has done and wants to know why she's hanging out with him.

Outside of Kelly's, Cody has Logan pinned against a wall when Lulu comes out and fights him off. Cody comments that Logan "likes 'em feisty" and then he tells her that sooner or later "her boyfriend" is going to pay for what happened in Iraq. After he goes Lulu wants to know what Cody meant by that. "I like you don't I?" Logan says that a lot of terrible things happened in Iraq, but he didn't do anything wrong.

Sonny has prepared a meal for Kate and she asks if he has any red meat. He tells her that the carbs in the pasta he has prepared will soak up the alcohol. She reminds him that she didn't drink too much and that she didn't leave her wine glass lying around for anyone to drop drugs into. Then, she comments on Sonny's beautiful hands. Sonny is able to get her to focus on conversation for a little while, but then she walks over to his side of the table and starts kissing him.

Patrick is fuming as he watches "Eli" slam shots, and Robin is trying to calm him down. She assures him that it's probably only water that Noah is drinking, but Patrick says that the look in his father's eye is what bothers him. He explains that he's only been sober for a year and if he starts drinking again he'll lose his career, his treatment and even his transplant!

Lucky lets Amelia into the penthouse and she reminds Sam that she was due at the fund raiser a half hour ago. Lucky apologizes for keeping Sam and then thanks Sam for being straight with him. Before he goes, Sam apologizes again for going off on him at the park.

Sonny and Kate are nude beneath a blanket on the sofa. She says that she has always wondered what that would be like. He asks her if she's glad that they waited and she kisses him and says, "Who cares?" After they are dressed, Kate says that she had no intention of "doing that" even though she has been carrying a torch for him for years. Her phone rings and she answers it. It's Warren and he apologizes because she took the wrong pills from his pocket. He gets embarrassed and says "you know I have a young girlfriend." She hangs up and tells Sonny that she now knows what happened. "Apparently I took some sort of aphrodisiac." Sonny asks if she thinks he took advantage of her. Kate has regained her composure and says that she knew there would be a reason behind her inappropriate behavior. He moves in really close and tells her to stay and he'll grill the best steak she's ever had. She sadly tells him that she doesn't want one anymore. "What happened tonight wasn't….meant for you," as she walks out the door.

Jason gets another female visitor -- Lulu! She asks how Elizabeth seemed when she was there. After Jason says that she was okay, Lulu blurts out, "Do you think she's going to tell Lucky?" Jason asks why she would worry about that now. Lulu says that no matter what happens between him and Liz he can't take the boys away from Lucky. Jason denies that he'd ever do that. Lulu contends that too many people know the secret and Lucky knows that Liz isn't totally committed to him. She says that at some point Liz is going to have to make a really painful choice. "You or my brother."

Liz meets Lucky at Kelly's and he quizzes her about the visit. She quickly realizes that she failed his test by taking the visitation pass that he offered her. Lucky asks if Jason gets out, will she want to be with him? He tells her that he needs the truth because it helps him stay sober. He poses the question again and Liz says, "I chose you. I chose to marry you. And I want to raise our children together, as a family."

Anna has found Patrick and Robin and assured them that she's going to keep Noah out of harms way. "He's a fine man doing a good deed," she says. Then, Patrick calls Anna's attention to what's now happening at the bar. The hot groupie is lying on the bar pouring vodka on her stomach for "Eli" to lick off. Anna goes into superhero mode and rushes up the bar. She pushes the woman off and rolls her to the ground. The crowd is stunned and the woman runs off. Anna quickly grabs "Eli" and plants a wet kiss on his lips.

After Ric storms out of Alexis's house, Jerry starts yelling "Brava" and applauding. He tells Carly to come on out of hiding. He says that he can't resist red wine and animal crackers, but he won't fall for their plan. He says that he doesn't think it's time to bring Jax home, and that's that. He brushes past Alexis and kisses her on the cheek, "Another time perhaps."


Sam tells Nikolas that Jason's back on the market.

Sam warns Nikolas to watch out for Lucky.

Carly tells Jason that Elizabeth is going to come after him like her life depends on it.