At GH Griffin stops Anna from hounding Carlos for a confession to give him his last rites. Carlos cries for Sabrina. Anna gets upset as the ceremony begins and Sonny defends the habit of crossing himself. Griffin asks Carlos if he has any sins to confess before they begin. He doesn’t. Anna looks on fraught with despair over losing this battle as Griffin listens to Carlos pray in Spanish. Anna wants it to stop but Griffin makes it clear he’s not there as Duke Lavery’s son, he’s fulfilling his office as a priest. Griffin starts last rites as Sonny and Anna plead for Carlos to make a confession. Carlos flat lines and Anna wants him brought back, she’s certain he had something to say. In the waiting room Jordan requests that Paul call her when Carlos dies, she has to work with forensics to track down the owner of the pen. After she leaves, he witnesses Sonny drag Anna out of Carlos’ room. Sonny reminds her he’s not her enemy as she rants about Julian getting away with everything. She snaps at Paul about wanting Carlos dead as much as anyone and leaves. Sonny discusses the coincidence with Paul that Carlos is connected to him by way of the Jeromes and reminds him how Anna is a pro, tougher than him. Sonny’s not impressed when Paul bloviates on the phone about wanting an arrest as soon as possible. He wants Paul to find out how the pen got into Carlos’ hands causing Dante to be stabbed. Meanwhile in the chapel, Griffin prays for forgiveness after wishing Carlos dead for murdering Duke. Anna enters and hears him ask God to welcome Carlos and to forgive him. She interrupts to ask why Father Griffin Monroe has been lying to her before arguing with him over forgiveness. She’s not going to rest until Julian is brought to justice. Later, Sonny and Anna regroup in Carlos’ room. He understands her grief but someone killed Carlos, probably Julian, and she could get her justice after all. He leaves Anna alone with Carlos’ body. She should feel sorry for him but she doesn’t. He got what he deserved and someday Julian will too.

Elizabeth packs at Wyndemere and questions when Nik will kick Hayden to the curb. Nik’s plans to make her life a living hell instead. Elizabeth can’t figure out how staying married and living in a castle being waited on is a living hell. Nik quips, “A loveless marriage is no day at the beach,” before confirming he has something on Hayden. Elizabeth still believes it’s a win for Hayden living at Wyndemere for free. Nik has an idea and rushes off. When he returns he explains that he’s having the staff donate all of her clothes with the exception of a pair of underwear and some ratty old sweats. Elizabeth turns down his offer to stay, she doesn’t have the stomach to watch the war but she hopes he does.

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Curtis knows Hayden is looking for help again when she finds him at the gym. She wants him to help her steal her diamonds back from Nik. He refuses and she starts to beg, he’s the only person she can count on. He puts boxing gloves on her to show her another way to work through her crap. As they spar, Hayden explains how Nik found her diamonds. Curtis suggests she sell her engagement ring. She’s too sentimental about it but likes his idea to sell off Nik’s priceless household items online. Curtis shows her how as she gets excited about wearing Nik down so that he’ll honor their prenup.

At home Julian puts the cleaned up dagger in the bookcase and hides the bloody rag. Alexis comes downstairs with news of Carlos’ stabbing and wonders why he looks surprised that Carlos is alive. She begs him to tell her he didn’t send someone to the peer to kill Carlos. He promises he didn’t and gets ready to go to the hospital. Alexis thinks it’s unnecessary since he might be a suspect and constructs a probable window of opportunity for Julian to go to the peer. Jordan arrives finishing a phone call, and then announces Carlos is dead. Julian shares his alibis, Alexis and Nina, who both saw him at Crimson. Alexis adds their gun was locked up but Jordan points out he was stabbed, not shot, by one hell of a blade. She’s advises them to notify their lawyers and leaves. Before Julian can explain, Alexis goes to the bookcase and takes out the dagger.

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