Carly is at the Metro Court talking to Marty (her employee) about the security for tonight's fund raising party with Eli Love. Jerry shows up and Marty scampers off (because he looks like Mr. Craig.) Carly flatly tells Jerry that she's crazy nuts for him, so he can bring her husband home now. Jerry tells her that if he brings Jax back too soon he could be caught in the crossfire. He tells Carly to be patient.

Liz is at Kelly's trying to arrange a visit with Jason at Pentonville via phone. When Lulu comes in, she hangs up. Lulu asks her who she was talking to, and Liz tells the truth. She adds that Lucky is the one who actually arranged it for her, in fact. Lulu urges her to go and Liz asks her why she would say that. Lulu explains that Jason is probably in a bad way now and if seeing Liz express her gratitude for saving Jake, it could make him feel worthwhile. "I also have to think about Lucky's feelings," Liz says. She explains that Lucky is very sensitive about the fact that Jason found Jake when he couldn't.

Across the diner, Lulu notices that Logan has shown up at the counter. She excuses herself from Liz and goes over to see him. As they sit and talk, Cody is watching them through the window. A little later, Lucky comes in and Lulu goes over to him and asks why he set up the prison visit for Liz. Lucky says that he needs to show that he trusts his wife.

Sonny is at Pentonville because Jason asked him to come. Sonny says that he can tell this isn't about business and Jason says, "Have you been keeping an eye on Jake?" Sonny reports that his guys are watching Lucky, Liz and Jake and everything seems ordinary. He says that Sam ran into them at the park yesterday, however and it looked a little dicey. Jason tells him that he and Sam broke up yesterday and she threatened to speak up about Jake's paternity. "At this point, I don't think that's such a bad idea," Sonny says. Jason says that he thinks about "them" every day, but the bottom line is that Jake is safer if he's not his son. And, he doesn't want Jake growing up with a father in prison. Sonny tells him not to act as if he's already lost because Diane is working on his release. He explains about the tape that Ric has of Alcazar saying "Morgan" and then the thud of a body hitting the ground. Diane is working on showing how easy it is to duplicate sounds, thus frame him. Later in the conversation, Jason says that he doesn't regret working with Sonny and that he chose this line of work, but he is paying the price now.

At the Metro Court bar, a handsome couple sits at the bar waiting for the fund raiser to get underway. The bartender mistakes the older man as the gorgeous woman's father -- when he is really her lover. The woman plants a big kiss on the older man and goes upstairs to change her shoes. After she's gone, the man admits to the bartender that he uses erectile dysfunction pills and they are incredible for his libido. Just then Kate Howard arrives and greets him. It turns out that the man is a publishing mogul, Mr. Warren James. They go to a table to discuss business.

At the hospital, Noah has just completed Eli's seven hour surgery. Anna finds him and reminds him that tonight is the party for Eli Love's pet charity and that all the movers and shakers in music and publishing will be there. Patrick worries that Noah can't pull it off yet, but Robin points out that this public event as Eli Love will be a good litmus test to see if he can pull off the concert in two weeks. Anna says that Noah he messes up, people will just think Eli's drunk again. Anna whisks him off to work on his outfit. Then Patrick tells Robin that he's worried about Noah putting himself in the situation of playing a drunk and he hasn't even told Anna yet that he's a recovering alcoholic.

Amelia goes to the penthouse to tell Sam that a car will pick her up in an hour for the charity event at the Metro Court. She says that "Everyday Heroes" could benefit from some warm & fuzzy publicity right about now. Sam says that she's busy. Amelia sees that she's packing and cracks that Jason finally kicked her out. Amelia says that it'll be easier now for him to move Elizabeth and her boys in. Sam says that will never happen. She rants about perfect Elizabeth and then softens and says that it must be killing Jason to give up his own son. "My heart would be breaking…if I weren't so angry."

At the Metro Court, Kate and Warren are talking about the holiday double issue of Couture Magazine and he remarks that Port Charles has certainly been good for her creativity. Kate says that she has a major headache and he offers her some ibuprofen, but she declines. Then, he goes upstairs to check on his girlfriend and Kate decides to take some of his headache pills after all. She reaches into his jacket pocket and finds a little pill case and takes two.

Alexis arrives and finds Carly waiting for her at the bar. Carly tells her that she hasn't been able to find out anything about Jax yet, so she should call Jerry down to the bar for a drink as a distraction. Then, Carly will go look through his room for clues as to where Jax might be. Alexis rolls her eyes, but agrees.

"Sit back and enjoy the train wreck," Patrick tells Robin as they arrive (looking great!) at the Metro Court. Robin is excited because she spies Lenny Kravitz. A publicist mistakes Patrick for someone else and Robin points out that they work with Eli Love. She introduces herself as his pilates instructor. Then, Anna and "Eli" arrive and he very much looks like a rocker. Anna whispers in his ear that he should act as if he has music playing in his head the whole time. If that doesn't work, he should scour the room looking for his next sex partner. As Anna and Noah work the room, Patrick and Robin are worried about how close Anna and Noah seem to be getting. Robin pulls Anna away and reminds her that she's with her boyfriend's father, not Eli Love. Anna assures them that she's just working undercover, that's all. Then she goes to get him a drink and Patrick finally blurts out that Noah is a recovering alcoholic.

While Alexis is waiting for Jerry to meet her, a long gray-haired older rocker mistakes her for someone he used to know. She points out they were just in the elevator together 10 minutes ago. Jerry rescues her from him and she tells him that the room is full of people on acid flashbacks and complains that it's too noisy to talk. "Let's go up to my room," Jerry says. Meanwhile, Carly is going through the drawers in Jerry's room when a cell phone rings. Carly finds it and sees that it's Jax calling. She wants to answer it, but hears the door opening and jumps behind the couch. Jerry rushes in, followed by Alexis, and answers the phone. He asks if the caller is okay and then hangs up. He starts to look for a special aperitif for him and Alexis, but Alexis stops him because she doesn't want him to find Carly. She blurts out that she wants to ask him to dinner.

Jason is escorted, in chains, to the holding room to see Liz. He says that she shouldn't be here because he doesn't want to cause problems for her. Liz says that Lucky is the person who arranged the meeting for her. She tells him that her marriage is doing better, but she doesn't want him to feel as if she has abandoned him after everything he did for Jake. He asks how Jake is and Liz shows him a picture and says that his eyes bluer every day. Jason smiles as he reaches for the picture, handcuffs and all. She tells him that he can keep the pictures, and then asks if her coming and talk about Jake makes it harder for him. Jason tells her that he has realized that it would kill him to try to pretend that Jake is nothing to him and then says that the pictures of Jake are better than nothing. (His voice cracks with pent-up tears.) Liz reaches up and wipes her own tears away.

Kate has gone to Sonny's place and is rubbing ice on her chest and forehead. Sonny finds her and what's to know why she's come. She says she has no idea. Then she says that he looks very handsome tonight. Still waiting for an answer, Sonny stares at her. She snaps to and says that they should talk about the museum board position. He says that he has no idea about art and Kate says, "You have always had a very sexy mouth…did I say that out loud?" Sonny can see that she's warm, so he opens the door to the terrace for some fresh air. He is clearly enjoying the mood she's in, so he toys with her by asking her to talk about the paintings -- but she's having trouble concentrating. "You're wasted," Sonny says. Kate denies it, but says, "I've got to give it up you your tailor because he really knows how to show off your assets. You're hot. I'm hot. I have this total urge to…" and then she plants a BIIIG wet kiss on his mouth.

At the Metro Court, Patrick is extremely worried that Anna is going to give Noah a drink and Robin says that Noah knows how to handle himself in these situations. "Eli" is talking to Warren James and his girlfriend. Warren makes a toast to Life Beat (the charity) and all the good they do in the community. "Eli" raises his hand and cheers in his best Aussie accent "And to rock'n roll!" Anna walks up to the group and cheers, "And here's to Eli's drink of choice, vodka!" "Eli" looks at the shot glass and says, "To vodka!"

Back at Kelly's, Logan asks Lulu to come upstairs and change his bandage. Lulu says that she didn't exactly sign up to be his private nurse. He scowls that she doesn't need to be, and then leaves. Outside, Cody is waiting for him and jumps him. He pins Logan against a wall and ends up pushing on his gunshot wound. Cody tells him that he's come to make Logan pay for what he did in Iraq. Lulu comes outside and yells for Cody to "Get the hell away from him!"

Lucky goes to the Penthouse to talk to Sam about what happened at the park yesterday. Sam says she owes him an apology and that his children didn't deserve to hear her rant. "What about my wife?" Lucky asks. Sam admits that she has problems with Elizabeth and how she always goes to Jason when she needs help. Lucky says that Elizabeth told him point blank that she doesn't love Jason. "But what I want to know is does Jason love her?"

At Pentonville, Jason asks Liz what running into Sam at the park was like. Liz says that Sam was really irrational and if put on the stand, she might say something that she shouldn’t.


Sonny tells Kate to kiss him again.

It wasn't supposed to turn out like this," Elizabeth says to Jason.

He replies, "Maybe it won't."