As things get really passionate, Lulu pulls away from Logan. She tells Logan that she only came back to check on him but Logan doesn't buy her excuses - he thinks Lulu showed up wanting something more. "You want me and it scares you," he says! Lulu tries to convince him that she doesn't want him, she says she was just trying to prove to the Q's that they couldn't control her! Logan doesn't believe her for a second, he tells her not to shut her emotions off. Lulu grabs her purse; Logan tries to keep her from leaving. She strikes out at him, accidentally hitting his wound. Logan backs off, in pain. Lulu sits with him, apologizing for hurting him. The wound starts bleeding again and Lulu checks it out. Logan sinks onto the couch, asking her to re-bandage the wound. He asks her to make him some food, too, and Lulu agrees to do it.

Mike tells Maxie that Georgie isn't going to make it to Kelly's on time - and tells her to fill in for her sister. Maxie declines but Mike ignores her, hands her an apron and tells her to get to work! Maxie is bussing tables when Coop walks in, surprised to see her working. Mike interrupts them, telling them to stop flirting and start working. Coop tells her about his day, still worried about shooting Logan. Maxie could care less that Logan was hurt and tells him so. Coop sees a friend from Iraq, Cody, outside and goes to talk to him. He wonders why Cody is there. Cody tells Coop that things aren't so great - and that he blames Logan! Coop tries to give him money but Cody won't take it. Maxie comes out, asking about Logan. Cody realizes Logan is in Port Charles and is angry that Coop didn't tell him. He decides its payback time; Coop warns Cody to stay away from Logan. Maxie just listens to them arguing and wonders what is really going on. When Cody storms off she asks Coop but he won't tell her. Maxie follows Coop back to his place, asking him what went on in Iraq. He will on say it was bad. Turning to her, Coop tells Maxie that she saved him from the road that Cody is on now!

Cody begins walking around, looking for clues to where Logan might be.

Sonny returns to his office to find Spinelli on his computer. Spinelli explains he was getting rid of any files that connected Jason to Sonny! Sonny takes offense, reminding Spinelli that his accountants have already done the job of keeping Jason's money separated from Sonnny's. "Stop hacking into my accounts," Sonny says. Spinelli gathers his things. Before he can leave Sonny gives Spinelli a job - to stay out of Jason's accounts and Sonny's, too! Sonny tries to grab the computer. They are fighting over it when Kate walks in. Spinelli gets the computer back and runs from the office. "You haven't changed and you never will," Kate tells him. They talk about the past and Kate decides Sonny needs a bit of culturing - she tells him about a board position at a museum and says it's his. Sonny's not so sure about that idea. Kate tells him that being in the art world will give him a bigger social standing. He asks how much it will cost and laughs when she says it'll take half a million dollars. As Kate touts the goodness of being part of the social circle, even telling Sonny it will be good for his kids, he listens. Sonny calls the society crowd shallow and Kate agrees, but still insists that the crowd would benefit his kids. "Sounds like you're trying to make me a more acceptable date," Sonny says. Kate laughs. He suggests taking a bunch of unmarked bills down to them. Kate leaves.

In Pentonville, Sam can't believe that Jason is willing to put her behind bars for the kidnapping if she doesn't keep quiet about Jake's paternity! Angry, Sam tells him that she didn't just let the kidnapping happen, she froze when she realized what was happened. Angry, Sam strikes out telling him that Elizabeth kidnapped Jake to him long before the boy was taken from the park! Jason gets quiet and tells Sam that he went along with the plan to keep Jake's paternity a secret because of his dangerous life. She tells him that Liz was using that fear against him and that Liz simply didn't want anyone to know that she had slept with him. Not listening, Jason apologizes for Sam being hurt but tells her he won't come forward with Jake's paternity. Realizing that things are over between them, Sam leaves. Later on Spinelli arrives. Jason pours out his feelings for Jake. Spinelli tries to convince Jason not to give up on Sam but Jason isn't interested in what he has to say. "Sam deserves someone who can put her first," Jason says, believing that he isn't that guy, especially now that he's behind bars. Spinelli tells Jason he will get out of Pentonville and be back with Jake soon. Jason disagrees - even if he gets out, he won't reunite with his son!

At the park, Amelia tells Lucky and Liz about Jason and Sam's impending breakup. Lucky is surprised at the break up; Liz is interested, too, but trying to hide it. Lucky wonders why she is so interested in Jason; she tries to convince them that her concern is for Jake. Amelia leaves. Sam arrives, mad at the world because of Jason. Liz and Lucky see her anger and tell her to tone it down but she won't. She rants about losing Jason and hints at the closeness between Jason and Liz. She tells Lucky that Liz is in love with Jason but he doesn't need to worry because she won't leave him for fear he'll turn back to drugs. Sam storms off. Lucky leaves, too. He returns a few minutes later and suggests that Liz visit Jason in jail. He's pulled a few strings and made it so she can visit any time she wants. Liz tells him she doesn't want to see Jason, she just wants time with her family. Lucky kisses her and they head home.

Sam arrives at the studio and interrupts Amelia's staff meeting. She dismisses the workers and angrily tells Amelia she can't use Jason to hurt her any longer. She says things have to change - or she'll walk! They argue and Amelia tells Sam there are many other things that she can use to ruin Sam's reputation - and her freedom! Sam calls her bluff, telling Amelia that the news would lead to the revelation of Jake's paternity, making Jason angry and put Amelia smack on his bad side.

Next on GH:

Anna tries to turn Noah into a rock star. Liz takes pictures of Jake to Jason.

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