Lulu and Logan are talking about what it feels like to get shot. Lulu can't understand why he didn't freak out, but he says that he's felt -- and seen much worse. Lulu tells him that she can't imagine what he saw in Iraq. She gets up to leave, but he reaches out for her arm and says that he wants to kiss her. After she says, "Why don't you?" he does! Within seconds Scott and Tracy barge in and Tracy bellows, "How could you?" Lulu stands up and demands to know what they are doing there. Tracy says that she doesn't want Lulu to make a huge mistake. Scott tells Logan if he ever puts his grubby hands on Lulu he will lock him up and throw away the key. Logan gets in his face and tells him to just admit that he is his father. Scott says to give up the scam. Logan turns to the tree of them and tells Lulu that if she was working him for Tracy, she did a great job. Before the three of them leave, Lulu insists that she cares about him. On his way out the door, Scott urges Logan to "Go stick out your thumb."

At the Metro Court, Carly demands that Jerry tell her were Jax is in Russia. Jerry turns to Nikolas and proclaims that he'd never hurt his brother, "…but I would hurt you. And I might." Jerry walks away, and then Carly tells Nikolas not to tempt him. Nikolas can't believe that she wants him to ignore the fact that Jerry framed Emily for treason. He demands to know why she is going to such great lengths for this guy.

Liz is at work when Lucky comes in and says that he took the afternoon off in hopes that they can all go to the park together. Liz tells him that the memory of turning around and seeing the stroller empty is too much for her. Lucky tells her that he wants to face this with her, as a family.

At Pentonville, Jason is seated in front of Sam and coldly tells her that he was told that he couldn't have visitors. Sam explains that Spinelli arranged it, and since it's clear that Jason won't address the elephant in the room, she will. "I stood and watched while your son was kidnapped," She tells him. Jason is deathly quiet until Sam tells him to say something. He calmly says, "You did what you did." Sam tells him that she just wanted him to come clean about being Jake's father, and then she saw Maureen take Jake and she let it happen because she had completely lost faith in him. She proceeds to list all of the times when he shut her out of his life, like when he tried to break up with her after being shot by Manny. He admits that he was wrong back then. She says that she tried for a year to understand why they weren't connecting again. She admits that she was wrong on every level for watching Jake get kidnapped. "But you were wrong too. You were wrong to hurt me and to give up on us." She begs him to say something. He explodes, finally, and says, "What do you want me to say…that you're right?" Then, he tells her that she is right about all of these things, but she still watched his son get kidnapped.

Jerry asks Skye to meet him at Kelly's. When she shows up, he tells her that he is looking at who (besides Jason) could have killed Lorenzo Alcazar. Skye can't believe that he would do that since it seems like leaving Jason in prison would please him. Before Jerry can say more, Skye takes a call from Edward and has to leave to get to the Q mansion for a meeting of some sort. On his way out the door, Jerry runs into Maxi and Coop and tells him how convenient it is to see that "#3" is now on the PCPD. He comments that could come in very handy one day, and then leaves.

He goes straight to Carly at the Metro Court and says that it's going to be pretty hard to set someone else up for Alcazar's murder, but that he's looking into it. Then he says, "It's better off if Jax doesn't come home until Jason's fate has been decided." Carly demands to know where Jax is. Jerry stonewalls for a while, and then Alexis comes and then asks Carly where Jax is. Jerry promises both women that he wouldn't do anything to harm his brother and Alexis says that Nikolas just told her otherwise. Again, Jerry assures them that he is intend on protecting Jax from the fallout of his actions. He promises to bring him home after the dust has settled. After he leaves, Carly and Alexis come to the disconcerting realization that they are going to have to put forth a coordinated effort.

Lucky, Liz and the boys make it all the way to the park and Liz changes her mind. Lucky is very patient with her as he guides her to vocalize her fears. She says that she never had such intense feelings in her life as when Jake was missing. He takes her in his arms and tells her that they are a family again. Cam wants to go swing, so after Liz assures Lucky that she'll be okay, Lucky takes him. When Liz and Jake are sitting alone, Amelia comes upon them. Liz thanks her for bringing Jake back to her. Amelia says that they both know that it was Jason who brought him home. Amelia says that it's none of her business, but for Liz's information Jason and Sam are pretty much over. Lucky has returned and overhead part of the conversation. "What about Jason?" he asks.

Still hashing it out, Sam asks Jason how he could give Elizabeth his only child. She asks if he trusts her so much that he would follow her instincts over his? She goes on to say that he emotionally checked out of their relationship months ago and asks how many times he secretly met with Elizabeth. She tries to explain how trapped she felt when Maureen took Jake because she hit rock bottom at the point and that the guilt nearly ended up choking her. Ironically enough, she says that she had ordered an outfit for Jake and it arrived that same night. The gift was another of her plans to try to get Jason to tell her the truth. She says that she won't live that way. Jason remains quiet, so Sam continues. She says that he lied to her and won't put her first, and that she won't accept anything less. Finally, she stops talking, but then says that she has loved him with everything she had. "What you did to Jake was not love," Jason says. Sam says that she stayed silent about something life altering, just like he did. She says that his loyalties are always with Sonny, the boys, Carly and now Jake. She is releasing him from all the promises he ever made to her. "We're over." Jason looks part shocked, part sad and not at all happy.

Edward and Monica warmly greet Skye when she arrives and Skye is skeptical. Edward tells her that Lulu is missing and they wonder if she knows where she is. Skye can't believe that they haven't called the police and Monica says that they plan to next. Edward says that he sprung Tracy from Shady Brook on a day pass to help find her. Just then, Tracy, Scott and Lulu come home and everybody starts arguing about Lulu's new curfew, etc. Tracy tells Alice to tell Cook that she'd like lamb chops for dinner and Edward tells her that it's Shady Brook or Lockup. "Don't let Lulu try this again," Tracy says on her way out the door.

Logan has nodded off on the sofa but is interrupted by Ric. He figures, correctly, that Logan is the guy who was shot when Sonny's shipment came in last night. Logan asks if he's going to arrest him, and Ric orders him to bust Sonny or else he'll come forward with his military record. Ric tells him to find a way to convince Sonny that he is loyal, and then offers a way to do so. He coughs up a name from South America who works for Sonny and reports to the PCPD.

Back at Shady Brook, Tracy tells Scott that if Lulu sleeps with Logan, it's his fault! She tells him to tell them about the "tortured history between the Baldwins and the Spencers". Scott says that Logan isn't son once and for all. Tracy ignores him and says that if Luke finds out that Logan was with Lulu, there will be hell to pay.

Lulu has slipped out of her bedroom window and shown up on Logan's doorstep. She says that the Q house stifles her and she doesn't get why they even care so much. Logan says that at least they care about her. Lulu says that the Q's plan is not going to work and then she plants a big kiss on him.

Sam admits to Jason that breaking up with him while he's in prison makes her seem like the user that everyone thinks she is. She says that she hates that his lies are what destroyed them. Then, she says that she's going to have to tell Lucky that Jake is his son. Jason thinks for a second and then says, "If you do that, I'll give you up as an accessory in Jake's kidnapping."


Amelia repeats herself to Lucky. "Sam broke up with Jason."

Jason threatens Sam, "You say one word to Lucky and I'll turn you in."

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