Anna and Emma have lunch at Kelly’s, as she is visiting Anna while on spring break. Griffin shows up and meets Emma, and he gives Anna the DNA test results she had run on him. They confirm he is Duke’s son. Anna introduces Emma to Uncle Duke’s son.

At GH, Epiphany tells Finn that he looks like he needs to eat something, but he claims he’s fine. Paul arrives to speak to Finn about Tracy, but Finn refuses to talk to him as Tracy hasn’t given him consent to discuss her case. Finn heads out, and Paul receives a mysterious phone call before he too leaves.

Julian arrives at Sonny’s place and accuses Sonny of sending the black rose to Ava to keep Avery here with him. Sonny says he has more important things to do, such as finding Carlos. The two argue about Carlos, who Sonny feels will testify against Julian and send him to jail. Julian leaves in a huff, and Sonny makes a call to an associate to meet him at Kelly’s.

At the clinic, Morgan tells Kiki that it’s best if he stays away from him, but she refuses. She wants him to get better and get out, as she needs him in her life. Morgan tells her that until she came here that he’s felt everything has been pointless, and he never wants to feel the way he did up on that roof again. Out in the hall, Ava and Carly bicker over Avery. Ava claims she’s not the monster that Carly thinks she is, and that she loves her daughter. She feels they should focus on Morgan and Kiki right now, and find some way to coexist with one another. Carly leaves to get back to work, and back in the room an orderly accidentally knocks over a tray. Kiki freaks out at the sound. Ava rushes in, and they manage to calm Kiki down. Morgan thanks Ava for bringing her, and they leave to get back to the hospital.

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Outside of Kelly’s, Sonny meets with Brick, who is going to tap Paul’s phone. The two head in separately. Emma, Griffin and Anna continue to have lunch together. Emma feels sad for Griffin that he never got to know Duke, so she tells him about his dad. Sonny goes to say hello to them, and Paul arrives to grab lunch. Griffin and Emma go off to get cookies, and Sonny and Anna work to distract Paul from his phone. Anna introduces Paul to Duke’s son, and while they are talking, Brick manages to put a trace on Paul’s phone that he left at his table. Paul eventually leaves to return to work, and Griffin gets a page and has to return to the hospital. Sonny gets word from his man that the mission was accomplished, and he tells Anna he’ll keep her informed. He heads out.

Finn returns to the Metro Court where he once again shoots up with an unknown drug. Meanwhile, Carly lets herself into the room with a batch of fresh towels, as the maids don’t want to go in because of Roxy. However, she sees nothing, and is startled that he’s in the room, as she thought he was out. She also brought some greens for Roxy, which Finn thanks her for. She inquires why he chose a lizard as a service animal. He says she chose him, and that she found her way into his tent when he was camping in Australia. He says she was very sick, so he nursed her back to health.

Ava and Kiki return to the hospital, where Epiphany gives them a short lecture about leaving the hospital. Epiphany takes Kiki back to her room, and Julian arrives to see Ava and let her know she is in the clear with the organization. As they talk, Ava realizes Julian had to make a sacrifice to keep her safe. He tells her to stop asking questions, and just enjoy that she and her kids are safe. Meanwhile Griffin returns and checks on Kiki.

In an elevator, Paul receives a call from Carlos, and Paul assures him that he wasn’t the one who leaked his being alive. He tells Carlos that he’s in danger and to stay away.

Back outside of Kelly’s, Sonny listens in on Paul and Carlos’ call.

Back at the clinic, Morgan is determined to get better for Kiki.

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