Scott snores on Ava’s couch and is woken up when she dumps water on him. She doesn’t think this arrangement will work out because he’s supposed to be guarding her, and nothing seemed to wake him. He jokes that he would be a better watch dog if he stayed in her bed.

Franco visits Kiki in the hospital, and she asks him about Morgan. Franco breaks the news as to where Morgan is, and that he tried to jump off the hospital roof.

Michael visits Morgan at the clinic. Morgan questions his brother about what their dad is up to, but Michael thinks it is best they not talk about him or his business.

At Alexis’ place, Julian shows her the cover of the paper, which is reporting that Carlos is alive. Alexis worries what this could mean for him, but he tells her not to concern herself. Julian gets a call and leaves for a meeting. Kristina arrives as he leaves, and Alexis confronts her with her diary. Alexis didn’t read it, she found it just out in the open, which she feels was her daughter trying to tell her something. Kristina opens up to Alexis about Parker and her feelings for her. Alexis asks if Parker is the only woman she’s felt like this about. Kristina says she thought so, but Parker made her see that there may have been others. This upsets Alexis, who feels Parker doesn’t know her or her bad history with men. Kristina asks her mom what if this was more than a one-time thing, and would it be so bad if she’s gay. Alexis says she needs time to process this, but she is fine with this if it is what it is. Kristina doesn’t believe her mom is being supportive, and that she’s disappointed in her. Kristina decides to leave, but asks her mom not to tell her dad.

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At Sonny’s place, Carly confronts Sonny about Carlos being. He tells her that he’s working with Anna to bring Carlos back and have him testify against Julian. Carly still has questions about his role in this, but he doesn’t want to talk. Josslyn arrives, as she and Carly are supposed to go see Morgan. Sonny urges them to go, and after they leave, he makes calls to have Paul’s place wiretapped.

Julian arrives at his old apartment as Ava is showing Scott the door. He tells her that he’ll be home for dinner and to grab a few steaks. Scott leaves, and Ava fills him in on why Scott is here. She hopes Julian has a better solution. Julian is going to have a meeting with Hammer and he will get everything sorted out. She thanks him and leaves before the meeting. Later Julian meets with Hammer and assures him that Ava was not working with the DA. Hammer agrees to accept Julian’s word, but says they need him to return as Ava isn’t as strong of a leader. Julian and Hammer shake on things, and Julian asks him to keep this decision under wraps for now. He also says he’s not happy that the organization sent Ava a black rose, but Hammer says it didn’t come from them.

Back at GH, Kiki calls the clinic to try and talk to Morgan, but they won’t let her. Ava comes to visit and Kiki confronts her mom about Morgan. Ava defends her choice to keep her from him. Kiki understands why her mother did what she did, but asks her to help her do something.

Back at the clinic, Joss, Carly and little Avery show up to visit with Morgan, who is still with Michael. They stay for a bit, but then Morgan asks Michael to take Joss and Avery home, as he feels it’s not good for them to be here. Michael agrees, but Carly stays behind with her son. Morgan tells his mom that he’s accepted he may never get better and she needs to face this too. Carly tells him that he will get better, but Morgan feels empty and has no hope that that will change. Suddenly Kiki shows up to see him, with Ava. Morgan smiles, and asks if they can have a moment alone. Carly and Ava leave them, and Morgan asks Kiki to leave and never come back.

Franco meets his dad at Kelly’s for lunch and learns that Scott is living with Ava. Scott changes the subject to Franco and Nina. Franco claims things are good with them, but Scott knows something is wrong. Franco tells him about Nina’s desire to have a kid, and that he doesn’t want one.

Michael brings Joss and Avery home, and Joss takes her sister upstairs. Sonny asks Michael to be there for his mother right now, as he is heavily involved in something and can’t be there for the family like he wants to be. Sonny leaves to take care of business, only to find Julian at his door.

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