In Tracy’s room at GH, Sam explains to Jason and Dillon who the Rachel that Tracy is speaking of is. They excuse themselves to let Tracy rest, and Sam fills them in on what she knows. Jason figures out that Tracey was likely going to use Rachel against Nikolas to get ELQ back. They go back inside to check on Tracy, who is once again lucid. They tell her what she was ranting about. Later, Ned arrives to see his mother. Tracy is upset that Dillon called him, because she thinks it must mean she’s dying. Ned claims he came back to be here for Dillon. She thanks him for placating her. She begs her sons if anything does happen to her that she wants them to get ELQ back. They agree. Jason and Sam go back out into the hall, and Jason tells Sam that he wants to help Tracy and the family get their company back. He tells her that he may not remember his past, but he knows he is a Quartermaine. Sam says his father and grandfather would be proud of him.

At Wyndemere, Liz slaps Hayden, who decides to call the cops and have her arrested for assault. Liz suggests Hayden get in her car and drive away for good, as she’s going to tip the police off to her whereabouts on the way to check on Nikolas. Liz leaves, and Hayden packs her bags to get out of town. She cries as she says goodbye to her new life and the mansion.

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Nikolas downs some booze in his room at the Metro Court. Liz arrives later to check on him, and finds out that Nikolas is considering forgiving Hayden, or at least not throwing her out. He admits he still has feelings for her, and he went into this relationship knowing what she was capable of. He isn’t ready to go home yet and asks Liz to stay with him. Elsewhere Scotty and Ava meet in Scott’s room to discuss her situation with Paul. She informs him that Paul is the one that stole the flash drive from him, and he blackmailed her with it. Scott wonders what she wants from him, so she tells him protection. Ava asks Scott to move in with her, and promises him lots of money in return. As it turns out, Scott’s bill for his room is overdue, and he could use the money. Ava wonders where all his money went to, and he tells her that he stupidly invested it all with Raymond Berlin. Scott agrees to Ava’s proposition.

Valerie and Curtis meet up at Kelly’s, where Jordan and Andre arrive for lunch, making things uncomfortable. Valerie suggest they go somewhere else, and Curtis agrees. She goes to the bathroom to freshen up before they leave, and then a masked man walks in to rob the place. Jordan distracts the man during the robbery and Curtis grabs and subdues him. Curtis gets a thrill from the whole thing. Jordan says he used to love the job, it’s too bad he blew it. Later Valerie tries to question Curtis about his past with Jordan, but he refuses to talk about it. Suddenly Hayden storms in asking if anyone can change a flat tire as it’s an emergency. Curtis offers to help her, and she drags him outside to talk. Curtis already knows who she is, and figures out others have found out, which is why she’s trying to flee. He reminds her of her ace in the hole, the evidence she has on Nikolas. He convinces her not to run, to fight back. Back inside Kelly’s, Valerie questions Jordan about her and Curtis’ past.

Anna meets with Sonny at his place and accuses him of spreading the news that Carlos is alive all over the internet. He swears he hasn’t put anything out there. As they ponder who could have done it, Anna realizes it was Paul, and she thinks he’s in contact with Carlos. She can’t be sure though, so Sonny suggests they tap Paul’s phones and bug his office. Anna says she can’t do that, but Sonny can, and he suggests she pretend she doesn’t know. He wants justice for Duke and his son. Anna learns that Griffin told Sonny the truth, and they talk about him and how he wants them both to forgive Carlos. They both agree they can’t forgive him. Anna wonders if Duke could have forgiven Julian then maybe he’d still be alive. They both drink to Duke, and Anna says she’s finally forgiven herself for Duke’s death. She tells Sonny he should too.

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