At Wyndemere, Liz confronts Hayden. As Rachel begs Elizabeth for more time, Nikolas enters the room. Elizabeth tells Nikolas Hayden is really Rachel Berlin, the daughter of Victor Berlin, an investment advisor who ran an elaborate Ponzi scheme and bilked his investors out of billions of dollars. Nikolas goes ballistic. When Rachel explains that she changed her identity to get out from under the negative scrutiny brought on by her father’s crimes, Nikolas doesn’t buy it. He knows she did it to avoid prosecution for her suspected role in those crimes. He wonders about the papers she had Diane draw up and if she was planning to use ELQ to pay back the investors. He asks why she didn’t tell him who she was if she’s really innocent. Rachel, knowing full well the jig is up, tells Nikolas she was ashamed and humiliated by her father’s deeds and the one truth in all of this is that she truly loves him.  Up in the attic, Laura and Lulu open the trunk and find an old textbook, “An Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice,” with Scott Baldwin’s name written inside the cover. Laura remembers when they were first married Scott was a law student. She bought all of his law books in one fell swoop which put them in a precarious financial position so she got a job at the disco, which is where she met Luke. Lulu thinks it’s time Laura stopped this treasure hunt and Laura agrees. As she drops the book and turns to leave, an old wrist corsage falls out. Scotty had given it to Laura when they went to a formal dance at school. Puzzled, Laura searches the trunk again then turns back to the book. As she flips through the pages she finds every page has letters which have been circled. It’s some type of code.

At Alexis’ house Kristina and Parker share a passionate kiss but Parker breaks it off. Kristina is confused by Parker’s mixed signals. She wonders why Parker is there. Parker admits she’s attracted to Kristina but she’s married and doesn’t want to jeopardize her marriage. She’s come to tell Kristina she wants her to be happy and to explore her sexuality without the unhappiness of pursuing a relationship with a married woman. She hugs Kristina and tells her goodbye.

Moonlighting: Sonya Eddy in Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

At Anna’s place, Anna thinks Griffin is trying to get her to admit she’s hiding something. She wonders if he’s wearing a wire or maybe working for Paul. Griffin insists he’s not conspiring with the DA or anyone else. He assures her he’s exactly who he says he is and offers to take a DNA test.

At his office, Paul gets a call from Carlos. Paul tells Carlos if he comes back he’ll get immunity for testifying against Julian, otherwise he can spend the rest of his life hiding in the shadows. Carlos knows the only way he’ll be free is to stay away from Port Charles and Sonny. He also knows Paul has no qualms about killing him. He’s only calling because Paul hasn’t sent him his payment yet. Carlos hangs up and Anna enters. She wants to know if Paul’s heard from Carlos. She tells Paul she’s been contacted by Duke’s son. Paul wants to know what that has to do with Carlos. Anna tells Paul she’s tired of feeling paranoid about everyone she meets and she’s going to use her own resources to find Carlos. When she leaves, Paul makes a call. He tells someone he has a juicy tip: The PCPD made a mistake in identifying the floater and Carlos Rivera is still alive.

At the hospital, Sonny greets Epiphany with a bouquet of flowers. He apologizes for lying, thanks her for keeping his secret and asks her to forgive and forget. Epiphany agrees. While waiting for Dr. Munro, Sonny asks Epiphany about Milo. She says Milo is still furious with Carlos for shooting Sonny. Munro arrives and apologizes to Sonny for being late, he was with Anna talking about Duke Lavery. Sonny doubts that Anna would open up about Duke to a stranger. Munro surprises Sonny when he tells him that Duke was his father. Sonny remembers the first time he and Munro met in the hospital chapel and how they bonded. They talk about Carlos killing Duke. Griffin wants Sonny to forgive Carlos and “rise above the empty satisfaction of revenge.”

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