Nathan wakes up at his place from a nightmare of Maxie screaming at him about knowing who he and Claudette really are.

At GH, Maxie runs into Griffin and asks him to appear in the next issue of Crimson, which will be a real men issue. He refuses, and blows her off. She wonders if she has done something to upset him. He doesn’t associate with attractive women who are in relationships, but she suspects there is more to his attitude. He leaves, and later Nathan shows up for a check-up and meets with Maxie. Maxie tells him about how rude Griffin was to her, and she feels like he was afraid she would find out something about him. They change the subject and eventually decide to head back to his place.

Michael stops by Anna’s place to get answers about Carlos, but she doesn’t know where he is. He believes Carlos could be forcing Sabrina to stay with him. Eventually Michael decides to leave, and runs into Griffin on the way out. He’s come to see Anna, and they talk about Duke and look over photos of him. She becomes emotional when she talks about his death, and how Julian and Carlos robbed them both of Duke. He feels she needs to find it in her heart to forgive those who wronged them, but Anna refuses. He wonders what exactly she can’t forgive, and she ponders who he really is as he asks a lot of questions.

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Parker shows up at Alexis’ place to see Kristina. She confronts her about the man who showed up at school asking questions. Kristina tells her that her dad was worried, but she put a stop to it. Parker also came as she heard about her being held at gunpoint, and she was genuinely worried about her. Kristina tells her this is the problem, she tells her she cares for her, but refuses to leave her wife. Parker says she just needs to know she will be all right. Kristina doesn’t know if she ever will again, as she doesn’t know who she is now. She begs Parker to leave as her being here just makes things worse. Parker tells her goodbye, and then the two share a kiss.

Hayden goes to see Diane at the Metro Court about the legal papers she asked her to draw up, only to find Nikolas waiting for her. Diane confronts Hayden for scheming behind her and Nikolas’ back in trying to transfer ownership of ELQ to herself. Nikolas asks to speak to his wife alone, so Diane leaves them. Hayden swears everything she did was for him and she can prove it. She informs him the papers aren’t worth anything unless he signs them, and these documents are back-up insurance, which they talked about that one day in the hospital. He believes her, and she asks why he was coming to meet with Diane. He said he needed to change his will because of her, to make sure she’s taken care of in case anything happens to him. They hug, and Diane is glad to see they have worked things out. Hayden heads out, and Nikolas talks with Diane. Diane felt Hayden’s strategy was safe and sound, but he shouldn’t sign the documents if he has any doubts about his wife.

At Wyndemere, Lulu and Laura show up and find a shocked Liz, who has learned the truth about Hayden. She doesn’t tell them what she’s learned, and changes the subject to Helena’s will. Laura admits she’s looking into the key she was left, and what she’s found out about it so far. She plans to search the attic to see if the key fits any of the old furniture up there. Lulu agrees to help her, and they head up. Liz gets back to researching what she found online, and reads an article titled “Crime of the Century.” Hayden returns, and tells Liz she is supposed to be packing, but Liz says the only one leaving will be her, Rachel Berlin. Up in the creepy Cassadine attic, Lulu and Laura search and find an old trunk that unlike everything else, is not covered in dust. Laura tries the key and it works.

Michael meets with Felix at GH and tells him the truth about where Sabrina is and who she’s with. They agree to work together to find and help Sabrina.

Maxie and Nathan return to his place and make love.

On the next General Hospital:

Nikolas asks Rachel and Hayden what is going on.

Anna wonders if Griffin is setting her up.

Carlos tells someone over the phone that he’s safer away from him.

Sonny asks Epiphany if they can forgive and forget.

Kristina accuses Parker of wanting something to happen between them.

Laura opens the trunk.

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