Eli wakes up from a nap to see Anna. She asks if he remembers her and he mumbles that he signed her underwear. He adds that she travels on business and she tells him that she's not going anywhere for a while. "I'm going to save your life," she says. Later, she goes to Noah and tries to schedule their next "work" session. His calendar is full and Anna tells him that he's too left brain to be rock star. He reminds her that he is a brain surgeon, after all. Anna reminds him that rock 'n roll may come into the ears and roll around the brain, but it comes out in the hips! Noah says that Eli isn't agreeing to the surgery at this point anyway. Anna says that she'll talk to him.

Robin pulls Anna aside and asks if she should be making commitments that she can't live up to. She reminds her mother that a work assignment always pops up and then she takes off. Anna pauses for a second and says, "If you are asking me to stick around permanently, all you have to do is ask." Robin says that she wouldn't ask her to do that because she knows that her work is very important to her. They sit for a while and have a good old fashioned girl talk. Anna wants to know how her relationship with Patrick is going. Robin says that they are in love. Anna asks if they're considering marriage? Or children? Robin is able to dodge giving an answer by asking, "Are you that eager to be a grandmother?" Anna gets a warm smile and says that being Robin's mother is her greatest sense of pride.

Alexis goes to Sonny's house to beg him to act "normal" when an administrator for a prestigious prep school comes to interview him. She explains that she wants Kristina to have every educational advantage when she's ready for high school. There's little time because the guy, Mr. Green, is on his way. Alexis says, 'If you mess this up, I'm going to have to kill you." Sonny gets precious little time to react, but out of instinct he reaches for an envelope of cash. Alexis notices what he's doing and says that he can't buy his way into this one. They hear the doorbell ring and Alexis whispers that Sonny shouldn't mention "the coffee business". Max peeks in and says that as soon as their guest is frisked, he'll show him in; Alexis rolls her eyes. Once Mr. Green is seated between Alexis and Sonny, he asks where Sonny where he was educated. When he learns that Sonny merely attended a public school until his Jr. Year, he's pretty much done with the interview. Alexis tries to say that Sonny was self educated, but it's no use. To make matters worse, Max lets Bernie into the room and without even noticing that there was a guest, he announces they've got problems with one of their casinos because one of the pit bosses is skimming money and has "knocked up" two of the waitresses. The next thing you know, Diane busts into the room and tells Bernie that they have bigger problems right now because she's more concerned about Jason's murder trial. "I'm sure there is another school better suited to your daughter's needs," Mr. Green says on his way out. Kate meets him at the door and recognizes the name of the school, moreover, he recognizes her from their mutual social circle. "How is it that you know my good friends Sonny and Alexis?" Kate slurs through her upturned nose. Alexis beams.

Sam is working the heavy bag at the penthouse and is surprised to see that Nikolas is knocking at her door. She asks if something is wrong with Alexis. He explains that he shared a car from the airport with Amelia Joffe last night and "…she had a lot of information about you." Sam simply tells her cousin that Amelia hates her. Nikolas asks if its true about Bill Monroe and Sam admits her past, but explains that Amelia probably left out the abuse part. She fumbles for words and says that she told Alexis the whole truth and she completely understands. Nikolas says that he wouldn't expect anything less from his aunt. "Look, if you want me to cut you loose from Amelia, just say the word," Nikolas offers. Before she can answer, Amelia shows up and tells Sam to get to the studio. Nikolas asks what she is hanging over his cousin. "Sam, would you like to answer Nikolas?" Amelia says through her smile. Fortunately for Sam, her phone rings. After she hangs up, she says that she has been approved at Pentonville for a visit with Jason. She thanks Nikolas for his help, but says that she and Amelia will find a way to co-exist. He shrugs and leaves. Amelia wonders if Nikolas would be so eager to help if he knew that Sam watched his nephew get kidnapped. Sam snaps that perhaps he needs to know that Jake isn't his nephew! The two women bicker about what it's like to grow up without a father and then Sam pulls out her big gun (metaphorically!). She tells Amelia that Bill Monroe never even mentioned that he had a daughter until after they were married. In fact, Sam continues, he only had one little picture of her. Amelia's eyes fill with tears.

Logan wakes up and sees that Lulu has spent the night looking after him. She's curled up on a chair asleep, covered with a little blanket. He reaches over and touches her hair and wakes her up. He tells her that she was snoring and she denies it, then he asks why she spent the night. "I would've done the same thing for an injured dog," Lulu replies. Logan tells her that she can go now and that he doesn't need her charity. Unless, she's into him, he suggests. Lulu snipes "…if you think shoving your big fat ego in my face is sexy, you have a lot to learn about women." Just then, Maxi and Coop show up to see how did go last night? Coop tells Logan that the cops aren't talking, at least so far. Coop asks Maxi to check his bandage and then tells Lulu that that they should go get some groceries. When they're alone, Maxi tells Logan not to blow this chance he's getting with Lulu.

Back at Sonny's house, Sonny, Diane and Bernie leave the room to talk business, and Kate, Alexis and Mr. Green sit and chat. Kate and Mr. Green talk of a mutual friend of theirs and her Chagall that is about to go on loan at MoMA. Alexis interjects, "Kristina likes art." Kate wisely says that Sonny shares her passion for affording children the best possible education. "Any friend of Kate Howard's is a fine candidate for Winston," Mr. Green finally concludes. When Sonny returns to the room Mr. Green ask show in the world he met Miss Howard. Kate comes up with a story about his car breaking down in front of her house and they've been friends ever since. Alexis shows Mr. Green out and Sonny tells Kate that he is impressed. "I like spreading my made-up pedigree around," she smiles. Sonny thanks her for helping because the school means a lot to Alexis and she's been through a lot. "Some times you have to do that for a friend," Kate replies. Sonny asks her out for dinner and says they can go to his casino where no one will see them. She thanks him but says that they've already been seeing too much of each other.

Patrick and Robin go to Eli Love's room for another talk about surgery. He is starting to realize that they might be telling him the truth about his health. He asks if there are any assurances that the surgery won't leave him impaired. Anna walks in and tells him that he can't die because he'll break a lot of hearts. He says that he has no kids and no wife, so why would it matter? Anna gives him exactly the kind of talk that he needs. She challenges him to write about deep, abiding love for a change. She says, "I want you to grasp the possibilities and when you're well -- fall in love and then write and sing about it." She tells him that he'll thank her for it later. He tells Robin that her mother sure takes some liberties. Then he turns to Patrick and says that he'll have the surgery, but his old man has to come through and "rock the house."

Carly finds Jerry at the Metro Court and asks if he's made any progress in proving Jason's innocence. She reminds him that she'll tell the whole town that he's the best thing since sliced bread. "Now's a good time to start," Jerry says as he sees Nikolas walk through the door. He goes right up to Jerry and asks if he is surprised to see him. He turns to Carly and reports that Jerry tried to have him killed while he was in Russia. Carly says that maybe it was one of the Cassidines who threatened his life. Nikolas tells her that Jax doesn't run interference for Helena. "Jax is in Russia?" Carly asks.

At the nurses' desk, Patrick tells Anna that Eli owes his life to her. He compliments her for being the most stubborn and persuasive woman he's ever met. Robin asks why he likes those things in her mother, but not her! Noah gets off the elevator and Patrick tells him that Eli has agreed to the surgery and it's all up to him. Noah nearly falls over with nerves and says that he might just have a heart attack over the whole thing. Anna says, "Oh, by the way. Eli Love is a really hard drinker; I hope you can hold your liquor."

Sam has arrived in Pentonville and is waiting for Jason to be brought to the holding room.


Logan tells Lulu that he wants to kiss her. "Why don't you?" she asks.

Liz defends her marriage to Epiphany!

Sam asks Jason why he's not glad to see her. Veins pop out of his neck when he spits, "YOU WATCHED MY SON GET KIDNAPPED!"