At Alexis’ house, Sonny apologizes to Kristina for being so hard on her. He tells her that no matter what happened he couldn’t love her any more. He does have one question, though. The professor must have led her on to begin with or she never would have come up with the idea to trade sex for a grade. She was expelled, but what happened to the professor? Kristina doesn’t answer. When she learns Sonny sent Max to confront the professor, she panics and tells him to call Max off. Sonny thinks there’s something she’s not telling him. He agrees but tells Kristina she has to be the one to call Max. She does and when Max answers she tells him that Sonny’s agreed to leave it up to her and she wants him to stay away from her professor. After Sonny leaves, Kristina writes in her diary. The doorbell rings and it’s Parker.

In Tracy’s hospital room, Dr. Obrecht is gloating to Monica and Tracy about getting rid of Dr. Finn. Tracy is angry. She threatens Obrecht’s job and the hospital’s accreditation if Finn isn’t allowed to treat her. A nurse enters the room with medication for Tracy. Surprised, Monica asks who prescribed it and the nurse says, “According to the chart, you did.” Monica looks at the chart and sees that Finn wrote the orders. She talks Obrecht into allowing Finn to treat Tracy and Obrecht leaves the room. Tracy thanks Monica for getting in touch with Dr. Finn.

At the Metro Court, Carly’s on the phone outside Dr. Finn’s room when she hears a scream and a maid rushes out. When Carly enters the room, Finn is distracted looking for Roxy, his service lizard. Carly sees Finn’s resemblance to someone she used to know. She asks him why he has a service lizard and Finn evades the question, telling her it’s illegal for her to ask. Carly moves to reset the thermostat but Finn tells her Roxy likes it set at 85 degrees. He spies Roxy lurking behind Carly and puts her back in her cage. Carly keeps prying to find out why Finn needs Roxy but Finn won’t budge. Carly leaves Finn alone with Roxy.

At Kelly’s, Nikolas and Laura chat. Laura is intrigued about the key and still looking for answers. She tells Nikolas he should continue looking, too. Nikolas says he knows why Helena left him the painting, she wanted to torture him for the rest of his life. Laura doesn’t think it’s that easy and reminds him about Helena’s curse on her and Luke. They’re no longer married, so maybe there’s something to it. According to her research, the key is 19th century Russian, probably to a steamer trunk or valise. Nikolas tells her it’s also possible Helena left her a key to absolutely nothing. Laura doesn’t think Helena is playing head games with her and she recommends that Nik take a closer look at the painting. He asks her what she’s really afraid of when it comes to Hayden. Laura says she’s just very happy he has a pre-nup. After she leaves, Nik makes a phone call.

At Wyndemere, Hayden is in a panic because Sam’s getting closer to the truth. She calls Diane about the papers she asked her to draw up regarding the disposition of ELQ. She tells Diane to text her as soon as the papers are ready. After the call, Elizabeth catches Hayden doing a computer search for Naomi Dreyfus. They sling a few insults at each other and Hayden warns that she’ll kick Elizabeth out of the house if she doesn’t drop it. Elizabeth guarantees Hayden she won’t like the answer if she asks Nikolas to choose between the two of them. They’re interrupted when Diane texts Hayden to say the papers are ready to sign. Hayden leaves to meet Diane. When she’s gone, Elizabeth discovers something about Naomi Dreyfus on Hayden’s computer.

Outside Kelly’s, Sonny and Carly meet up and have a nice chat. She asks about Kristina and wonders how long Sonny will wait to call Max and tell him to keep digging. He asks if she wants him to orchestrate a garbage strike to get back at the mayor. They laugh and go inside.

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