At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Hayden stare at the creepy portrait Helena left him. Nikolas would like to burn it, but is keeping it for the sake of Spencer who liked her. Hayden notices that there seems to be a reflection in the silver tea pot in the painting. Nikolas tells her not to worry about it as it’s just one of his grandmother’s games, but she’s not so sure and begins inspecting it with a magnifying glass. She finds an image of a man reflected in the tea pot, and she thinks it means something. Nikolas doesn’t know what, but it probably is nothing good. He refuses to play her mind games and heads to the office.

Alexis meets with Jason and Sam at Kelly’s to finalize their divorce. Franco arrives to get some take-out and upon seeing Jason asks how Jake is doing, and what they are going to do about the book. Jason has no clue what he’s talking about, but is quickly brought up to speed and upset that Liz didn’t tell him about the book left by Helena. Franco leaves, and Jason decides to go see Liz and takes off as well. Sam gets a call from Spinelli, who gives her an update on the search into Hayden. She then asks her mother a legal question as to whether or not she is allowed to continue looking into a case even if the person who hired her asked her to drop it. Alexis says she can. Later, Alexis heads out and runs into Nikolas outside. They chitchat a bit about Helena’s will, and her gift to him. Alexis warns him that nothing Helena left anyone was meaningless.

Nina arrives at GH and runs into Obrecht. She tells her aunt that she is going to see Dr. Lee about getting pregnant. Nina heads off to meet with Dr. Lee, and brings her up to speed on her fertility issues. Dr. Lee confirms Dr. Westbourne’s findings, but Nina would like a second opinion and new tests. At the nurses’ station, Hamilton Finn arrives to consult on Tracy’s case, and Liz is shocked by how he looks just like someone who used to work here. He claims he has one of those faces and asks her to take care of his lizard Roxy for him. Finn meets up with Monica and Griffin and they all go in to see Tracy, who is packing to leave while Dillon attempts to stop her. They manage to convince her to stay, and Finn believes she has a parasite infection from contaminated food. Meanwhile, Franco arrives at the hospital, runs into Obrecht, and learns from her that Nina is meeting with Dr. Lee about having a baby. She assumed he changed his mind about becoming a father, but he hasn’t. Franco finds Nina in an exam room with Dr. Lee and confronts her. He tells her again that he doesn’t want a child, and explains what happened with Leo and how it proved he’s not father material. Franco doesn’t understand why the two of them can’t be enough for one another, and she agrees to drop it. Franco is relieved and leaves, but later Nina tells Dr. Lee that she still wants to have the tests done. Back at the nurses’ station, Jason arrives and questions Liz about Helena’s book. She shows it to him, and they discuss it and how Jason feels hurt that Franco knew about it before him. She explains why Franco knew about it and apologizes. They agree to try and find out what it means, though Liz feels Franco could be of help to them as Jake trusts and confides in him. Back in Tracy’s room, Finn tells her that her condition is treatable, but Obrecht arrives to put a damper on things and tells Finn he has no privileges at the hospital to treat anyone. Everyone begins arguing, and Obrecht explains that it will take time to get Finn even temporary privileges, and she refuses to bend the rules or expedite things. Tracy suddenly notices that Finn has mysteriously disappeared.

Back at Wyndemere, Hayden continues to ponder over the painting when Sam arrives and confronts her about an interesting discussion she had with someone named Naomi Dryfus. Hayden plays clueless, and orders Sam to leave, which she does. Hayden however is visibly stunned, as Sam is on to something.

Finn and Roxy check into a room at the Metro Court and he plans to stick around Port Charles for awhile.

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Kristina asks Sonny what he’s done.

Liz wonders what Hayden is hiding.

Laura tells Nikolas she needs answers.

Carly meets Finn.

Tracy orders Obrecht to find where Finn has gone to.

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