At Crimson, Dante walks in on Curtis and Valerie kissing and gets a bit snippy with Curtis. Nina and Maxie arrive. Maxie’s surprised to see Dante, especially when he tells her he’s there to arrest them for littering all over the PCU campus. Nina and Maxie explain that they’ve hired people to clean up the mess, but they could use his help finding out who’s sabotaging Crimson. Dante tells them corporate espionage isn’t the PCPD’s jurisdiction and stomps off in a snit. Nina hires Curtis to find out who’s got it in for Crimson. She tells him to keep it strictly confidential, even Julian isn’t to know. Curtis insists that Valerie be his assistant.

At the courthouse before the trial starts, Molly and Kristina ask Julian about Crimson. Julian appears confused and doesn’t seem to know what they’re talking about. The girls go on about the Crimson promotion but Julian just looks blank. Carly wants Olivia to drop the lawsuit because Mayor Lomax had the health department shut down the Metro Court. Olivia refuses to back down and walks away. Alexis has a solution but she needs Carly’s help and they quietly concoct a plan. Lomax pulls Carly aside and gloats about The Metro Court possibly losing its five-star rating. After opening statements and testimonies from Olivia, Mayor Lomax and Carly, it seems the judge is going to rule in Lomax’s favor. Before he can finish his sentence, Carly jumps up from her seat and leaves the courtroom. She comes right back in with a mother who is breastfeeding her son. The judge says he doesn’t think that’s appropriate in a courtroom just as Carly ushers in another breastfeeding mother. Carly shouts that women have a right to breastfeed in public. Alexis shouts that men have a right to go shirtless in public and, while women have that right too, nobody thinks that’s appropriate, either. Nina shouts that mothers have the right to breastfeed in public and rips off her shirt asking the judge, “What’s inappropriate about these?” As the judge tries to restore order to the courtroom, Maxie, Carly, Olivia and Alexis take their shirts off, too. Defeated, the judge finds for Olivia. As the courtroom empties, Carly asks Diane to inform the mayor that she’s going to sue her if she doesn’t drop the bogus health department charges against The Metro Court. Diane sides with Carly this time because of her longstanding relationship with the Corinthos family and Lomax agrees to call off her dogs. Diane congratulates Alexis and, with a grin, tells her she let her win. Mayor Lomax tells Alexis she’s made an enemy. Nina takes a seat next to Julian and lets him know that Crimson is trending nationally and she intends to make it a success. Julian simply nods.

In her hospital room, Tracy tells Monica she dreamed about her father, which she interprets to mean she’s dying. She tells Monica she’s leaving her health care decisions up to her because Monica won’t let sentimentality cloud her judgement. Monica gets emotional and leaves the room. Out in the hallway Monica and Dillon are talking when Tracy rushes out and screams at Monica to get her hands off Ned right now. Dillon and Monica calm her and Monica sends Dillon to find Dr. Mayes. When they’re alone, Monica tells Tracy she’ll honor her health care directive and helps her back to bed. On his way to Monica’s room, Mayes runs into Brad and Dr. Munro just as they’re looking at a copy of Tracy’s biopsy results. He tells them they’ll both soon be unemployed and heads into Monica’s room. The good news is, Tracy doesn’t have cancer. The bad news is, Mayes has no idea what she has. Monica looks at the results and confirms that Tracy does not have cancer. Dillon asks, What next?” Dr. Mayes goes out into the hall and brings Dr. Munro into the room to consult. Munro says he thinks the lesions on Tracy’s brain are some type of infection. He asks her about her trip to Mexico and has her tell him what she ate and drank while she was there. Tracy remembers Ashton offering her some local delicacies that he picked up in town. Munro says it’s a safe bet it’s a food born infection but it’s not his area of expertise, they’re going to need an infectious disease specialist. Monica knows just who to call. She leaves the room to call Dr. Finn, who just happens to have a huge lizard sitting on his desk, to ask for his help with Tracy.

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