Outside Kiki’s hospital room, Julian tells Ava she needs a plan. She’s a target now that the mob knows she was working with the feds. Ava explains that she didn’t know Paul Hornsby was working for the feds and she had no choice because he was holding the flash drive over her head. She thinks that once she explains it to her crew everything will be fine, but Julian tells her it’s a bad idea and she should let her big brother handle this. He’ll explain it to the crew. He was their boss for a long time and they respect him. Ava thanks him and leaves to run an errand. Julian tells her to be careful.

At Sonny’s place, Carly wants Kiki to get better but also knows that’s when they’ll lose Avery. Sonny assures her he has a plan. He doesn’t have to do a thing to hold on to Avery because Ava already dug her own grave. Sonny tells Carly about Kristina getting expelled from school. He’s upset with the professor for turning Kristina in and wants to send someone out there to “straighten him out.” Carly tells him that would only make things worse for Kristina. Her phone rings. Carly leaves to go to the Metro Court for the health inspector. Sonny calls Max to send him to talk to the professor. Ava shows up to ask Sonny if Avery can stay with him until Kiki has more time to recover, but Sonny knows the real reason she’s leaving Avery in his care. After she leaves, Sonny calls someone to thank them for sending the black rose and threatening note to Ava.

At the Metro Court, Valerie arrives to meet Curtis. He tells her she might be over dressed for their date. Valerie reminds him that he agreed to fill her in on his history with Jordan before she goes on a date with him but Curtis says her there’s a thousand dollars in it for them and drags her off for the Crimson contest.

At Crimson, Maxie gets a text from Dillon. Pages of the magazine are snowing down on the campus and PCU students are running all over the place trying to put the magazine together. Nina thinks Julian is behind the sabotage because she remembers him saying that Crimson is a lost cause when he hired her. Suddenly, the Port Charles Department of Health knocks on the door and tells them they need to evacuate the premises. Out in the hall, Carly rushes in and the inspector tells her they’re shutting them down. Carly surmises that Mayor Lomax sent the Health Department to shut them down because of the lawsuit. Nina and Maxie think she may also be behind the sabotage because of their article promoting breastfeeding in public. The inspector agrees to let Nina and Maxie back into their office. Curtis and Valerie limp in with a completed magazine and tell them the promotion is a huge success.

Molly and Kristina are home alone at Alexis’ house. Molly asks Kristina when she’s going to tell her parents that she’s gay. Kristina says she’s still not sure she is gay; she’s questioning her sexuality. She’s worried her parents will freak out if she tells them she’s gay or bisexual. Molly thinks Alexis and Sonny will be fine with it. They agree to table the conversation until after Alexis’ hearing is over. When Molly asks Kristina about her relationship with Parker, Kristina gets a dreamy look and says it was amazing.

Alexis and Olivia are alone in the courtroom before the trial starts. Diane enters with Mayor Lomax. Lomax says this is a completely frivolous lawsuit and a waste of taxpayers’ money. Unaware that Olivia is secretly recording the conversation on her phone, Lomax threatens they’ll regret it if they don’t drop the case. Alexis asks her what she’ll do if they don’t. Lomax says she’ll talk to the Bar Association about Alexis being married to a mob king and having two children sired by two different mobsters. She reminds Olivia that she’s also cancelled all business dealings with her hotel and restaurant. Diane advises Lomax to be quiet because Olivia is illegally taping the conversation. Lomax grabs Olivia and pulls her to the ground. She gets the phone and erases the conversation but not before Molly and Kristina step into the courtroom and witness the scuffle. Julian arrives. Lomax says she’s going to have him subjected to surveillance since Olivia won’t drop the lawsuit. Carly enters the courtroom in a rage to tell Olivia about the Health Department. She tells Olivia she needs to drop the lawsuit now.

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