At Wyndemere, everyone is gathered for the reading of Helena’s will. Lulu, Laura, Nikolas, Hayden, Elizabeth, Sam and Alexis are present, as well as Scott who’s Helena’s executor. Scott pops in a video and Helena appears on the screen. She says she never intended to die, that Robin was supposed to be working to make her immortal, but just in case Robin failed, which she obviously did, she made this video. Helena begins by leaving Sam one cent, to be split equally with her sisters, because “that’s all any child of Alexis is worth.” Alexis is next. Scott hands her a music box that’s playing the last song her mother ever sang and contains the knife Helena used to slit her mother’s throat. Sam and Alexis storm out of Wyndemere. Next up is Elizabeth. Scott also hands her a box. Inside is a handwritten document titled, “Jake’s Adventure.” Elizabeth, obviously disturbed, wraps it back up and says she’ll read it later, then leaves for work. Helena then informs Nikolas that she’s left everything to the Cassadine Foundation because he betrayed her. She also leaves him a portrait of herself. When Lulu points out that Helena is sipping a cup of tea in the portrait, Nikolas quickly turns it against a wall. Helena tells Nikolas the portrait signifies they’ll never be finished. Lulu is next. Helena tells Lulu she owes her a great debt. She tells Lulu not to ignore her gift or she might regret it. Scott hands her an empty envelope. Confused, but happy it’s over, Lulu leaves while Helena reminds her to remember what she said. Finally, it’s Laura’s turn. Helena says she spent a final moment with Luke before he left and now she’s going to have a final moment with Laura. Scott hands Laura a box that contains a single key. Helena taunts, “You took from me the thing I loved most, my beloved Mikkos. But because I am the better person I’m giving you the key to what you have loved and lost.”

Anna and Andre are having a drink at the Metro Court. Anna, obviously excited and happy, thinks she’s found something out about Dr. Munro but won’t share it with Andre yet. Jordan arrives, surprised to see them together. Anna explains that she and Andre aren’t having a date, they’re friends and she’s also his patient. Anna leaves. Jordan stays behind with Andre. She’s unsettled that her best friend is telling intimate things to the man she’s seeing. Andre has to leave. They make a date for tomorrow but before he goes he makes sure Jordan is okay with Anna being his patient.

At the PCPD, Dante asks Nathan if he’s told Maxie about Claudette. Nathan says no, he’s not going to because Maxie said she doesn’t want to know. Dante can’t believe Maxie is going to let it rest that easily. Changing the subject, Dante says he and Lulu are back together and working on being open and honest with each other. Nathan looks pensive. When Dante presses, Nathan admits to him that Claudette was his wife. Before a surprised Dante can react, Maxie arrives and interrupts the conversation.

In the hospital locker room, Dr. Griffin Munro, still dripping from a shower and wrapped in a towel, examines a scar on his abdomen. Maxie rushes in looking for Epiphany. She bumps into Munro and he tells her Epiphany is headed to surgery. As she turns to leave, Maxie slips in some water and hurts her ankle. Munro catches her. He leads her to a bench and tells her to stay put, he’ll be back. He comes back, dressed, and wraps her ankle. They discuss Maxie’s job at Crimson. She thinks Munro would be perfect for the next issue which will feature real men. When Munro turns her down Maxie asks if it’s because of the scar he has, which she thinks came from a gunshot wound. Munro stammers that he has to get back to work and Maxie leaves. In the hall, Munro bumps into Anna coming off the elevator. When he looks surprised, Anna says she thinks she knows who he is. In the locker room, Elizabeth opens the book she got from Helena. The terrifying tale begins, “There was a little boy named Jake. One day he went into the woods. Jake met an old woman who found him very, very interesting.” Elizabeth continues to read and the last chilling line reads, “Jake and the old woman had many, many adventures,” and the old woman’s last words to Jake were, “Never forget, Jake…and never tell.”

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