Lucky tells Liz that he wants the truth, and then asks if she loves Jason. "No," Liz flatly says. She tells Lucky that he loves Emily as a friend, and that's how she feels about Jason. Lucky discounts the comparison and asks her why she went behind his back to go see him. Liz just wants to leave it alone. He says that she could've been arrested for using his badge, but he covered for her. Liz yells that she is grateful. As they continue to fight, Cam comes down stairs. They both look at him and freeze.

Kate tells Sonny that when Amelia comes forward with the fact that she is just Connie Falconeri from Benson Hurst, she'll lose everything. Sonny gets her a drink and then tells her that Amelia won't do it. Kate says that any TV producer would love to reveal the fact that a major fashion mogul has been lying for years about her identity. "Why wouldn't she?" Kate asks. Sonny's answer is brief. "Self preservation." He says that he and Amelia have "a little bit of an involvement" and if the network finds out about it, they'll drop her show in light of the fact that he has a questionable career. Sonny assures Kate that Amelia has already agreed to keep quiet, for now. However, he doesn't understand why Kate isn't willing to come forward with her past anyway. He asks what she's ashamed of did she cheat or sleep her way to the top? That wasn't the case, Kate says. She worries that the publisher, readers and advertisers will feel foolish if they've aspired to live up to a common girl from Benson Hurst. She thinks that she'll make people feel ridiculous and they'll shut her out. "Kate Howard will be a joke," Kate fights tears as she speaks. "I've made a lot of sacrifices and my career will be over," Kate cries, "But I guess that's what you wanted all along." Sonny says that he didn't want this; he just wanted her to be Connie Falconeri to the world. He says, however, that he completely understands the need to live up to people's perceptions. In fact, they are a lot a like. He says in his world, if anything real or vulnerable shines through his persona, people get hurt. Kate says that it's the same in her world, only a little more civilized. "It's life and death, at least it is for me," she quietly states.

In the GH locker room, Patrick and Robin are talking about Eli Love's need for surgery and the fact that Anna is trying to transform Noah into the man of her dreams. As they are talking, Anna and "Eli' walk in - he's wearing his rocker clothes. Patrick jumps down his throat for being out of bed, but "Eli" says, "Relax, it's me, it's your father."

Amelia gets in the back a limo at the airport thinking it's the one she ordered, but she finds Nikolas Cassidine sitting back there. She tells him that there must be a mistake, she ordered this car. He smiles and says that this is his chauffeur. When they realize that they both are going to Port Charles, Nikolas offers her a ride. Along the way, he realizes that she is Sam's producer, so he tells Amelia that he went to Russia to try to track down Jerry Jacks, but no luck. Then, he says that Lucky told him that she helped track his nephew Jake's kidnapper. He thanks her and Amelia says that her intentions "weren't completely benign." Before she goes farther, she asks Nikolas how well he knows Sam. Nikolas says that Sam is his cousin and he wouldn't want anyone to hurt her. Satisfied with his answer, Amelia tells him everything about Sam's past. She admits that she came to Port Charles to build a show around Sam and then destroy her. "But that's not what happened," Nicolas says. He says that revenge rarely turns out how you think it will. After he hears how vindictively Amelia feels about Sam, he says that he can't just stand by and allow someone to destroy her. He tells Amelia that he'll buy out her contract.

Carly barges into Jason's penthouse and finds Sam with Jerry. Sam tells her to get the hell out of her house. Jerry makes a smart alecky comment and then leaves. Carly tells Sam that if she's ready to replace Jason with Jerry to "go for it." She says that Sam should walk out of the penthouse with some dignity. Sam tells Carly that she has no idea what's going on and there's something that Jason isn't telling her. Carly spits that if some big secret really matters to Jason, she'd know already. Sam accuses Carly of wanting to get back with Jason some day. Carly says that she's happily married and Sam should "…get her freeloading butt outta here!"

Lulu is looking out for Logan in his room above Kelly's. She tells him that she'll stay in case he starts to bleed again. He says that Maxi did a great bandage job, but Lulu says that she was only trying to make Coop jealous. Logan wonders if Lulu has stayed behind to make Maxi jealous, but Lulu calls him delirious. She tells him that he looks like hell and has a fever, and if he starts to bleed again she'll pass out. Logan wants her to admit that she likes him. She says, "I'm not that into you and I don't trust you at all."

Lucky and Liz have put their arguing aside so they can hang out as a family. Lucky and Cam are sitting on the couch reading a story, and Liz is holding Jake next to them. Jake is beaming as he listens to Lucky's voice. After the boys are down, Liz tells Lucky that she was planning to raise her boys alone. But, she loves him and she wants to make a family with him. Lucky asks if she forgives him for turning Jason in. Liz says that she will always think he had better options, but she forgives him. As they walk into a hug, Liz says that she loves nights when they are all home together as a family.

Noah is talking "strutting" lessons from Anna, as Robin and Patrick look on. Anna tells him to "take the stage and every woman in it." Noah is stiff as he tries to pull it off, so Anna switches the subject to the music. She puts a guitar in Noah's hand and he admits that he used to dabble a little. Anna tells him to give a "hot power cord and a 'oooh baby'." He strikes an awful note and says, "Oooh baby" like a librarian. Patrick says that he thinks he's going to be sick. The harder Noah tries, the more upset Patrick gets. Finally, Patrick says that it's not too late to change plans. Robin asks if Noah can lip sync, but Anna says that Eli would never lip sync. Noah tells Patrick that this was his idea and he's not going to hear about he let him down! Anna tells Noah to go home and practice the three basic cords and they'll meet again in the morning. Noah defiantly grabs the guitar as if it's a bundle of laundry and pronounces, "I am going to do this!" on his way out the door. Anna shrugs and tells Robin that she's had tougher assignments, although she can't recall them at the moment.

Sam comes downstairs to see that Spinelli is home. She asks him to help get her in to see Jason at Pentonville. Spinelli isn't too pleased with her - out of loyalty to Jason. She admits that she watched while Maureen Harper walked away with Jake. It doesn't take long for Spinelli's resolve to crumble. He says, "The innocent one shouldn't have to pay for your pain." Sam explains that she froze when she watched it happen and that she and Jason have a lot to deal with. She tells him that it needs to be face-to-face. Spinelli says that he knows what it feels like to be cast aside, and then agrees to get her in to see Jason.

Lulu takes Logan a glass of water. She says that three, now only two, guys want to date her, so she doesn't need him. Logan asks what she sees in the muscle man and the geek. Lulu doesn't want him making fun of Milo and Spinelli. Logan says that she's not attracted to them the way she is to him. Lulu feigns shock and tells Logan that she is repulsed by him.

Kate tells Sonny that if she looses her job she won't show up dead like he could, but she'll be gone just the same. Her prestige, notoriety, and sense of purpose will all be gone. He asks her if she ever considered telling the truth along the way. Kate says that she almost did when she made head assistant. But one day her mother called the magazine because her grandmother had died. Before she continues, she asks Sonny if he remembers her mother's accent. Sonny laughs at the memory of it. Then Kate goes on to say that her mother used her very best language and voice, but the receptionist apparently thought her accent was quite funny. So after they had their conversation, she realized that everyone was staring at her. "I realized in that moment that I could never tell these people the truth about my background." She explains that she fired most of the people soon after, but for the rest of that day they made jokes about that woman who called. Sonny asks Kate how she handled it and Kate sadly says that she told them that the woman was the cleaning lady. Then she went to the bathroom and cried. Kate stares into the distance and says that after that, there was no turning back and that she had to keep climbing. She cries as she tells Sonny that this job has cost her everything…she has no children, and no relationships to speak of.

Carly walks into the Metro Court and Jerry tells her that he has some bad news. Carly thinks that it's about Jax, but Jerry says that he wants a peaceful co-existence and Jax won't come home until they do. "What will it take to win you over?" Jerry asks. Carly says, "How good are you?" She explains that as someone who used to work with Lorenzo Alcazar, he might know of other people who might have wanted him dead. Or, where he might go if he was still alive. Carly says that she'll be the best friend Jerry ever had if he can get the charges against Jason dropped.

Now, it's Sonny's turn to tell Kate about his early years in his career. He admits that he wanted the power and respect more than anything. He looks around and says that he's rich and has everything he wants, except one thing. "I'm alone." Kate says, "Me too." He reaches over to kiss her, but Max comes in and says that they have a problem. Sonny asks Max to get Kate a driver and she thanks him and leaves.


Alexis goes to Sonny regarding their daughter.

Carly asks Amelia why she told Jason where Jake was.

Nikolas tells Sam that he knows about her past.