At The Floating Rib, Sonny tells Michael that Carlos is alive and Sabrina is with him. He fills Michael in on the fact that he’s teamed up with Anna to help find the man responsible for killing Duke and warns Michael to stay out of it. After Sonny leaves, Michael calls Sabrina and leaves a message asking her to return his call.

In the study at Wyndemere, Nikolas shows Laura the first edition of The Great Gatsby that Hayden gave him and tells her it’s proof that their relationship is normal and no longer toxic. In the foyer, Hayden answers the door to find Sam looking for Nikolas. Hayden, unnerved because she knows Nikolas is having Sam investigate her, tries to stop Sam, but she pushes past and bursts into the study. Laura excuses herself and drags Hayden out with her to give Nikolas and Sam some privacy. Alone with Hayden in the foyer, Laura compares her to Daisy from The Great Gatsby. She tells her daisies are pretty but they’re really just glorified weeds. Back in the study, Sam begs Nikolas to let her continue investigating Hayden, if only for Spencer’s sake, but he refuses. Nikolas opens the study door to signal the end of the conversation and he and Hayden go for a walk. Laura apologizes to Sam for her part in keeping Jason’s identity a secret. Sam graciously accepts. When Laura asks how Sam feels about being included in Helena’s will, Sam mentions Helena’s curse and says she doesn’t believe in them. As she leaves Sam gets a text from Jason asking to meet her at the Metro Court. On her way, she calls Spinelli and asks him to look up a disconnected number. Hayden and Nikolas come back to tell Laura it’s almost time for the reading of the will.

At the Quartermaine crypt, Jason is flashing back to the conversation he had with Lila when he told her he was changing his name to Morgan, which was Lila’s maiden name. Monica shows up and they reminisce. As she leaves to go back to the hospital, Jason mutters, “The heart has a long memory,” something Lila told him that day.

At home, Anna’s on her way out. She finds Dr. Munro on her doorstep and he admits he’s been following her. When Anna asks why, he stammers around a bit then gets a phone call from the hospital. He apologizes for upsetting Anna. He doesn’t have time to explain now but he hopes she’ll understand when she knows the truth. After he rushes off, Anna calls Andre and asks if they can meet.

In Tracy’s hospital room, Dr. Mayes gruffly informs Tracy and Monica it’s time for the brain biopsy then heads for the OR. Dillon enters. He tells Tracy he went against her wishes and contacted Dr. Munro. Outside the room, Munro runs into Mayes and tells him Dillon wants him to consult on Tracy’s case. Mayes gets uppity with him but Munro insists he’s seen something like this before in Mexico. As they argue, orderlies wheel Tracy out of her room and on to surgery, accompanied by Dillon. Dillon stays to talk to both of the doctors. Mayes calls Dillon ‘son’ and orders him to pick a doctor. Dillon, sick of Mayes’ arrogance, tells him to address him as ‘Mr. Quartermaine’ and he doesn’t take orders from Mayes or anyone else where his mother’s health is concerned. When Mayes storms off, Dillon asks Munro what’s going on with his mom. Munro has a theory but he doesn’t want to say anything until he can see the test results. Unfortunately, Mayes doesn’t have to let him see them. Brad interrupts to let Dillon know Tracy’s back in her room. When Dillon goes into Tracy’s room, Brad tells Dr. Munro he could ‘accidentally’ give him access to Tracy’s test results. Tracy, back in her room and still doped up, mistakes Dillon for Alan.

Anna meets Andre at the Metro Court. She wonders if he knows why Munro is following her. When Andre says he doesn’t have a clue, she says she felt something familiar about Munro, like she’d met him before, a long time ago. Sam and Jason have a drink at the bar. They chat for a moment and Diane calls. She has the papers for Jason to sign for his new place. He invites Sam to go with him to see it but she has to go to Wyndemere for the reading of Helena’s will. Jason leaves but forgets his file. As Sam rushes to grab it she gets a nasty gash on her finger.

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