At the Metro Court, Jason and Carly have a talk about how things are going, and she explains her fight with Sonny over the level of violence in his business, which is why she’s grateful he has no desire to get back involved in it. They also discuss their past together, how she ended up pregnant with AJ’s son, and why she was never a fan of his family. She tells him all of his family wasn’t bad, as Lila was sweet and never hurt anyone. She explains that he took Lila’s maiden name Morgan for his own, and that the plaque to him in the family crypt even says Jason Morgan. He wonders if it is still there, so they decide to go check.

Griffin is eating at The Floating Rib while keeping an eye on Anna. Paul meets with Anna, but lies to her and claims he hadn’t heard from Carlos. She has nothing more to say to him then, so he leaves. Later, Michael meets with Felix, who has a photo of Sabrina’s baby to share. He also tells Michael that Sabrina is happy and isn’t coming back. Michael says if she is happy then he is happy for her.

At the hospital, Dr. Mayes questions Monica as to Tracy’s whereabouts, as she was scheduled for a biopsy. She tries to call her, but Tracy ignores her. Later, Griffin arrives at work and talks to Monica about Tracy’s case. He has an idea, but would need access to her tests. Monica can get him the MRIs, though the biopsy results aren’t in as Tracy is AWOL.

Tracy visits her family in the Quartermaine crypt to let them know that she is not ready to join them just yet. Dillon discovers his mother in the crypt, and she instinctively calls him Alan. Dillon is shocked that she doesn’t seem to know him at first. Tracy becomes confused, and then suffers another seizure.

Anna returns home and looks over some photos of Carlos that Robert has sent her. Sonny drops by, and the two make some small talk about what went down at the pier and the church the other night. He eventually uncovers the photos, which she subtly let him find, and she explains that Carlos is alive and on the run in Europe. Sonny is furious and vows to hunt down and kill Carlos. Anna says Carlos needs to be brought in alive as he is a means to get to Julian. Anna explains there is a plan to get him to roll on Julian, so Sonny asks what she needs from him. She asks him to use his resources and keep her informed on Carlos, and she will do the same for him. He agrees.

Back at the Metro Court, Paul sits down for a drink and receives a call from Carlos. Paul explains the plan to have him testify against Julian, not to speak of their arrangement or what Anna did, and to consider how this would benefit his family. He promises Carlos he would be free and no longer need to be on the run. Carlos refuses and decides to stick with their original plan.

Dillon rushes Tracy to the hospital. Monica has her taken to a room, and Dillon demands Griffin tell him what is going on. Griffin says they don’t know, but she is scheduled for a biopsy today. Dr. Mayes arrives and tells Dillon to be strong as he knows cancer is frightening, which freaks Dillon out as Griffin didn’t use that word. Griffin calls Mayes aside and tells him that he believes he is misleading the son as he can’t assume it is cancer. Mayes believes it is, and they argue about it. Dillon goes in to see his mom, who is with Monica. Monica assures Tracy that she won’t die here or today. Dillon leaves and finds Griffin still arguing with Mayes over what is wrong with Tracy. Dillon asks Griffin what he believes is wrong with his mom, but Mayes dismisses him and orders Griffin to tend to his other patients. Later, Dillon talks to Monica about how Griffin thinks something else may be going on, and he’d like to talk to him.

Back at the Quartermaine crypt, Carly and Jason visit the family graves, and she gives Jason a rundown on the family. They find his plaque and Jason takes it down. He decides to hang out with his family a little longer and think about things.

Sonny joins Michael at The Floating Rib and asks how Sabrina is. Michael explains the update that Felix gave him, and he ponders the choices he made that drove her away. Sonny tells Michael he needs to tell him something.

Anna goes to leave her house only to find Griffin on her front porch. She asks what he’s doing here, and he admits he’s been following her.

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Sonny questions Michael about Sabrina

Dillon tells his mother that he contacted Ned.

Jason talks with Monica about his act of vandalism in the crypt.

Anna asks Griffin what he wants from her.

Helena’s family gathers for the reading of her will.

Hayden and Sam face off.

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