At Dante and Lulu’s, the couple agrees to give their relationship another try. They kiss, and quickly end up on the bed. Lulu puts a stop to things before they go too far. They discuss the future, and Lulu feels they need a professional counselor to help them, and he agrees. She decides to head out before they end up doing something that they may regret, so he sees her out.

Anna is at home and talking to Robert on the phone while someone lurks around her house. Paul arrives to see her and scares them off. He heads inside and talks with Anna about Carlos and Sabrina, who Robert has tracked to London until they disappeared. Anna is still intent on getting Carlos in order to nail Julian. Paul suggests there could be another way to get Julian that doesn’t involve the two of them going to jail. He feels they could make a deal with Carlos to turn on Julian. Anna is unsure this will work, and wonders how they will even track Carlos down. She quickly figures out he bankrolled Carlos’ trip out of town. Anna lets Paul know if he wants her to trust him then the first time Carlos calls him, he is to tell her. Paul assures her that he will prove himself to her. Paul leaves, and immediately gets a call from Carlos. As he talks to him outside of Anna’s place, the person watching her house spies.

At the PCPD, Jordan calls Andre to catch up. He invites her out to The Floating Rib, but she is busy with the paperwork dealing with Paul’s bust. Andre surprises her later by showing up with some food. They discuss how they both have made some mistakes with each other. She admits her history with Curtis is difficult for her to talk about, and he promises not to push. Jordan admits she did something she regrets, and Curtis intervened, but in the process destroyed many lives. Andre invites her on another date, and suggests they go dancing. She looks forward to it. He leaves her to get back to her work.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas chats with Liz, who worries that Nikolas is fooling himself where Hayden is concerned. He assures her that he is happy and everything is okay. She agrees to drop it and leaves him to think.

Hayden sees Sam meeting with Corbin at The Metro Court. She goes to rush out, runs into Curtis, but ignores him and keeps going. Sam’s phone chimes and she uses it to get out of her meeting with Corbin, claiming it’s a family emergency. Annoyed, he storms off and leaves her. Sam begins calling the numbers she stole off of Corbin’s phone to ask people about Rachel, but gets hung up on. She later calls Nikolas to fill him in on what little she’s learned. Nikolas asks Sam to stop looking into this and drop it. Sam questions him as to why, but he tells her it’s over and hangs up.

Hayden ends up drinking at The Floating Rib. Curtis follows her and begins questioning her as to what is bothering her. He suspects she saw someone she knew at The Metro Court, and he can see he guessed right from the expression on her face. She assures him that she can take care of herself, but he thinks she’s lying to her husband about her past and that is what has her freaked out.

Back at Wyndemere, Liz overhears Nikolas on the phone ordering Sam to drop the investigation. Liz presses him on what is going on, as it is obvious he doesn’t trust his wife. He claims all relationships have their problems, but Liz doesn’t want to see him go through what he did with Britt all over again.

Hayden goes back to the Metro Court and runs into Sam, who is on her way out. She questions Sam as to what she’s doing here, as this place doesn’t seem her speed. Sam says it’s not, she just stopped in for a drink.

Back at Jordan’s office, Curtis drops by and surprises her. He’s upset that she told Valerie about his drug addiction. He tells her that if she stays out of his life then he’ll stay out of hers, as they both know she has a lot he can reveal.

Hayden heads home to Wyndemere and finds Liz fighting with Nikolas about having her investigated. Hayden asks to speak to her husband alone, so Liz leaves. He confesses that he hired Sam, but he called it off because he loves her and he doesn’t care about her past. He says when she’s ready then she will tell him about it. She thanks him for believing in her.

Liz meets Sam at The Floating Rib. She knows Nikolas hired and fired her, and she also believes that Hayden is trouble. Liz knows Sam is upset with Nikolas, but she doesn’t want to see Spencer hurt in all of this. She urges Sam to keep investigating.

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