At GH, Monica, Dr. Mayes and Griffin give Tracy her test results. Tracy has a mass on her brain that may be one or more tumors, which needs to be biopsied before they can plan a course of action. Tracy realizes she may have cancer, but Griffin says they can’t make that ruling without further tests. Griffin and Mayes leave, and Monica has a talk with Tracy. Monica feels Tracy needs support, and she’s not doing herself any favors by isolating herself. Tracy refuses to listen and tells her to leave, so Monica does. Tracy gets herself together and plans to go home and get on with her life. Monica goes to talk with Griffin and asks him to keep looking into whatever he needs to in order to help Tracy. Later Monica goes to give Tracy her anti-seizure medication before she leaves. Tracy lashes out at Monica and thinks she can’t wait until she’s in the ground with Alan and her parents so that Monica can be done with all the Quartermaines for good. Monica says Tracy can be as hateful as she wants, but she will continue to oversee her case, as she’s not about to walk away from her after 35 years.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas gets an update from Sam via the phone before turning his attention to Hayden. Hayden fills him in about what happened with Tracy, and says she’s been on edge since. She explains that watching Tracy have a seizure brought back memories of watching her father have a heart attack in front of her as a child. It didn’t kill him, and in fact the whole ordeal brought them closer. He says this is only the second time she’s mentioned her family. She tells him that her parents are dead now, and her life with them is over, so she prefers to look to the future. Hayden remembers she got him something, and surprises him with a first edition of The Great Gatsby. She has to get back to work at ELQ and decides to head out, leaving him with his thoughts of her.

Lulu arrives at her and Dante’s place to see him, as they both got their final divorce papers. She informs him that she has something she needs to tell him once and for all, but before she can Olivia shows up looking for a blanket of Leo’s. Olivia is glad to see them together, and she wonders if this is a good thing. Before they can answer, Dante is called to work. He heads off, and Olivia asks Lulu what is going on with her and Dante. Lulu isn’t sure where they stand, so Olivia advises her not to take those you love for granted, as you never know how long they will be in your life. Olivia heads off, and Dante returns later. Lulu immediately pulls him into a kiss, and he returns it. She confesses to Dante that she heard what he said to her mom at the hospital, that he would always love her, and she wants them to have a chance. He wants them to try again too, and they kiss some more.

At Sonny’s place, Sonny and Carly get frank about their relationship and where they stand. She hates that his business makes him lie to her and their kids, yet she’s not angry with him but herself. She feels she’s looked the other way too often, she’s enjoyed the power that has come with his life, and she talks about how their children keep paying for their mistakes. She fears the next bullet could hit him, or one of the kids, what does she do then? Carly tells him that he perpetuates the cycle of violence they are caught in, and she doesn’t like that he makes crime look good and sexy. She says it is violent and wrong, and it needs to stop. Sonny can’t promise that the violence will end, but she wonders if he can at least try to end it. The two re-affirm their love for one another and kiss.

At Metro Court, Sam meets Corbin Baxter to talk business, and she explains how she is newly divorced with ten million in assets to invest and possibly sell. Corbin wonders who suggested him to her, so she shows him a photo of Hayden and claims her friend Rachel did. He doesn’t remember her, which Sam finds odd as Rachel said she just ran into him in Vegas. He still acts like he doesn’t know her, and then excuses himself to check in with work. He returns after a bit, and she tricks him into leaving his phone behind on the table to order them some drinks from the bar. She goes through his phone and takes a photo of his most recent contacts. Later as they talk about investments, Hayden walks in and sees them together.

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