At Sam’s hotel room in Philly, Jason asks her if she’s only with him because of the way he used to be. Sam admits she liked the thrill of living on the edge but at the same time she trusted him, he made her feel safe. Jason asks if she trusts the person he is now because he can’t even trust himself. Sam says they’re all making it up as they go along and she’s learning to trust the person he is right now. They all sit down to read Danny a bedtime story and Jason relishes the normalcy of tucking Danny in to bed when he falls asleep.

At GH, Sonny is in the chapel praying when Dante walks in to tell him he has bad news. There will be no criminal charges filed against Ava because she was granted immunity by the DA. Dante’s angry that Sonny lied just to set Ava up, even though he was doing it to protect Avery. He thinks Sonny should have let the police handle it.  Sonny says he’d kill to protect his family. Dante leaves the chapel.  Dr. Mays enters Tracy’s hospital room to tell her the preliminary tests reveal several large lesions on her brain.  The only thing he’s ruled out so far is Alzheimer’s and he’ll know more after another MRI. In the hall outside Kiki’s room, Paul refuses to give Ava the flash drive because she’ll only use it as leverage against him. Just as Ava asks how his son might feel about what Paul is doing to her, Dillon interrupts. He drags Paul into Tracy’s hospital room, hoping he’ll be able to convince her to tell them both what’s going on. Tracy tells them to sit down because the truth won’t be easy to hear. She explains that she’s having seizures because she abruptly stopped taking her depression meds instead of weening herself off of them as she should have.  As she glares at Paul, Tracy informs them that she’d secretly begun taking the meds after once again being duped by another jerk, then she kicks them both out of her room. Alone, Tracy ponders her predicament and Dr. Mays returns. He’s scheduled another MRI for first thing in the morning. Tracy reminds him that her condition is strictly confidential and not to be discussed with anyone, including Dillon. While Sonny does a bit more praying, Ava enters the chapel. As they argue over her involvement in the gun bust and her subsequent immunity blessing, the nanny arrives with Avery. Her mother’s had an emergency and she has to leave. Ava doesn’t want to leave Kiki’s side but she knows Avery won’t be allowed in the ICU so she reluctantly agrees to let Sonny keep care of Avery.

Maxie checks Nathan out of the hospital and takes him back to their apartment. He’s looking forward to some peace and quiet but Nina’s there, ready for a homecoming party. She sees the stuffed poodle and asks Maxie about it. Maxie explains that she got it to remind Nathan of his childhood pet and Nina lets it slip that the pet’s name had been “Mittens.” Maxie asks Nathan why he lied. Nina leaves them alone and Nathan stammers out that Nina was in a coma when he had Claudette so she doesn’t remember the dog. Feeling silly about something so childish, he moves to toss the toy out into the hall just as his Aunt Liesl arrives. She also asks about the toy and Nathan asks Maxie and Nina to leave him along with his Aunt. He asks her not to bring up the toy to Maxie ever again. When she asks why, Nathan tell his aunt it’s complicated and it has to do with Claudette. His aunt gives him a knowing look and sympathizes. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Dante, checking on Nathan’s condition. When Nathan asks about Lulu and how she and Dante are doing, Dante says being honest with each other makes it easier. After Dante leaves, Auntie Liesl warns Nathan he’s going to have to keep this secret or he’ll lose Maxie.

At The Floating Rib, Maxie and Nina order carry-out. Nina says she’s going home but before she leaves, she wonders why Maxie accused Nathan of lying. Maxie tells her it had to do with Claudette and she didn’t want to bring it up because it was during the time Nina was in a coma and she didn’t want to bring back bad memories of the past. It’s obvious, though, that Nina is only playing along when she ‘remembers’ Claudette.

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