Julian and Alexis enjoy their delayed honeymoon at the Metro Court. He tells her how much he loves her, and her patience and understanding with him. He is happy that she forced him to be a better man, and this second chance is the most important thing to happen to him. She tells him how she loves that he changed for her and their family.

At the Floating Rib, Griffin shows up as Tracy is having a seizure. Tracy comes to, refuses to go to the hospital, and swears she’s just dehydrated. Dillon arrives, having been called by Hayden, and he insists she go to the hospital.

At GH, Franco offers to sit with Kiki so that Ava can take a break, but Ava wants to be there when she wakes up. She worries that won’t happen if she goes to jail thanks to Paul. Franco promises to be there for Kiki if she can’t, and they reminisce about how Franco thought he was her father for years. Ava knows he and Kiki still have a special bond, and she’s glad Kiki has him.

At the PCPD, Jordan talks with Paul about Ava’s deal. Later, Paul attempts to call Ava to warn her, but she’s ignoring her phone.

Sam brings Danny to see Jake at Shriners in Philly. Liz spots them together, and later gets a chance to speak to Jason alone and inquire about Sam’s appearance. He admits to inviting her. She didn’t realize how close they had gotten so quickly. Out in the waiting room, Nikolas gets a chance to talk to Sam and asks about Hayden. Sam doesn’t have much, but suddenly Corbin returns her call. She sets up an appointment with him, and Nikolas is excited to find out what she learns. Later, Sam and Jason get a private moment to talk about the wedding. She wishes he was there, as she knew he’d be the one who could have stopped the gunman and the chaos. Jason wonders if she’s with him only because of his past life and the danger. She tells him yes.

Back at GH, Jordan arrives to speak with Ava about her and Paul’s arrangement. Ava panics and thinks she’s done for, but before she can reveal anything, Paul arrives to tip her off that Jordan knows all about their immunity deal. After Jordan leaves, Paul tells Ava to take this chance and get out of the business. Ava laughs and says it’s not that easy, and she reminds him he still has the goods on her. She asks if he will give the flash drive confession to her. Meanwhile, Franco sits with Kiki and tells her funny stories he finds on the internet. After rambling on for a bit, he eventually breaks down and begs her to come back to him. Later, Franco videochats with Jake down in Philly to see how he is. Jake is getting better, and he tells Kiki she needs to start getting better too. He then calls Liz to talk, and he tells her about Kiki. He says it’s made him realize what she was going through with Jake, and he’s sorry he presumed to know how she was feeling. Elsewhere, Tracy is checked into a room, and Griffin waits on the results of various tests. Dillon and Hayden keep her company, and Tracy demands a doctor who hasn’t been on staff for fifteen minutes. Griffin tells her to suit herself and leaves. He brings back the cranky doctor that Sonny dismissed a few weeks back, and he speaks with Tracy and Dillon. Dillon tells him about his mom’s spells, and Hayden says she has witnessed them as well. Tracy claims it is just senior moments, and she orders Hayden and Dillon out to speak to her doctor alone. They leave, and Dillon thanks Hayden for helping his mom out. When the doctor leaves, and Dillon is off getting a soda, Hayden goes in to check on Tracy. Tracy accuses her of wanting to see her deteriorate, and she tells “Rachel” to go away. Dillon walks in to hear this, and then the doctor returns and orders them both out. Back in the hallway, Dillon really worries about his mom, as she seems delusional now. Hayden assures him that Tracy is still sharp as a cookie, but he wonders why she called her Rachel.

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