When Jason realizes that his visitor is Liz (dressed as a police detective), he asks if Jake is okay. She says that he is wonderful and that she just wanted to come and thank him. She says that Jake had a check up and is perfectly healthy and that Jason deserves to know that. Jason tells her that she could get in trouble for taking Lucky's badge and impersonating an officer. Liz tells him that it's her choice to make, not his. Just before the guard comes in to remove Liz, Jason tells her that if everything is fine with Jake, there's no reason for her to see him. Liz has tears in her eyes as she is lead out the door.

Upstairs at Kelly's, Lulu realizes that Logan has been shot and she cuts his shirt off to take a look at the wound. She quickly pulls back and says, "Omigod, I think I'm going to barf." After she gains her composure, Lulu picks up the phone to call 911 but Logan doesn't want a police report to be filed, so he pulls the phone out of her hands. Soon Coop and Maxi arrive to see if Logan is there.

Sonny tells Carly that she cannot continue to risk herself and their sons by interacting with their Uncle Jerry the psychopath. He goes one step further by saying that if she continues to get involved with Jerry "…he's going to wind up dead." Carly says that she only wants to find out where Jax is, and Sonny bets that Jax would come back home for Jerry's funeral. Carly says that she needs to keep Jerry alive - for Jax's sake. Sonny says that he's trying to respect her marriage, but she has got to stay away from Jerry. Carly, ever the wise one, reminds Sonny that he's the one who taught her to keep her friends close and her enemies closer. She also reminds him that the only reason she came by was to tell him that Alexis is getting a crush on Jerry and that he needs to worry about HER.

Alexis goes back into Sam's place because she forgot her PDA. Once inside, she sees that there's a bottle of vodka and a glass out on the table. Sam says that she WAS going to drink it, but decided that she's tired of feeling sorry for herself. She tells Alexis that she wonders if she and Jason have too many secrets between them and if their trust is gone for good. "Do you think that Jason caused you pain on purpose?," Alexis wisely asks. Sam avoids answering directly by saying that she hates the fact that Jason has ruined everything that was wonderful between them. Alexis suggests if Sam is ready to end the relationship, she should do it sooner than later. Sam says that he hates that love wasn't good enough. As Alexis empathizes about bad boys that are handsome and strong; unpredictable and interesting and that you hope they'll change just for you, Sam says that she gets the feeling that the subject has changed from Jason to Jerry.

Anna has just repelled through a skylight into Patrick's TV room. He says, "Did you hear, we have a door now?" Anna roles her eyes and claims that doors are too "pedestrian". Robin asks if Anna has heard from Robert but Anna says that he is deep, deep, deep under cover. Anna says that she has no real reason for coming, she just wants to "celebrate life". She suddenly seems like a teenager when she proclaims that she has tickets for the Eli Love concert - front row! They sit and talk for a while and Anna apologizes for not coming to Robin's rescue during the Metro Court crisis. Turns out she was in the Amazon on a case. She rambles on about the Amazon and then gets back to the subject at hand -- her crush on Eli Love! She says that back in the day she almost threw her knickers on stage! Patrick informs Anna that there won't be a concert because Eli Love is at General Hospital waiting for surgery. Anna doesn't even try to conceal her giddiness as she asks, "Could you introduce me?"

Sonny is on the phone telling someone that they need to write last night's shipment off as a loss. Amelia barges into his office and wants to talk about a Connie Falconeri. Sonny slams down the phone and wants to know how Amelia found out about Connie. She says that Kate Howard is a major media figure and she's a journalist -- it's her business to disclose it. Sonny gets really close to Amelia and growls that if she goes public with the story, he'll go public with what's been going on between them. He threatens to embellish it so that she'll lose her broadcast license. "You do what you want with Sam, I don't care. But you leave Kate Howard alone," Sonny warns.

Robin and Patrick have gone to work. Robin tells Patrick that she doesn't want her mother to know that Jerry is Mr. Craig or else she'll spend her whole visit trying to bust him. Just then, Anna arrives all dressed to be introduced to Eli Love himself. Robin rolls her eyes and says that she doesn't have time to take her to his room and Anna reminds her that she broke into the Louvre, she can certainly find one hospital room. As she walks down the wrong hallway, Robin tells Patrick that she hopes her mother doesn't throw her underwear at their patient. "I'm pretty sure she's not wearing underwear," Patrick says.

Noah is checking in on Eli Love. Noah reminds him that he offered to stand in for him on stage and Eli says that rocking involves more than merely "standing in." To prove his point, Eli says that he should just duck into the OR and perform brain surgery. Just then Anna slips in the door and says, "There are two of you?" Then she takes a closer look and recognizes the name on Noah's nametag as Patrick's father. She introduces herself to him and drags him into the hallway. She says that she knows it's vain, but could he not mention to Mr. Love that she has an adult daughter? Noah seems flabbergasted and says that he has to go, but he's sure they'll meet again.

Kate is at the desk at the Metro Court complaining that her dry cleaning has been lost. Carly says that if she would just stay in Manhattan she could always find her clothes. Kate glibly informs Carly that she will be keeping her home next to Sonny's house after all. As Carly spits that she doesn't care if Kate and Sonny roll around naked…, Jerry finds them and asks his sister-in-law why she looks so grouchy. "Be careful before you trash me, I just saved your life. Again." Carly tells him. Kate decides to take her leave, and Carly tells Jerry to bring Jax home now because she continues to bite her tongue and prove her loyalty. "My brother's a very lucky man," Jerry says and walks away.

Logan isn't exactly happy to see Coop and Maxi defends him. Coop reminds Logan that he drew his gun first. They agree to stop arguing and bandage him up. As Coop and Maxi leave, Logan tells Lulu to go, too, and says that he'll be alright. "Your right you are. And I'm going to make sure of it," Lulu tells him. Maxi gets the tiniest of grins on her face.

Anna goes into Eli Love's room and gushes about what a huge fan she is. She lists all of his tours and gigs that she has taken in over the years. He is impressed that she has traveled the word to see him and she admits that she travels a lot on business. She asks him for an autograph and he puffs up with importance and pulls out a pen from under the covers. Just then Robin and Patrick enter Eli's room and find Anna with her shirt wide open so Eli can autograph her camisole. Robin drags Anna out in the hallway and Anna excitedly says that she'll wear her autographed tee to the concert! Robin reminds her that Eli needs surgery and there will be no concert. She explains that they've discussed that Noah could stand in for him, but so far it's a no go. Anna thinks about it for a minute and supposes that it's possible that Noah could be coached.

Sam goes to Jerry and tells him to stay away from her mother or she'll kill him. Jerry says that he's been nothing but kind to her mother. He slickly says that he could leave Alexis alone, but he'd need some incentive. "If I take you to bed Mommy Dearest falls off limits." Just as he bends down for a kiss, Carly bursts through the door and sees them.

Diane goes to Pentonville to ask why Jason why a police detective under the name of Spencer visited him earlier. Jason admits that it wasn't a detective, it was Elizabeth. "What did Mrs. Spencer want?" Diane asks. Diane says that she went to great lengths to get bail for him, but he threw it all away to save Liz's baby. She says that the DA has very damming evidence against him -- a tape of Lorenzo's final moments. She says that Lorenzo says "Morgan" then there is a shot and a thud. She plans to argue that it was a set up, but first she needs Jason's focus. Diane says that she knows Jason must love his child and he probably loves his mother, too. She suggests that Jason just tell her those three little words and be done with it.

When Elizabeth gets home, Lucky says that the PCPD called and asks why a Detective Spencer went to Pentonville today. Liz says that she was going to tell him that she took his badge and went to see Jason. Lucky stands up and asks what is so important that she had to go out there? "Jake." Liz tells him. She says that she wanted to thank Jason in person, that's all. Lucky says that he and Jason work on opposite sides of the law and that he has asked her to stay clear of him. Lucky says that he's going to ask her a question and he insists on honesty, for once! "Are you in love with Jason?"

Noah, Patrick and Robin go into Eli Love's room and find only Anna there. She's going through the rocker's belongings and Robin tells her not to be a groupie!

Sonny calls Kate over to his office. He very gently tells her that Amelia knows that she is Connie Falconeri. Kate winds up to slap him, but Sonny catches her hand. She yells, "You idiot!"

Anna gives Noah lessons on how to rock.
Carly calls Sam "sckeevie" for cheating on Jason.
Lucky asks Liz, again, if she loves Jason.