Lulu and Dante find themselves trapped in a Metro Court room. The phone is dead and there is no cell signal. They realize that Maxie and Nathan locked them in. They try banging on the door and walls but no luck. Nathan sneaks Maxie into a room down the hall. He has dinner from The Floating Rib waiting for her. She worries about Valentine’s Day and what a downer it can be. They discuss what Lulu and Dante might be up to. They go down the hall to listen to the other couple yelling through the door. Maxie explains there is no one else on the floor and they have to do all the “repair your relationship” steps in the “Crimson” issue she left by the bed. She and Nathan leave them to it. Dante paces around, looking for a way out. Lulu starts reading the article. They rehash what happened to their marriage. She insists that the collapse wasn’t all because of his affair. Taking Dillon on the trip with her was the biggest mistake of her life. She should have trusted Dante but couldn’t after how he reacted to Johnny. Lulu didn’t think he had faith in her judgement. They move on to the next relationship step and agree to try to communicate better. Meanwhile, Nathan and Maxie have returned to their room to dance. She feels lucky to be with him. He pulls out a ring box. Maxie starts stuttering and saying that an engagement is not a good idea. He calms her and she opens the box, realizing it’s just a charm for her bracelet. The cop tells her how grateful he is for her. She wants to check on their friends. He pulls her into bed instead. After sex, she tells him they are magic.

At Wyndemere, Liz rolls her eyes when Hayden informs her that she is Nikolas’ wife. The prince pops up in his dressing gown and confirms the wedding news. Liz tries to process this. She asks if his wife has access to his safe. Hayden hands him a bracelet to put inside of it and strides off. Liz starts lecturing him about his choice in wives and worries that he’s going to get his heart broken. The prince promises that she will have peace of mind and still wants her to move in. She thinks he’s making a huge mistake. Nikolas insists that he and his wife understand each other. Hayden returns. The women snipe at each other until Liz gets a call about Jake from the orthopedist and then runs off. Nikolas hopes that Hayden can put her animosity toward Liz aside.

At The Floating Rib, things are tense between Andre and Curtis. Jordan warns Valerie that Curtis has an expensive cocaine habit and suggests she avoid him. Curtis interrupts so Jordan makes herself scarce. When they sit down, she gets moody and suggests an early night. He wonders what Jordan told her. She asks if he’s a coke addict. He explains he’s been clean for five years… give or take. He offers to explain further but she needs to go home. Meanwhile, Andre and Jordan sit across the room and discuss Curtis. She admits that seeing him brings back a lot of bad memories and vaguely mentions her marriage break-up. Jordan doesn’t really want to talk about it and decides to call it a night. She leaves him alone with his fedora.

Sam and Jason make out on his couch. They stop and discuss the lives they’ve been living without each other. She wants to get to know who he is now. Rescuing her made him feel their connection again. He makes her some pasta. The phone rings. It’s about his son. After he leaves, Nikolas calls and asks her to investigate his wife for him.

Liz and Jason meet at the hospital. She explains the prognosis for Jake might be worse than they thought.

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