Nathan finds Dillon and Maxie at the Floating Rib looking at the photos of Maxie. He isn’t happy, so Dillon decides to go check in at Crimson. Nathan admits to Maxie that he doesn’t like the idea of other men admiring her. She points out that he is hot and she has to deal with other women looking at him as well.

At the Metro Court, Tracy spaces out while talking to Hayden. Hayden asks her if something is wrong, and Tracy says she’s fine. She is pleased with Hayden’s work so far and says she learned well from her father. Hayden snaps and tells Tracy not to mention her father again. Dillon arrives and interrupts them to ask if everything is okay. Tracy explains Hayden has married Nikolas and now is playing a bigger role in their family’s company. Hayden decides to leave, but tells Dillon to have his mother see a doctor. Dillon questions Tracy about the statement, but she swears she is fine and Hayden just got upset when she brought up her father. Dillon asks who her father is, and Tracy says he was an acquaintance, but nobody Dillon knows.

Nikolas gets on his computer from home to research Baxter Corbin and what he has to do with Hayden. Corbin is a financial advisor, and as he reads about him, a local news alert pops up about the fire at Liz’s place.

At GH, Alexis drops by to visit Sam, and has brought Molly and Kristina as a surprise. Jason gives them time alone and heads out to check on Jake. Later, Alexis decides they’ve visited long enough and that Sam needs her rest. Kristina gives Sam a hug, and Sam whispers to her that she better come clean, as their mom knows she’s lying about something. Meanwhile, Jason joins Liz at Jake’s side. The boy wakes up and they tell him that they know what he had been doing to try and bring them back together. Liz promises Jake that his dad will always be in his life, just not in hers, and they need to accept this. Sam comes in to see Jake. Liz tells Jake they shouldn’t hate Sam, and she asks Jake to talk to her and get to know her. Liz leaves the room to call and check on her other boys, while Sam assures Jake that he didn’t hurt her. In another room, Griffin confronts Sonny about lying to Carly about his progress. Sonny says it is for business purposes, and suggests Griffin concentrate on medicine. He agrees to keep Sonny’s secret, but only because it’s not impeding his recovery. Griffin expects Sonny to make a full recovery based on his muscle tone and ability to somewhat walk. Sonny thanks him for the news. He leaves and finds Kristina in the hallway. She explains she is here checking on Sam, and she asks her dad to attend Alexis and Julian’s wedding with her. Kristina spins it and says Julian will hate it that he’s there and Sonny will come out looking like the bigger man. Sonny says he’ll think it over. Alexis and Molly walk over, and Alexis confronts Kristina and demand she come clean with whatever is going on with her and school. Sonny agrees, and Kristina says she can’t go back to school because of an experience she had with a professor. Alexis asks, “That Parker woman?” Molly’s eyes bug out. Sonny and Alexis ask what happened between them that she can’t go back, and Kristina claims Parker suggested she do her independent study at home this semester so she can concentrate on it without distractions. Kristina grabs Molly and drags her off to get food, and Alexis tells Sonny that she’s still lying about something. Meanwhile, Molly confronts her sister about Parker being “P” from her diary. In another section of the hospital, Nikolas arrives to check on Liz, and he offers to let her stay at Wyndemere. She thanks him, and later after he leaves, she calls her boys to check on them. Griffin eavesdrops on the call, and once she’s off the phone, he introduces himself and offers to help her if he can. She thanks him for his kindness. Back in Sam’s room, Sam asks Jason if he can help her get out of this hospital.

Nikolas returns home, where he finds Hayden waiting. They talk, and Nikolas says he’s realized he doesn’t know any of her family. Hayden says both her parents are dead, and she doesn’t like thinking about them. She tells him that he and Spencer are her family now.

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Molly accuses Kristina of being gay.

Lulu tells her mom not to go looking for trouble.

Jordan confronts Curtis as to what he’s doing with Valerie.

Jason tells Sam she can’t leave the hospital as she’s still recovering.

Hayden and Nikolas make love.

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