Maxie and Lulu can't believe they are at the same concert. Maxie assures Lulu she is only there to meet Coop; Lulu thinks Maxie is hoping to hook up with Logan, too! Maxie wonders why Lulu is so concerned about Logan when they aren't even dating. She tells Lulu that she was stood up and isn't Logan's type at all. She warns Lulu to stay away from Logan and walks away.

The cops capture two of Sonny's guys but Logan, who was shot in the arm, gets away. Rodrigues tries to get them to talk but neither is willing to spill on their bosses and are hauled away. Coop stays behind with Rodriguez, but doesn't tell the man that Logan was there. After finishing up at the station house, Maxie finds Coop. He tells her what went down - including the fact that he shot Logan! Maxie tells him that it isn't his fault but Coop still blames himself. He doesn't understand why Sonny sent Logan in knowing that the cops would be there. Coop decides to check on him but Maxie stops him from leaving, telling Coop that Logan is a fugitive now.

Soaked to the skin, Alexis confronts Carly and Jerry who are looking quite comfortable. Carly jumps away from Jerry, still holding the garden hose. Alexis asks about Jax and Carly reminds her that Jerry sent him away. Alexis storms off. Reminding her that they are family, Jerry baits her. Before Carly can reply Spinelli shows up and in Spinelli-speak tells Jerry to leave Carly alone. "Good gracious," Jerry says. Carly tells Spinelli is okay; Jerry insults Spinelli and leaves. Spinelli apologizes to Carly for not being able to defend her and goes inside Kelly's. He asks Georgie if he is a wimp. Georgie tells him that he is a great guy but Spinelli isn't convinced.

Lulu rushes in to Kelly's, sees Carly and asks for her help! She tells Carly about Logan and Carly warns her to stay away from him because of his bad boy tendencies. Carly realizes Alexis is falling for Jerry and gets sidetracked. Lulu brings her back to the Logan subject, worried that he might be in real trouble because he missed their date. Lulu leaves. She goes straight to Logan's and demands answers, not noticing that he is obviously hurt or sick - she wants to know if something happened at work or if he just blew her off. Logan reluctantly tells her about the raid, upset that he couldn't protect Sonny's interests or do his job the right way. Lulu tells him things will be fine but Logan doesn't think so. He yells at Lulu, telling her to leave. She gets angry and tells him he is just like Scott. She turns away and Logan asks her to wait. She turns and realizes he's bleeding!

Spinelli goes to Jason's condo and realizes he has the place to himself. He pulls the gun safe out of the closet and opens it. As he picks up the gun, Georgie arrives. She is returning his wallet, but obviously has other reasons to see Spinelli. He gets the wrong idea and talks about making a change in his life. He pulls out the gun and tells Georgie he is going to become armed and dangerous! Georgie doesn't like this at all and tries to convince Spinelli not to carry but he is convinced that he needs a gun to protect his friends. Georgie takes the gun, deciding to teach Spinelli how to use a gun the right way.

Alexis arrives at Sam's, still soaking wet. Sam can't believe Carly and Jerry soaked her with a garden hose, and she wonders if Alexis is infatuated with Jerry - like Carly thinks! Sam offers Alexis some dry clothes, worried about Alexis' health. Alexis assures her that she is fine; Sam warns her not to start anything up with Jerry and Alexis tells her that she tolerates Jerry for Jax's sake only! "I don't have a personal interest in him," she says. Sam asks Alexis not to make the same mistakes with Jerry that she made with Ric and doesn't believe Alexis when she says their relationship is purely business. She leaves Sam's and calls the babysitter to check in. After she hangs up the phone Alexis realizes her car is dead. Surprise, surprise! Jerry is right there to rescue her. He instructs her to pop the hood and gets to work. Within seconds Jerry has the car running again, surprising Alexis. She thanks him but wonders if he is behind the car breaking down. He says no, tells her that he'll pick her up for a night on the town the next day and leaves.

Lainey and Stan share drinks on the roof, trying to escape the summer heat. He starts talking politics and she shuts him down, calling him narrow minded and wondering why he is so interested in his beliefs but isn't interested in getting to know people. They talk some more and Lainey decides to end the evening. She leaves, telling Stan they won't do this again.

Dr. Ford confronts Patrick and Robin about the treatment of their rock star patient. They defend their actions as Epiphany warns the nurses to stay on guard or they won't make it through their ER rotations. She reminds the nurses that Patrick and Robin broke the rules. They wonder how they'll survive. Dr. Ford leaves; Stan comes down from the roof and they ask how the date went. Stan is shocked that everyone knows already. Robin leaves to finish up some work. Stan gives Patrick the details, telling him that he might like Lainey - under different circumstances, of course. Patrick leaves. Lainey finds Robin and tells her just how bad the date was. Robin tells her to feel better - because she'll never have to do that again. Patrick and Robin check out on their shift; Patrick tells her not to expect much sleep!

Ric plays the tape that proves Jason killed Alcazar for Sonny and then makes him an offer - retire and take himself off the PCPD's radar or else! Diane arrives putting an end to Ric's offer. He leaves. She tries to call the judge to report Ric but Sonny stops her, saying Ric gave them a gift and now they know what the cops have against Jason! Sonny describes the tape and asks her if they can discredit the tape. She isn't sure but thinks that if there is only audio and no video they may have a chance at proving Alcazar framed Jason. Bernie Abrams arrives, interrupting them. He tells Sonny that they lost a shipment and two men are in custody. Sonny asks about Logan and Bernie tells him Logan may have escaped. Diane leaves, preferring not to overhear the conversation. Sonny stops her and asks her about the guys being arrested. She reminds him Jason's defense has her swamped and Bernie jumps to her defense. He suggests they hire someone else for the lower level employees. She leaves. Sonny tells Bernie to stop hitting on Diane. "You're in no position to criticize," Bernie says. He reminds Sonny of the problems with Carly, annoying Sonny. He calls Diane back inside and asks her if he has hit on her. Diane is shocked and tells Sonny she has no interest in him at all, thrilling Bernie.

Bernie and Diane are having coffee when Carly storms into the coffeehouse demanding to see Sonny. She goes straight through to his office and tells him that Alexis is interested in Jerry! As she talks Sonny realizes Carly has been seeing Jerry, too and gets angry. He tells her to stay away from Jerry or he'll send her out of town and away from her boys!

Next on GH:

Anna's back! Sonny warns Carly away from Jerry. Liz goes to see Jason; Sam believes things are over between she and Jason!