A patient comes into the hospital who needs surgery in order to survive -- but doesn't have health insurance. In front of a crowd around the nurses' desk, Patrick claims that he doesn't want to operate because the hospital can't afford to take in charity cases. Robin can't believe that he is turning into Dr. Ford before her very eyes. They stomp off to argue in private, and then Patrick tells Robin that he was just putting up a front for the "prying eyes". He has every intention of operating, but no one can know about it. When Robin says that she wants to assist, Patrick warns her that could get suspended and she doesn't bat an eye.

Lulu and Georgie are at Kelly's. Lulu is telling Georgie how obnoxious Logan was when he "told" her that he would have a table for them at the Catacombs Club and that she should meet him there. Then she asks Georgie if maybe she's supporting the date because she wants to encourage Lulu to get involved with a bad boy as payback for last summer. Georgie says that Lulu had a very hard year and if there's something good between her in Logan, she deserves to check it out.

Carly runs into Alexis at the Metro Court and lays into her for telling Sonny that she took the boys out on Jerry's boat. The two women argue back and forth until finally Carly blurts out, "Why don't you just come right out and ask Jerry?" Jerry has come up behind them and asks what they are talking about. Carly turns Alexis to face him and says, "Alexis would like to ask you out." Jerry says, "Good!" Alexis tries to wiggle out of it and the bickering is now three-way. It ends when Alexis says that she has no interest in going out with Jerry whatsoever. And then she runs into the wall on her way out the door.

Sonny and Logan are at the warehouse going over their plans for how he's supposed to handle tonight's shipment. In Ric's office, Coop tells him that he's not comfortable spying on his fellow officers. Ric explains that he just wants Coop to keep his eyes open to see which cops might be working for Sonny. Later, Ric calls Logan to make sure that Sonny has no idea that he's working for him. Logan says that he has it covered. Then, Coop calls Sonny and says that the DA wants him on the stakeout for cops on his payroll. Sonny tells Coop that if he has to bust his people, he should do it. "Ric doesn't suspect you, which makes you the most valuable informant that I've got," Sonny explains. Coop gives a "I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place" kind of look, and then hangs up.

Epiphany and Lainey are at the nurse's desk when Epiphany remembers that tonight is Lainey's date with Stan. She hopes that her son takes her to a nice little bistro that she told him about. Just then, Stan shows up at the desk and tells Lainey that she's far too overdressed for where they are going. Lainey simply says that she is happy to "do casual". Stan tells her to meet him at 257 Bristol Street on the roof. Epiphany rolls her eyes and leaves, and Lainey goes to change.

Patrick has overheard and comments to Stan that it's a little hot for a rooftop date. Stan slyly says there won't be a chardonnay in sight either. He smiles as he tells Patrick that after tonight the "poster girl for privilege" won't want anything to do with him.

Max goes to Sonny and says that he's not sure that he trusts Coop. Sonny says if he sees anything that he should know he should come to him. Carly barges into Sonny's office and asks why Max is in there since he works for her? Sonny tells Carly that Mac is bored working for her and Carly won't believe it. They bicker back and forth with Max stuck in the middle. Finally Carly admits that she did feel better when Max was looking out for Sonny because he's the best body guard ever. She reluctantly tells him to go back to work for Sonny and then kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Max rubs his cheek longingly and tells Sonny that he probably misses her too. Sonny just kind of smirks. Max says that he is relieved to be done with snobby hotel customers.

Ric has called Alexis into his office to give her a new client. He opens the door and it's Jerry Jacks. Jerry is surprised to see that his new attorney is Alexis and then promptly apologizes for their scuffle earlier. He says that he would be delighted to take her out to dinner. Alexis looks to Ric as if to say, "Busted!" Ric makes Jerry leave and then asks Alexis how she can get involved with a psycho like that? Alexis replies, "I married you didn't I?" She says that she can do anything she wants and he says that he was just starting to think that she was strong enough to spend more time with Molly. Alexis stomps out of his office, loudly repeating the word "hypocrite". Ric yells after her, "Don't go out with him just to spite me!"

Lainey meets Stan on the roof at the address he gave her. He's surprised to see her in jeans and she says that she wouldn't wear heals to "Tar beach". He is surprised that she even knows that term and then he offers her a beer. She grabs one, and walks over to a brick ledge and pops the lid off with her hand. When they sit down to burgers, Stan tells her that she'd probably rather be at the Metro Court drinking overpriced wine and having people slave for her at minimum wage. Frustrated with her reaction (or lack thereof!), Stan asks, "Why are you working so hard to act like you like all this?" Lainey answers his question with a question, "Why are you working so hard to alienate me?"

At the Q mansion, Edward is being surly with Alice because Cook refuses to make dinner for anyone since there are so few of them now. Monica comes home from surgery and says that she's not hungry anyway. Alice offers to make Edward a "Dominator special" sandwich. Edward says that Dillon is only gone one day and now he's reduced to cold cuts. Monica asks if he has heard from Dillon yet, and Edward says that Ned called after they landed in LA. Edward says that Dillon will turn around and come home when he learns that Tracy is stuck in Shady Brook. Monica realizes that Edward has a plan. She tells him not to saddle Dillon with the burden of resurrecting ELQ. Then Alice brings a lettuce, humus & wheat germ sandwich for Edward and he grimaces. Then he tells Monica to mark his words -- Dillon will come back and work for ELQ.

Skye goes to see Georgie at Kelly's. Georgie tells Skye that she's working hard to save money so she can spend her junior year at the Sorbonne in Paris. Skye is excited for her, and then she asks how Georgie is feeling about Dillon's move to LA. Georgie sadly says that Dillon moved on long before he left Port Charles and now it's her turn to do the same. Skye says that when you fall in love and it comes to an end, you have to move on with the rest of your life. Skye says that having Lila Rae makes it easier for her because she can't dwell on it. Skye sighs and says that she has no choice but to come up with a new plan.

Logan goes to Kelly's to see if Lulu is ready for their date. She says that if he's going to be a cocky obnoxious jerk she won't go. He tells her to just listen to the band if he ends up annoying her. She can't argue with that, so they leave for the Catacomb Club. After he sees her to their table, he says that he'll be back soon and kisses her on the hand. Lulu smartly asks if he is marking his territory, and Logan replies, "No, that was for luck." Later, Maxi finds Lulu sitting alone at her table and asks if she got stood up. "Who are you stalking, me or Logan," Lulu snaps.

Carly is walking along the waterfront when she sees an outdoor water hose in front of Kelly's. She takes off her shoes and hoses her feet off. Jerry comes along and tells her that what she's doing is a terrible waste of water! She cracks that he blows up hotels and now he cares about water conservation? They start to play a kind of tug-of-war over the hose and she ends up soaking a customer who just came to Kelly's terrace. It's Alexis who yells, "Carly, I'm going to kill you!"

Patrick and Robin come out of surgery and Robin tells him that he is brilliant! Dr. Ford finds them and tells them that there will be a price to pay for going against his orders.

Ric goes to Sonny's office to talk about the evidence that will put Jason away for life. Sonny says that there's no body so who knows if Lorenzo is even dead. Then Ric pulls a little tape recorder out of his jacket and plays the tape with Lorenzo's voice saying, "Morgan!"

On the docks, Coop and a bunch of cops are undercover and waiting for Sonny's shipment to come in. Before long, workers are unloading boxes and Logan shows up and directs them where to put them. Suddenly, Coop and the other cops show themselves and point their guns at Logan. Coop fires off a warning shot and then bullets start flying in all directions. Logan looks at Coop and shakes his head as if to say, "Don't do it." But Coop shoots him anyway.


Jerry laughs as he apologizes to a soaking-wet Alexis.

Sam tells her mother that she can NOT be infatuated with Jerry Jacks.

Angrily, Dr. Ford tells Robin and Patrick to "enjoy the night shift."