From his hospital bed, Eli Love is playing some riffs on his guitar for a female fan. Patrick comes in and tells him that he could keep over if he tries to perform the concert. The fan tells Patrick that she didn't pay $600 to watch some guy lip sync instead of Eli Love! Patrick says that his father would NOT be lip syncing. Eli jokes that "there's no substitute for the real thing". Patrick looks disgusted by his arrogance.

Liz shows up for her first day back at work. She acts very cold toward Lainey and Lainey asks her what's wrong. "You suspected me of hurting my son," Liz snaps. She tells Lainey that they will treat each other professionally, but they should try not to see one another. Later, Lainey finds Liz in the locker room and tries to explain that she was just trying to help her after Jake was kidnapped. Liz jumps down her throat and Lainey asks if Liz is really angry at someone else instead of her…Lucky perhaps?

Sam is at the penthouse working out (She is kickboxing a heavy bag). Maxi arrives with some gowns from the Metro Court boutique that were ordered for her from "Everyday Heroes". Sam tells Maxi that she's quitting the show and Maxi exclaims that the show is the best thing that ever happened to her. Maxi says that she would love having people fall all over themselves to make her a star. Sam says that Amelia only wants revenge. Then, she confides in Maxi that on top of that, Jason has been lying to her for months. Maxi lends her ear and as they talk, Amelia shows up angry, so Maxi hugs Sam and leaves. Amelia asks Sam why she wasn't at work this morning and Sam says, "I'm finished with 'Everyday Heroes' and I'm beyond finished with you."

Jason is brought to the holding room at Pentonville to see an unexpected visitor. He thinks it's Diane, but a guard informs him that it's his "wife". Then Carly breezes in and the look on Jason's face is priceless! After the guard leaves, Carly says, "Don't tell me you expected to see Brenda!" Jason looks confused and Carly explains that she found his marriage license from years ago to Brenda Barrett and used it to get in to see him. She tells him that when she stopped by the Penthouse to look for the marriage certificate, Sam was doing nothing to get him out of there. "You can help me, by staying away from Sam," Jason says.

Lulu goes to Mike and begs for her old job at Kelly's back. She says that she's going nuts at the Q house and promises that she'll be a much better waitress than she was last summer. Mike tells her that she can start tomorrow night. Just then Logan comes in and tells Lulu to cancel her plans because he's taking her out tomorrow night. Lulu tells Logan that she's working tomorrow and Mike winks at her and walks away. Logan can't believe that she has to work since she is essentially a Quartermaine. Lulu laughs and says she's just like him - penniless. He tells her that his status has changed because Sonny pays his employees well. In fact, he says that he has a table for them at the Catacomb Club tomorrow night. Just then Georgie comes in and Logan tells her he'll pay her $100 to cover Lulu's shift tomorrow night. Lulu apologizes to Georgie and Maxi comes out blazing at George for being nice to Lulu. Finally Mike yells at them for being loud, so Logan tells Lulu that it's her loss and leaves. Georgie tells Lulu that she will cover her shift if she wants to go out with Logan. Maxi asks Georgie why she is befriending the "little witch." Maxi stomps off and Georgie apologizes to Lulu. She explains that she could use the $100 because Mac has finally agreed to let her spend her senior year abroad, but she needs to pay for half of the expenses.

Coop is called into Ric's office to see if he is considering his offer as the liaison between the PCPD and the DA's office. Coop says that he doesn't feel experienced enough for such a position. Ric says that half the cops on the PCPD are on Sonny's payroll, so he needs someone with Coop's inexperience. Coop sees no way out of it, so he accepts the job. Ric tells him that he will start tomorrow night by intercepting a shipment intended for Sonny.

Patrick finds Noah to talk about Eli Love and Noah agrees to scrub in on the surgery if Patrick needs him. Patrick says that he wants to talk about the concert - it's a fundraiser for pediatric AIDS research. Patrick tells him that all he has to do is get up on stage and fake it. Noah says that he can't sing! Patrick asks if he has ever fantasized about being a rock star.

Liz and Robin are at the nurses' desk when Lucky comes in and says that he just checked on Jake in the nursery. Robin argues with him for turning Jason in. "I thought I knew you better than that Lucky," Robin says as she shakes her head. Lucky is shocked that Robin would talk to him that way, and says if he didn't arrest Jason, someone else would have. Robin says that he could've left it up to Mac -- who might have been more lenient. "Remind me not to do you any favors." Robin says.

At Jason's penthouse, Amelia tells Sam that if she quits, her TV career will be over. Sam says that she doesn't care. Then Amelia threatens to create a scandal by telling the press that Sam watched Jake's kidnapping. Sam suggests that Amelia tell the world that Jason is Jake's father, too. Amelia suggests that Sam sounds like she wants to take everyone down with her. As the two women argue, Carly comes in and jokes, "Artistic differences?" Amelia hints that she'll spill the beans about Jake to Carly, so Sam shuts her up by saying that she'll see her at work tomorrow. Amelia is smug as she leaves and then Carly tells Sam to hold onto her job because she's going to be out of a home soon.

Mayor Floyd goes to Ric to see if he's getting any closer to shutting down the Corinthos organization. Ric says that they have a tape that names Morgan as Lorenzo's killer for one thing. Then he says that he happens to know that Sonny is getting a shipment tomorrow night and he has everything in place to bust him. Ric assures the mayor his brother will be in a cell next to Jason in no time.

Patrick finds Robin in the locker room and asks if she's okay. He said that she tore into Lucky in front of half the staff. Robin says that Jason put himself on the line to rescue a child and she can't ignore that. She tells Patrick about a time years ago when Tony Jones kidnapped her and little Michael Corinthos and she would've died of pneumonia if Jason hadn't shown up. Patrick says that it's strange how she talks about Jason. Robin clarifies that he doesn't need to be jealous of Jason.

Logan has gone back to work at Sonny's, and Maxi follows him there. He promises that he will get Lulu drunk and in bed AND get pictures to prove it. As Maxi is saying something about him sleeping with her…Lulu arrives and says, "And you call ME easy!" Maxi leaves and Lulu sits down. Logan tells her that he has everything for tomorrow night all set. She can show up at the Catacomb club and go to their table. He has some work for Sonny to do and then he'll meet her there.

Noah goes in to see Eli Love in his room. Noah tells him that he spent years looking at the bottom of a bottle and now seeing him ignoring his own health crisis is like looking in a mirror. Then, Noah says, "If the only way for you to have this operation is for me to get on that stage and pretend I'm you, then I'll do it." Suddenly Eli rips out his IV and tries to leave, but Epiphany, Robin & Patrick show up and restrain him. Patrick warns Eli that he'll bleed out because of the blood thinners he's on! Noah says that he was never crazy about the idea anyway and leaves the room. As Epiphany continues to argue with Eli, he crashes.

Coop goes to Kelly's because Maxi wanted to meet him there for something urgent. She tells him that she got them a table at the Catacomb Club tomorrow night. He tells her that he can't go because he has a stakeout tomorrow night.

Carly comes downstairs and tells Sam that she put Jason's marriage certificate back. Sam is confused and Carly says that somebody needs to be resourceful enough to help Jason. She says that when she visited Pentonville Jason never mentioned her! "You're someone Jason used to love," Carly tells Sam on her way out the door.

Liz and Lucky have visited the hospital daycare center yet again. Liz tells Lucky that she'll see him tonight and then coolly turns to go back to work. Lucky asks her if Robin went off on him because she talked to her. Liz says that if Robin thinks he acted unfairly, maybe it's time to admit that he did.

Jason is led back to his cell and locked in. He sits on the bare bones cot and then reaches into his pocket for a picture that he carries of Liz and Jake. As he looks at their faces, he thinks back to when they were in the hospital and she let him hold his son and told him that she gave him the same initials. A little smile comes over Jason's face as he thinks about "Jake Martin."