Sam is defending herself to Sonny. She says that Amelia is out to ruin her and Sonny says that Amelia has every right to hate her - she blew her father away! Sam asks him why he's so quick to think the worst of the person he made a baby with! Sonny says that she is NOT to discuss the daughter he lost right now. He asks Sam how she repays Jason for all he's done for her - by watching his baby get kidnapped? Sam reminds Sonny that he took Carly's boys away from her during a custody hearing once. He refuses to be derailed, and says that Maureen might have been deranged and could have really hurt baby Jake. Besides, he points out that her relationship would've been better off if Jake was gone. Sam says that she will NOT fall in line anymore with his precious rules of conduct. He tells her to let Jason go and she spits, "You don't speak for Jason and you do NOT tell me what to do!"

Over at the Spencer house, there's another argument going on. Liz and Carly! Carly wants Liz to come forward about the panic room that Ric held her in years ago - so that she can use it to get in to see Jason. When Liz refuses to cooperate with Carly's scheme, Carly can't believe how ungrateful she is. Carly gets right in Liz's face and tells her that she will be first in line when her little "happy family" starts to fall apart. Lucky walks in the house and tells Carly to get away from his wife. Carly turns and yells at Lucky for breaking the law last year by "scoring pills", but now Jason is in prison for bending the law a little to save someone else's kid. She says that Lucky is just jealous because Jason did what he couldn't do and he's a disgrace! Liz cuts her off and tells her that she couldn't be more wrong about Lucky. She and Lucky argue that Amelia had just figured out that Maureen had Jake when Jason appeared. Carly says, "Speaking of Maureen, is she in jail? Jason is." On her way out, Carly says, "I'll be sure to tell Jason how grateful you are when I see him."

The Quartermaines are still arguing over whether or not Dillon is leaving. Tracy pulls her blonde wig off and proclaims that she needs him. (And, she's arguing with Alan at the same time!) Scott arrives to take her back to Shady Brook. Alice says, "Who wants me to kick his ass and throw it out the door?" Before he takes Tracy, Scott wants to give his two cents worth. He tells Dillon that he was his age he was married to Laura - in fact today is their anniversary. He says that he has no regrets about his marriage to Laura even though he was young, so Dillon should trust his gut. Lulu tells Scott that she would be willing to go someplace and listen to Scott tell her about his anniversary with her mother. Scott is happy to go with her and Monica is quick to point out that Lulu distracted Scott from calling Shady Brook. Edward tells Tracy to go back on her own to Shady Brook, but instead she gets close to Dillon and tells him to stay. Dillon says that it's ironic that his mother is finally reaching out to him just as he doesn't need her anymore. He asks why she suddenly needs him. "I'm afraid you'll never come back," Tracy quietly says. Georgie arrives and tells Dillon that she's really happy for him and that he's going to be wonderful. Dillon turns to his mother and says the he won't be wasting his life, it's a year or two tops. He says that all those years in Europe, the films that he watched were more of a constant for him that his mother was. He says that movies put magic into his childhood and now he has a chance to learn how to make the magic for someone else's life. Edward begs Tracy to make a choice for once that isn't about her.

At the hospital tells Patrick that he's losing his objectivity where Eli Love is concerned. Patrick says that it's driving him bonkers because the guy wants to throw his life away. Robin tells Patrick to withdraw from the case because this case hits way too close to home. Patrick insists that he is doing the surgery and Robin says that they need to speak to Noah first. When Noah responds to her page, Robin forces Patrick to say that he's sorry for always arguing with him. Noah likes the ring of sincerity and says that if this means the patient gets better care, he accepts the apology.

Coop escorts Logan into Ric's office and then leaves. Logan tells Ric that he won't rat out Sonny if that's why he's been brought back in. Ric wants to talk about Logan's service record instead. He leafs through some papers and tells Logan that there's enough in this file to send him to Leavenworth or at leas, become a social pariah. Logan reluctantly asks Ric what he wants. Ric says the he wants evidence on Sonny and if Logan gets it, he'll make the file disappear. Across town, Sonny calls Coop into his office and asks him for everything that the cops have on Jason in Alcazar's murder. "He needs to be a free man and it's up to you to make it happen," Sonny says.

When Lucky and Liz are finally alone, Lucky asks Liz if she defended him because she believes it or was she just eager to disagree with Carly. Liz says that all that matters to her is that Jason found their son - not who did it, or how it happened. She says that she just can't let go of the fact that Jason went to jail because he helped them. She spits, "I backed you up because you're my husband, not because I agree with you!" Then she says that they need to get past this because their children need them to.

Sam has gone home and before long Carly is beating on the door. She tries to barge up the stairs and Sam tells her to get out of her house. Carly says that she'll do what she wants. Sam tells her that Jason isn't hers and she should "suck it up and get out of my house!" Carly tells Sam that she only tolerated her because Jason needed something in his bed. Carly turns and walks up the stairs. When she comes back down, Sam tells Carly that she's going to tell Jason to put a lid on her when he gets back. Carly threatens Sam doesn't want to make Jason choose between his best friend and her.

As Patrick, Noah and Robin are talking, Epiphany has caught a hospital escapee…Eli Love. Once he's back in bed, Patrick tells him that after his next test results come in, he can leave the hospital, but he'll be risking his life. Eli Love tells Patrick that he senses that he has a lot of baggage and Patrick admits that his father is the man who looks just like him. Eli says that he respects Patrick's work ethic at least. Robin asks Eli if he would consider canceling his concert date. Eli says that it's a benefit and the cause is near and dear to his heart and he WILL be on that stage. Patrick tells him that it just may be possible. He calls Noah into the room and explains what he's thinking about. He says that Eli can have the surgery and Noah can take his place on the stage. Both men laugh and Eli says, "No way in hell mate!"

Scott and Lulu sit at a table outside of Kelly's. He says that he knows Lulu just wanted to let Tracy off the hook, but he still wants to talk to her about when he and Laura were young. And in love, he adds. He says that he made Laura happy, until Luke came around and "did what he did." Scott says that the act of violence murdered Laura's innocence and his, too. Lulu says if he really knows Laura, he'd know that she still loves Luke. "You'll be a happier and better man if you find a way to accept that," She says. Scott tells her that she is an extraordinary girl and thanks her for listening to him.

Edward tells his family that he never once spoke to Alan about the pride he had in his accomplishments. Alan says, "I know father," but only Tracy hears him. Tracy fights back tears as she says that she believes in Dillon 100%, but this is a mistake. Dillon kisses her on the head and says that she wouldn't be his mother if she agreed with him. He turns to Ned and says that he's taking him up on the offer. Ned tells him that they leave tonight. Tracy says that she won't stop him but she's still his mom and she won't say goodbye. "Works for me," Dillon says as he tries to hold back his tears. "I’m not going to say goodbye to any of you. I'm going to remember you just like this. (He holds his fingers in a rectangle as if he's framing the scene.) He and Ned hurry out the door to keep the tears at bay and as soon as they're gone Edward tells Alice to call Shady Brooke to come get Tracy.

Sonny calls Logan in to his office and tells him now that Jason is gone he needs him to supervise a shipment. He explains to Logan that this will be his once chance to prove himself.

Back in the D.A.'s office Ric tells Coop that his military record and test scores have impressed him. He asks Coop to start working as a liaison between the DA's office and the PCPD. Starting with the murder case against Jason.


Patrick asks Noah if he ever fantasized about being a rock star.

Amelia gets on Sam's case for not showing up for work.

Carly poses as Jason's wife and visits him.