Carly has gone over to Sonny's house to tell him that she will handle Jerry and that he won't hurt the boys. Kate shows up and she tries to slip out when she sees that they are arguing, but Carly won't let her go. Carly stomps out and Kate questions Sonny's motives for being so protective of Carly. He says that they are passionate people and if he recalls correctly, she used to passionate, too. Kate doesn't disagree, but makes Sonny admit that she has always been saner than Carly. Then Sonny asks why she came over, and Kate tells him that she's decided not to sell her house. Kate says that she spent a lot of time and energy looking for the perfect weekend home and doesn't see why she should give it up. Sonny asks if it her decision had anything to do with him and Kate says that his ego is as big as it ever was.

Dillon and Lulu are at a table at Kelly's talking about their relationship. She tells him that he should take advantage of the movie opportunity and he says that he'll stay behind if there's a chance for them. He says that they have friendship and trust and that's how good relationships start. As they rehash their past and he tells her that he's willing to wait for her feelings to come around. "You are amazing to me and I want to be with you," Dillon urgently states. Lulu has tears rolling down her face and when Logan walks in the door, she surprisingly says, "I didn't want to tell you this because I didn't want to hurt you, but I'm seeing Logan." Logan picks up on what's going on, so he sits down and puts his arm around Lulu. Dillon is angry at first, and then he says that Lulu is lying just to make sure that he goes after this job opportunity. "If you had said Milo or Spinelli, I would've understood, but you hate him!" Dillon says. He thanks Lulu for making his decision easier and then leaves. Lulu breaks down in tears as soon as he's gone.

Sonny has called Amelia over and she immediately plops down on his lap. He wants to know how she and Jason found Jake, so she moves over to the sofa so that she can explain how she heard a baby's voice on the phone with one of the "Everyday Heroes" guests. She tells him how she and Jason drove over to Maureen's and found him. When Sonny asks if there's anything else, she admits there is one thing that she didn't give in her police report. She tells Sonny that Maureen told Jason that Sam watched her take the baby.

Patrick and Noah are at the hospital arguing over who is better suited to operate on Eli Love. Patrick contends that Noah treating his look alike isn't a smart decision. He says that the rocker will think he's on mushrooms every time he looks at his doctor and sees his own face! "It'll be like operating on yourself" a young doctor says when the twosome ask his opinion. Noah doesn't see why it would be a problem, and Patrick asks if he needs to go to Dr. Ford over this. He stomps off and says that Noah is the most stubborn man he's ever met. Robin follows him and that operating on a man who is his father's double would be a big mistake. She says that he could freeze up and lose his ability to operate.

At the Q mansion, Monica is surprised to see that Skye has come over. Skye says that she was summoned, but she doesn't know why. Edward is especially grumpy as Ned walks in and tells the family to say goodbye to Dillon. Edward says that Dillon hasn't even decided yet, and Dillon comes in and says that he has. As Edward continues to tell Dillon not to waste his life on movies, Monica tells him to shut up. Skye says that the family should show some love for a change and Edward tells her that she killed Alan. As the fighting gets out of control, Lulu comes in and tells them all to shut up. Dillon walks over to her and she sweetly tells him that she's happy for him and there will be a big gap in her life when he's gone. They both cry as they hug and she says that she hopes he can forgive her someday. He jokes that he'll "work on it." Skye tells him that he has "talent and vision to spare". Then Monica hugs him and says that she's very proud of him. Alice picks him up and squeezes him. Finally Edward stands and says, "You're a damn fool, but you're our damn fool. Goodbye, good luck and don't you dare call asking for money!" Just then, the terrace doors fly open and a very breathless, blonde-wigged Tracy busts into the room.

Carly goes to see Ric and tells him to transport Jason back to PCPD because he rescued a baby when his police department couldn't. Ric says that the matter is out of his hands. Carly says that he needs to find a way to get her in to see Jason or she'll tell everyone that he chained her to a wall when she was pregnant. She says that his wife at the time (Elizabeth) would be very convincing on the stand. Ric tells Carly NOT to get Elizabeth involved!

Liz is at home talking to baby Jake about how much his daddy loves him. Sam knocks at the door and says that she needs to talk to her "about Jason and the baby." She says that Jason saved Jake and he's in prison for it. She's come to get a report on how he's doing and Elizabeth says that Sam will have to find out form someone else because she doesn't want to risk an argument with her husband by asking about Jason. Sam spews to Elizabeth that her happy little family is reunited and Jason's paying the price for it! Before the arguing can get too far, Sam's phone rings and it's Sonny. He wants to see her right away.

Jerry finds Kate at a table in the Metro Court dining room and joins her, uninvited. He tells her that Sonny paints him out to be worse than he really is. Kate tells him that if he wants Sonny off his case, he should amuse himself with someone other than Carly. Jerry asks if she has any suggestions.

Ric has told Coop to bring Logan to his office. When he arrives, Logan asks Ric if Coop gets a little doggie treat for running his errands? Ric wants to know why Special Prosecutor Baldwin has it in for him. Ric offers to protect Logan from any fallout if he works with him. Logan says thanks, but no thanks and leaves. Ric picks up the phone and orders someone to do a background search on Logan Hayes.

Sam goes to see Sonny and Sonny immediately tells her that Jason is Jake's father. Sam comes clean and says that she, too, was stunned when she found out. Sonny tells her that he knows that a guest on her show grabbed Jason's son. He says that he's not big on coincidences and he has a feeling that she knows something about the baby's disappearance. Sam's eyes get really big as she says that Maureen was too grief-stricken to know what she was doing. Sam grows indignant as she explains that she's known about Jake for months, but she wanted Jason to open up to her. She says that she wasn't angry about the baby, only that Jason didn't tell her. She says that she never thought Maureen was capable of kidnapping. "I was shocked when Jake turned up missing! Sonny thanks her for confirming what he already knew. "You're lying. You stood by and watched someone kidnap Jason's son---and you did nothing to stop it."

Robin and Patrick are about to go into Eli Love's room, and Robin wants to call in another neurosurgeon. They go inside and explain that he needs surgery to remove a clot right away. Eli says that he's glad to see Patrick because "the doctor who looks like me freaks me out."

The Q family makes fun of Tracy's wig and the fact that she escaped Shady Brooke. Edward tells Alice to confiscate all sharp instruments. Tracy says that she wants to talk Dillon out of making the biggest mistake of his life.

In the D.A.'s office, Ric is handed a confidential file on Logan Hayes. He leafs through it and sees something interesting. He immediately picks up the phone to call the State Department to learn more about Logan's "dishonorable discharge."

Carly goes over to see Liz to ask if she'll help her go up against Ric in order to get Jason out of Pentonville. Liz doesn't want to get involved and Carly says that Jason risked everything to help her and her darn family. Liz squirms a little and then finally says that this is what Jason wants! Carly stops and thinks for a second and asks Liz what she's talking about.


Tracy begs Dillon to stay.

Dillon asks her why she needs him all of a sudden?

Sam tells Sonny that she was betrayed by Jason.