Sam asks Alexis for help. She wants to go see Jason and they won't let her in at Pentonville! Alexis can't help her, though. Alexis asks Sam to let her help, but Sam says she needs to see Jason for personal reasons. Sam is too worried, though and convinces Alexis to try to get her in to see him. Alexis leaves. Later, Amelia arrives, telling Sam to get to work! She is under contract and Amelia expects her to continue working. She threatens to tell the police and Liz and Lucky about Sam's peripheral involvement in Jake's kidnapping. "I expect you at work on time," Amelia says, reminding Sam that her job is the only thing she has left. She leaves. Sam goes to the bar where she runs into Jerry. He asks to join her!

Dillon tells Georgie a little bit of what is bothering him but before he can tell her the whole thing Ned walks in - telling her that he wants Dillon to go with him to LA. Georgie can't believe the opportunity that Ned is offering but Dillon still isn't sure about it. He can't leave Tracy alone right now! Ned takes Dillon to a private table and tries to talk him into the LA move. He tells him that Tracy is manipulating him, which Dillon knows. "Our mother will survive without us," Ned tells him, assuring him that Tracey's latest crisis will be over soon whether he stays in PC or not. Watching them, Georgie asks another waitress to cover and leaves Kelly's.

Tracy fakes taking her meds and then hides the pills in a potted plant. Alan argues with her about Dillon, telling her to let the boy go. Lulu arrives. Tracy asks Lulu to help her out by convincing Dillon to stay in town! She believes that Lulu can convince him to stay when no one else can. Georgie walks in and tells Lulu about Dillon's job offer, and that Tracy is the only thing holding him in PC. "Busted," Alan says gleefully. Lulu is excited about the job offer, just like Georgie is; they both think Tracy is doing the wrong thing. Tracy disagrees and throws her failed marriage in Georgie's face. Lulu comes to Georgie's defense. Tracy makes one more plea, trying to get Lulu on her side. Lulu and Georgie leave. Alan continues to try to get through to Tracy, comparing Dillon to her. Just then Edward walks in, siding with Tracy! He believes LA is a mistake for Dillon, too. Tracy tells him to get her out of the sanitarium so she can fix Dillon's life! They begin arguing. Ned walks in, telling them to stop messing with Dillon's life. "Start thinking with your hearts," he advises them and tells them to let him go!

Dillon listens to Ned but isn't ready to leave his family in the lurch. Ned tells him this is a chance to really get to know one another, as brothers, without the familial interference. Still, Dillon doesn't think he can do it. He finally tells Ned that he isn't ready to leave his life and he isn't ready to leave Lulu! Georgie and Lulu return, together, both advising Dillon to take the job in LA and follow his dreams. Georgie asks Lulu for some time with Dillon and Lulu steps away. She tells him that she still cares about him but she wants him to go. She walks away. Dillon goes to Lulu's table. She tells him to go, too. Dillon still isn't ready. He tells her he cares about her and doesn't want to leave because of that. With tears in her eyes, Lulu tells him he can only be her friend.

Kate calls her realtor to make a deal. As she hangs up Sonny surprises her. The waiter delivers breakfast. Sonny offers Kate some food but she declines. He flags down another waiter who drops off more food but Kate still won't eat anything. She tells him she needs to make a call and asks him to leave but Sonny is quite comfortable. He informs her that Ontario State, her potential buyer, is one of his holding companies! She withdraws a little more and Sonny challenges her to prove that she isn't holding back. He offers her a bite of his breakfast. Kate turns him down. Sonny keeps baiting her until Kate leaves the table.

Carly is trying to get Michael ready for camp but he doesn't want to go. He wants to spend more time with Jerry! Jerry walks in, supporting Michael's choice to hanging out at the lake. Carly shuts them both down and sends Michael to his camp bus. Angry, Carly tells Jerry to back off her kids! Alexis arrives with papers for Carly to sign. Carly has no idea what she is talking about. Alexis hands the papers over. They are a power of attorney that she needs to sign so Alexis can send a money transfer to Jax wherever he is. Carly doesn't sign, realizing that the papers must be a scheme of Jerry's. Alexis leaves. Carly tells Jerry that whatever he is planning won't work because she knows Jax didn't contact Alexis. Jerry plays it cool, not admitting to anything. He leaves.

Sonny returns home which is where Alexis finds him. She shows him a picture of Kristina with Michael and Morgan. The picture surprises Sonny and he wonders what she's trying not to tell him. She comes clean and tells him about Carly's 4th of July holiday with Jerry Jax. "She was there with him," she says. Sonny is worried. He goes to Carly's to find out the truth. She tells him about their day trip and tells him the boys are fine. Sonny can't believe what she did and gets angry. Carly tries to explain things to Sonny, telling him that she is trying to get Jerry to relax so she can find out where Jax is! Sonny doesn't like her plan at all. Crying, she asks Sonny to trust her so that she can find Jax. Kate arrives and sees them together.

Robin finds Patrick dancing and singing in the locker room at the hospital. She teases him but he doesn't care. Remembering the night before, he tells her she surprises him. Robin kisses him! Miss Sneed comes up behind them, threatening to have them both suspended for public displays of affection! She storms out, telling them rules are rules. Robin and Patrick follow, explaining that they were in an employee's only area and weren't bothering anyone. Noah walks in, wondering what's going on. Miss Sneed tells him that she has to report Patrick and Noah tries to convince her not to. "Rules are rules," she says. Noah asks her to give the kids a warning since the rules are new. She gives in when Noah flirts with her a bit. She leaves. "Guess I still got it, huh?" Noah says and leaves, too. At the nurses station, the nurses are drooling over Patrick. Across the room Robin and Patrick discuss Noah's interference. A male nurse begins talking to them about the concert the night before. Epiphany interrupts them and then Noah interrupts her. He needs the Hill file but Epiphany doesn’t have it - Patrick does! They begin to argue over patient care, both believing they are right. Patrick storms off. As they continue arguing, Epiphany tells the nurses to watch out. The argument continues and they begin throwing personal punches at one another. Noah storms away. Patrick walks away but Epiphany doesn’t let him get far. Patrick extricates himself from Epiphany and gets a nurse to help him with Mr. Hill's treatment. The nurses are shocked at how Patrick treated Noah but soon begin complaining about Epiphany's new schedule. She orders them back to work. Across the room Robin tells Patrick just how much he overreacted to Noah and tells him to apologize to his dad. Patrick tells her that either he or Noah will have to leave the hospital! Robin sides with Noah, telling Patrick that he should listen to Noah's expertise. Noah doesn't believe Patrick will listen to him anyway. Orderlies bring up a patient with a brain emblism - it's Eli Love and he is identical to Noah! Noah is stunned by the similarities.

Next on GH:

Carly gets mad about Kate's involvement with Sonny. Eli asks to see his look-a-like doctor. Dillon doesn't believe Lulu has only friendly feelings for him.