Georgie is trying bus tables at Kelly's, but Dillon is following her around bringing her up to speed on the Q family. She is clearly annoyed and tells him that listening to the Quartermaine craziness is like "breathing secondhand smoke." Dillon looks like a hurt puppy, but not for long. Ned comes rushing in for a surprise visit. Dillon can't believe that Ned would endure the traffic from New York on the 4th of July just to visit their mom. Ned is excited as he says that he's come to see him. "I’m here to change your life," Ned proclaims. They take a table outside and Ned tells him about a position with a Hollywood director that he has recommended him for. It's going to take at least 7 months, Ned says. Dillon is trying to process how his life would have to change if he went for it. He says he would have to drop out of school, and then remembers that their mom is in Shady Brooke and needs help. Ned tells Dillon that it's not his fight. He explains that their Grandfather wants to take back ELQ and that's why Tracy has landed in Shady Brooke. Ned says that their mother is capable of taking care of herself and Dillon should focus on his own life.

Lainey has gone out to Shady Brooke to counsel Tracy, who is insisting that she has never seen a ghost. Alan is sitting next to Lainey and doing his best to trip Tracy up. "She knows you're lying" Alan warns as Lainey asks Tracy questions. Finally Tracy throws her cup of water and yells that she can't hear herself think. Lainey simply says that they have a lot of work to do. As Tracy proceeds to yell at the doctor, Edward is let into the room. He has brought an affidavit for Lainey to sign that states that Tracy isn't fit to run ELQ anymore.

Patrick is grumbling about having to work on the 4th of July when there are stock car races at the fair grounds. Robin tries to make him feel better by kissing him, but then realizes that they have an audience of student nurses watching them. Patrick knows all three of them by name and Robin cuts them off and says that they should direct their questions to the nurses, so that the doctors can focus on the patients. Later, Epiphany finds the three student nurses and informs them that she is short-handed on Saturday and she needs them to report to the ER night shift. "You have just skipped the frying pan and been thrown into the fire," she warns.

Carly is tired because she waited up last night for a call from Jax that never came. She asks Michael how they should spend their holiday and he suggests a speed boat ride. Carly says that since his dad is in Puerto Rico, Jason is temporarily in jail, and Jax is gone, they should just settle for a picnic. Michael tells her that Uncle Jerry told him that he'd take them out for a ride.

Coop and Maxi are enjoying their morning together in Coop's room. Logan busts in and says that he wants to thank Maxi for "how awesome she was last night." Maxi says that she just made him finish his sandwich, that's all. Logan insinuates that they did more than that and Coop yells at him for disrespecting Maxi. He throws Logan out and Maxi tells Coop that the best way to deal with Logan is to blow him off.

Carly finds Jerry enjoying brunch at the Metro Court. She tells him not to invite her boys anywhere ever again. He says that his two new nephews need someone to help them celebrate since Jax is off gallivanting about. He says that it's bad parenting to deny them a chance to have fun. Carly winds up and slaps him across the face. Jerry shakes it off and says that he's trying very hard to make peace with her. She says that she wants to know where Jax is then she wants him to disappear. He says that things would be easier for Jax if they could just find a way to get along and a boat ride would be a good start. Carly says that she doesn't want to be stuck in the middle of the lake with him. Jerry says if it makes her feel better, she can take a gun. "I will," Carly promises.

Logan is gulping coffee downstairs at Kelly's when Maxi walks Coop to the door. He promises to be back from work in time for the fireworks. After Coop leaves, Logan tells Georgie to bring Maxi a cup of coffee. Maxi reluctantly sits with him and says if he ever kisses her again, she'll tell Coop. Logan throws his money on the table and leaves. Georgie scowls at Maxi and tells her that Logan is bad news and she should stay away from him.

Dillon goes to Shady Brooke and tells Edward to leave so he can talk to his mother alone. Alan applauds Dillon's guts as Edward leaves. As soon as (Dillon thinks) he is alone with his mother, he tells her about the hot new Hollywood director that Ned has hooked him up with. He says that he has the chance to work on his next film, from pre-production until final edits. He excitedly says that they will shoot in Montana and the streets of Seattle and he'll be learning from one of the best. Tracy interrupts him and says that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Meanwhile, Alan voices his enthusiasm for Dillon. He tells Tracy to tell her son that she's proud of him and that he has talent up the wazoo. Tracy thinks for a minute as Dillon nervously looks on. He says, "Isn't this exactly what you would do if you wanted something as badly as I want this?" Tracy reluctantly says that he can go -- even if it means that she's rotting in a place where people howl at their cereal. She lays more guilt on him and when she sees that he is starting to crumble, she promises to help him realize his dream AFTER he gets her out of there. Dillon sullenly says that he'll think about it, and then skulks out the door. Alan tells Tracy that she is shameless, which means that he'll never stop haunting her.

At the hospital, the three student nurses go into the locker room and find Patrick wet from the shower and wrapped in a towel. Robin walks in and the girls scatter. Patrick tells her that it was innocent and she tells him that she's not jealous. He can't believe that and she tells him that she's not. As she walks away, Patrick looks upset.

Stan goes to the hospital to see his mother, and finds her standing next to Lainey. Epiphany tells him that he can't leave the hospital until he asks Lainey for a date. Surprisingly, Lainey gets involved and says "Let's go somewhere private and settle this one-on-one." She and Stan go up to the roof and Lainey laughs and says the Epiphany just wants him to be happy. She asks if it would kill them to just go out and get it over with. She offers to spilt the check and simply go out as friends. Stan tells her that he's trying to change the world -- his way, and doing what his mother wants him to do is no way to start. Lainey suggests that he can stage his revolution after their token date. Then, Stan tells Lainey that she's not his type. Lainey lashes back that he's an arrogant jerk and isn't her type either. As Stan is about to leave the rooftop, he turns and says that a date is the only way to "squash this."

Maxi keys into Coop's room and finds Logan laying on Coop's bed waiting for her. She tells him to get out and that their deal is off! Logan taunts her and says that Coop is a courageous soldier and he'll jump to Lulu's rescue the first time she needs it and he'll most likely fall for her. Maxi's back is to him and he comes up behind her and puts his arms around her waist. She turns to fight him off and he moves in for a kiss that she eventually returns. As they move toward the bed, Maxi comes to her senses and throws him out. On his way out the door, Logan asks if the deal is still off? Maxi tells him to sleep with Lulu, the deal is on. Logan tells her that she'll be jealous, and then leaves.

Jerry brings Carly and the boys home after boating. Michael was thrilled with his day and Carly tells him to go get ready for the fireworks at the Metro Court. Then she tells Jerry that she hates him and she always will. "I expect nothing less," he says as he leaves.

(A beautiful song plays under the following scenes.)

Lainey is standing at the nurses' station as Stan gets on the elevator. She doesn't look at him, but he fantasizes about her giving him a "come hither" look and unbuttoning her blouse.

Maxi watches fireworks from the window seat in Coop's room. He comes home from work and wraps his arms around her waist, but she pushes him away and recalls Logan's arms around her.

Georgie goes outside of Kelly's to see the fireworks. Nearby, Logan is standing looking at the sky but he's remembering his kiss with Maxi.

Patrick has gone up to the roof to see the fireworks by himself. But Robin comes out dressed in high heels and a white doctor's jacket. She opens her jacket for Patrick to see and they both smile.

Carly and Michael arrive at the Metro Court in time to see the fireworks. Jerry is standing across the balcony and Michael waves at him.