Amelia can't believe that Sam doesn't seem to have a reaction when she tells her that Jake is home. "Who found him?" Sam finally speaks and Amelia says, "You have to ask? Jason of course, with my help." Amelia explains how it happened that they found Jake at Maureen's house. Sam suspects that Amelia set it all up so that she could be the "everyday hero." Amelia says that when the public finds out that Sam McCall stood by and watched the kidnapping with out doing anything, it'll all going to be over for her. She explains how Maureen just assumed that Sam told Jason where to find the baby since she saw the whole thing from behind the bushes. Sam asks how Jason reacted and Amelia reports that he didn't seem to react at all. She says that maybe Sam will finally get what she deserves.

Lucky pauses only for a moment when enters his house to see Liz holding Jake with Cam and Jason looking on. He rushes to hold his baby. Then, he asks Jason who the kidnapper was and Jason explains who Maureen is and how he and Amelia found him. Lucky says that he needs Maureen's address because he can't just ignore the fact that she kidnapped their son. (Liz tells Jason that they've been through hell and she can't let it go, either.) Jason doesn't want to give it, but says that it's outside of Port Charles. Lucky calls Rodriquez and tells him to get the information from Amelia Joffe. Then he asks for a squad car because he has to arrest Jason for violating his bail agreement by leaving Port Charles. Liz's eyes fly open!

At the PCPD, Coop is calling Maxi to tell her that he won't be off work until midnight. He hangs up quickly when he sees that Rodriquez and Scotty are bringing a drunk in - and it's Logan! Mac tells Coop to lock him up, but Coop says that he doesn't deserve to be railroaded by Baldwin. He asks Mac if he can take Logan home, and Mac agrees.

Sonny asks Kate if Carly seemed agitated when she saw her earlier. "Doesn't she always?" Kate asks. She says that Carly did mention that she and Jason were locked in the boiler room earlier, however. Sonny says that there must be a connection, and he picks up the phone to call the Metro Court.

In the boiler room, Carly tells Jerry that she hates him for how he treats Jax. "Did it ever occur to you that I might want him to hate me because he'd be better off if he did?" Jerry says. Just then a Metro Court employee rushes in and says that Mr. Corinthos called and told them to check the boiler room. Carly rushes upstairs and tells her employees to change the locks on all the doors. Then she calls Sonny to say that she's okay. He asks if Jerry had anything to do with it and she said no. After he hangs up with Carly, Sonny tries to explain to Kate how complicated the Jerry situation is. He states that if that psycho goes anywhere near his children he will stop him. Kate comments that it's nice that he's so protective of Carly and the boys. "Whatever you had…it must still be alive," she murmurs.

Patrick and Robin are at work looking at the newspaper article about Eli Love and his upcoming concert. Robin wants to go to the concert and Patrick says that if she's that eclectic, they should go see the stock cars. Noah comes up to them and says that he can't believe everyone thinks he looks like "…some loser who basically threw his life away on something so frivolous as rock 'n roll."

Scott and Diane are waiting at the PCPD when Jason is brought it. Diane tells him that Scott wants him taken to Pentonville tonight! She takes Jason into the interrogation room and chastises him for admitting to Detective Spenser that he left the city limits. Jason says that he'll face the consequences, and then asks Diane to look after Maureen Harper.

Coop brings Logan to Kelly's to try to sober him up. As soon as Logan sees Maxi, he slurs that she wants him. Maxi and Coop roll their eyes and Mike brings over some food and a tall glass of orange juice. Logan wants to go someplace to drink more, but Coop slams him back down in his chair. "My father should pin a medal on you," Logan says and then he tells them that his father is Scott Baldwin the Special Prosecutor. Coop and Maxi are confused and Logan explains that Scott Baldwin got his mom pregnant and left town. Coop finally understands why he came to town in the first place. He says that he hates to leave, but he's got to get back to work. Maxi says that she'll watch Logan because she knows something about feeling abandoned by your dad. Logan starts to hit on her the second Coop's back is turned and Maxi tells him that he's looking for attention the same way she does when she's hurting. She says that she'll give him one free pass this time. So, he lays a big sloppy kiss on her.

Liz and Lucky are at home gazing at their baby boy. Lucky tries to make small talk and Liz spits that he punished Jason for finding Jake when he couldn't. Lucky stands up and slams the door on his way out.

Sonny arrives at the PCPD and Scott tells him that Jason will be in prison within the hour. Sonny tells him that he must not know his new lawyer yet and then calls Scott a "vindictive, incompetent ass." Scotty looks impressed. Sonny goes in to see Jason and tells him that he used his last favor and the transfer just can't be stopped. "Whatever it cost me to find my son, it was worth it," Jason calmly says. Sonny tells Jason that beating the Alcazar murder charges will be harder now that he's violated his parole, and Jason says that he accepted the risks of their business a long time ago. He asks Sonny to keep his and Liz's secret about the baby's paternity while he's gone. Sonny doesn't agree, but promises to honor the secret for him. Jason asks him to look after Liz and her boys while he's gone. Sonny somberly says that he can't count how many times that Jason has looked out for his family and it will be a privilege to help him out. The two friends stand up and shake hands before Sonny turns and leaves.

The crowd at the nurses' desk is impressed when they learn that Robin scored great seats for the Eli Love concert. Patrick turns to Noah and reluctantly promises to give him a first-hand report if there's any resemblance. Epiphany gets in Noah's face and asks if he has any idea how much hard work and determination it takes to sustain a career in the music business!?! She proclaims that it's a finest career on the planet "…and that includes neurosurgery!" Noah looks suitably punished. Epiphany tells them all to sit down and hear her out. She says that when she grew up in Chicago, there was a theater called the Regal. She says that you could hear Jazz, R&B, Soul, and the Blues all for $1.50. She laughs as she recalls how sharply they dressed and how they danced with perfection. She says the lead singer was the finest man she had ever scene in her entire life. She says that after the show one night, she took her 14 year-old butt to the stage door and was determined to get his autograph. She says that he ended up making her an offer that changed her life. She wouldn't divulge what it was, but she wanted Noah to understand why she gets upset when he insults musicians because she takes it personally. Then, she bids them all goodnight and walks away. Noah sighs, "That's just great. I'm on Epiphany's bad side now because of some two-bit singer!"

Jerry and Carly are still arguing at the Metro Court when Diane comes to tell her that Jason is going to Pentonville tonight. Carly rushes out the door and soon Kate comes in. She runs into Jerry as she walks through the lobby. He invites her for a drink and she turns him down. "Sonny told you I was a psychopath, didn't he?" Jerry says as he grabs her by the arm.

Liz is looking at Jake in his crib when Sam knocks on the door. She opens the door and Sam tells her how relieved she is that Jake is home. Sam asks if Liz knows where Jason is and Liz says that Lucky turned him in for violating his probation. When Liz is finally alone with her baby, she tells him that this daddy found him and that she is going to keep her promise and give him a good family to group up in. She says that Jason has sacrificed his freedom, and she will forgive Lucky so their family will stay together.

Carly goes storming into the PCPD and demands to see Jason. Mac tells her that she can go in and Scotty threatens to frisk her but Mac holds him back. Carly goes into the room and Jason tells her that she's only going to get upset. She threatens that she will make a major scene and call in every favor because she refuses to let them take him away. She tells him that there are people in Pentonville who hate him and Sonny and will try to kill him. Jason says that he'll lay low until Diane can transfer him out. As Carly tries to say how much she needs him, he cuts her off and says that he needs her to be strong for him this time. He tells her that if she's okay, he'll get through this. Carly tries to absorb it all and Jason asks her to do one more thing for him. He wants her to defend Spinelli like she would defend him. She holds back her tears, kind of, and promises that she will be fine. The guard comes to take Jason and she holds him and tells him that she loves him so much. "I love you too," Jason says.

Sam rushes into the PCPD after Jason is gone and asks Carly where he is. Carly is upset as she yells, "Did you know they were taking him to Pentonville? And he's not going to get to have visitors?" Finally she calms down and says that she doesn't know when any of them will get to see Jason again.


Carly tells the boys that they don't have any plans for the 4th of July this year.

Michael tells her that Uncle Jerry offered to take them on the speed boat.

Ned comes to change Dillon's life.