At her place, Liz tries on her wedding veil until Laura interrupts to tell her she’s making a terrible mistake. The nurse insists that the truth would ruin people’s lives. Laura points out that Jake might remember who he is in the future. She lists all the ways the plan to keep this secret are doomed. Little Jake arrives with blood on his head. He tripped. Laura quizzes the kid about his life and then he runs upstairs. She suggests that the boy should talk to a shrink. Liz insists that she and the child don’t care about Jake’s past and she needs to drop this. The kid eavesdrops from the stairs.

Hayden is at Wyndemere eating an apple and recalling what she overheard. Nikolas interrupts. “I’ve got big plans for you,” she tells him before asking him out for dinner and possible sex.

Jake and Sam meet at Kelly’s to discuss his wedding. Laura thinks it would be a gift for him to tell Liz who he really is before they get married. They rehash what they know about him and why Nikolas seems intent on not revealing his identity. Hayden and Nikolas stroll in so they decide to head to the island to search the Cassadine’s computer. On the way out, Sam stops to bicker with the prince and his ladyfriend. After some insults, she exits with Jake. Hayden and Nikolas sit down and she flashes her new bra at him. This startles him. There’s some flirting as she questions him about his feelings. “I don’t not care,” he admits before deciding they should head home.

Olivia bumps into Julian in the hall of the Metro Court. He asks her whose baby she’s holding. “Mine,” she admits, before adding she adopted him in Bensonhurst. “He looks to be the same age Leo would be now,” he points out. When she drops something, he takes the baby and notices his blanket says ‘Leo’. She claims a friend made it for her. He seems to buy that and goes back to his room.

Dante pulls Valerie aside at the PCPD and confronts her about her pregnancy test. Dillon watches from the doorway. Nathan gets him to move along. Valerie insists she’s not pregnant and lectures Dante for haranguing her like this. They argue about what would happen if she was pregnant. The cop becomes apologetic. He just wants the best for her.

At the Haunted Star, Maxie tells Lulu that Dillon is in love with her. Lulu is in denial. Maxie is insistent and informs her of his confession. Dillon appears and sends Maxie away. He apologizes for yelling at her earlier and announces there is something she needs to know. “I already do,” Lulu says. As she babbles, it becomes clear that they are not on the same page. Maxie told her about his feelings and she understands. Lulu insists that she’s committed to Dante and they’re having a second child. Dillon says that Dante isn’t worthy of her. They argue. He pulls her into a kiss.

Sam and Jake sneak into Wyndemere and break into Nikolas’ desk. They hear Hayden and the prince return and duck onto the patio. They climb up the castle to the second floor and into the office. She hacks into his computer and copies the drive. They have to sneak out again as Nikolas and Hayden come in and start making out.

Back at the PCPD, Maxie drops in to see Nathan. After they flirt and kiss, she exits. Dante tells Nathan that the pregnancy test was not Valerie’s and everything is okay. Down the hall, Valerie bumps into Maxie but wanders off in a mood. Maxie looks in the trash and spots the test.

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