Liz tells Lucky that he is grasping at straws by suspecting that a TV producer would kidnap someone just for ratings. Lucky says that she can't seem to back him up on anything and that he's going to the station for a while. She says that if he can't find her, she'll be at Gram's picking up Cameron and bringing him home. Lucky wants to know why she's changed her mind about leaving him at Audrey's. She explains that he is homesick and it's not fair to keep him waiting. On his way out the door, Lucky tells her that he's not giving up on finding his son -- even if she is.

Sam is at home remembering the moment that she saw Maureen steal Jake. Alexis knocks at the door and Sam lets her in. She thanks her mother for coming and says that she needs some legal advice for a show that she is working on. They sit down and Sam explains that it has to do with a person who witnessed a crime and didn't report it. "Is that person guilty of anything?" Sam asks. Alexis says that it depends on what they saw and when Sam doesn't give any further information, Alexis assumes that she is talking about her seeing Jason kill Lorenzo. Sam denies it and Alexis doesn't believe her. Sam ends up rambling on about how she would do anything to hold onto Jason. Then she realizes that holding on to him has turned her into somebody she doesn't want to be.

Amelia and Jason are driving to Maureen's house and Amelia is nervous as they cross the county line because now he has officially jumped bail. "I'm used to it," Jason says as he tries to keep the subject on Maureen. Amelia explains that both times she has called Maureen's house she heard a baby crying in the background. When they arrive, Maureen asks Amelia who the guy is and tries to get rid of them. She insists that she doesn't want to be on the show anymore. As she tries to close the door, a baby cries and she says that it's just the TV. Jason asks, "Where's Jake?" Jason and Amelia go inside and Maureen nervously says that she will not give up the baby! Jason says that she knows as well as anyone that a baby needs its mother. He explains that this baby has a mother, a big brother and a father who want him back. Melinda's hands shake as she says that the baby is upstairs in the master bedroom and Amelia runs up to get him. Maureen is terribly upset as she tells Jason that she wishes she could've saved her own baby from the fire. He assures her that she did the best she could. Amelia comes downstairs and immediately deposits Jake into Jason's arms. As Jason cradles him, Maureen says, "He's your son, isn't he?"

Robin and Patrick are at the nurses' desk and discussing a trip they'd like to take. Noah arrives looking for a chart that Patrick is holding and takes it from "Dr. Drake Jr." Noah asks Epiphany which Dr. Drake is on the case and Epiphany just stares at him. Later, a new doctor comes to the nurse's desk asking which Dr. Drake is on his case. Both Patrick and Noah face him and the new doctor says something about it being "uncanny." A little later, the new doctor finds Robin and asks if Noah has a brother. Patrick shows up and says that Noah and his mother were both only children.

Sonny walks over to Kate's terrace and tells her to calm down and not make a big decision right away. She tells him that the boy from Benson Hurst was smart, but apparently not smart enough to choose a decent life for himself. She says that she actually let herself believe that he was in the coffee business and if he did have any mob connections, it had to do with tax evasion or something. She says that she refuses to live anywhere near killing. Sonny says that he doesn’t blame her and she apologizes if she had anything to do with his career choice all those years ago Sonny leaves.

Carly is yelling so that someone will let her out of the boiler room, and Jerry tells here that they have an hour before a custodian comes by. He wants to spend the time to "get things straight." He explains that Sonny threatened to cut his heart out earlier and Carly tells him that he doesn't have a heart. He says if he was a true psychopath he would be killing her right at this very moment and not think a thing of it. Jerry explains that the hostage crisis got out of control and it was all strategy and nothing more. Carly tells him that Alan Quartermaine died because of him and Jerry says that he is not responsible for an old man's heart. He says that he would've killed Sonny if he truly wanted someone dead because he posed the biggest threat. Carly isn't buying any of his explanations for his behavior and when he's not looking, she picks up a wrench and makes an attempt to whack him on the head with it. Jerry's too quick for her however, and he catches it midair. They struggle for a second and she finally gives up. She contends that Jerry was at the Metro Court to hurt people. He says that he was imprisoned for far longer and in much worse place than a first-rate hotel. He tells Carly that he wouldn't have let the Metro Court situation get much worse because he knows how to recognize when people are about to break, "like I did." He goes so far as to admit that he should've let Alan go for help sooner and that he made some bad judgment calls. Carly says that IF he endured watching his girlfriend die all those years ago, it still doesn't justify what he has done.

As Jason holds Jake, Maureen is a nervous wreck and asks what the police will do with her three-year old. Amelia assures her that she needs help, not the police - and then she picks up the phone. Maureen tells Jason that Sam did the right thing. Jason asks what she means by that and she explains that Sam saw her take the baby and asks if that's how he knew it was her. "I just assumed you knew," she says.

Sonny is on his terrace talking to a realtor on the phone. He says that he wants to make an offer on the Kate Howard property. Kate has come up behind him and tells him that it better be "an offer that I can't refuse." Sonny hangs up the phone and she asks what he intends to do with her property. He says that she won't need it, so what does it matter? Kate is softer than usual as she explains that she's come over for some closure. She asks if he turned out "this way" because she didn't run off with him in high school. He explains that he hated that their life didn't turn out the way they thought it would, but there's no point in looking back. She says that she wishes he would've been more forthcoming about what he does for a living before she found out the hard way. He says that he just wanted to spend time with Connie Falconeri again for a while, and then adds that Kate Howard isn't bad, either. She asks why such a sweet man could threaten an innocent man like Jerry Jacks. Sonny tells her that Jerry Jacks is far from an innocent man. He explains everything that Jerry did during the hostage crisis. Kate is shocked because she bought Jerry's story that he only resembled the Mr. Craig guy who did all of that. Sonny explains how Jerry has been able to put an innocent girl (Emily) between him and ever getting caught. Kate asks if he would actually kill someone like Jerry and Sonny says, "In a heart beat." She softly tells him that he wears a mask, but she can still see that Benson Hurst boy. Just then one of Sonny's guards comes in and tells him that Leticia called to say that Jerry showed up this morning and now Carly has disappeared.

Amelia is driving and Jason and the baby are in the back seat. Amelia says that Elizabeth and Lucky will be thrilled, and then asks Jason if he can forgive Sam for watching the whole thing and doing nothing.

Noah is frustrated as he stomps up to Patrick and Robin and asks what they are saying about him to make everyone stare at him? A guy at the nurses' desk is reading the newspaper and he shows them the cover. He says "Ely Love is coming to town (for a concert) and you two could be twins!" (The cover of the newspaper shows a rocker who looks just like Noah Drake.)

Jerry has fallen asleep and Carly is watching him. He's having a nightmare in which his girlfriend is shot right in front of him and he's unable to do anything about it. He wakes himself up with a scream.

Amelia goes to the penthouse to give Sam some good news for a change. "Baby Jake Spencer has been found!" she tells Sam as she opens the door.

Liz is snuggling with Cam on the sofa, and assuring him that Daddy is still looking for baby Jake. On his way across the porch, Jason is cradling Jake and telling him, "You're home, son." He opens the door and walks over to Liz and says that Jake is okay. He hands him over to her and then goes to get Cam so he can see his little brother. Lucky has arrived on his own doorstep to hear Liz tell Jason that she knew he would find him.


Robin wants to go to the concert to see Noah's look-alike.

Amelia tells Sam that she is about to get what she deserves.

Liz tells Jason that he gave her the "greatest gift imaginable."