At Nathan’s place, he and Maxie argue over the fact that she has to film a love scene with Dillon. Nathan asks to see the script and reads over it. They act the script out and make love. Afterwards he apologizes to her for acting like a jerk, but says he’ll probably have to close his eyes during that scene in the movie.

Lulu visits Dillon on The Haunted Star as he prepares for his shoot. She asks who will be Maxie’s partner today, and he reveals it will be him. Lulu thinks Nathan might have a problem with this, as cops tend to be very jealous partners. She reminds him about Dante’s jealousy, and how he kissed Valerie when he thought they were having an affair. Lulu wishes him luck with Maxie today and decides to head back to the hospital to check on Dante. After she leaves, Dillon realizes he has to get over her as she’s happily married. Maxie walks in and asks, “Get over who?”

Valerie shows up at the hospital to offer support to Dante over Sonny’s setback. He opens up to Valerie about how he’s judged Sonny for years, but now he realizes how wrong he’s been given what happened between them. He tells her about almost confessing to Lulu, but he’s decided against it. He realizes it would destroy all their lives, including hers and Dillon’s, but Valerie admits she really hasn’t moved on with Dillon. She says they haven’t been able to connect, and she feels like his mind is on someone else. She also admits hers is too. Lulu walks in just as Valerie admits to Dante she still has feelings for him.

In his office, Paul looks at the evidence Sloane left him, but hides it when Anna arrives to see him. Paul tells her about a tip on Carlos from Kyle Sloane, that Rivera is dead and she killed him. He says he’s been reading up on her, and she has an excellent record, but he is obligated to pursue these allegations. However he wanted to give her a chance to explain. She tells him about Duke’s shooting, and how she did go after Carlos, but he gave her the slip on the pier. She explains about her complicated history with Kyle, who also claimed she had murdered Faison, which also wasn’t true. She tells Paul that Kyle was interested in a relationship with her, but she rejected him, which made him angry. She thinks he’s simply acting out against her, and asks if he provided any evidence to back his claims up. Paul tells her Kyle did not, so she suggests he not let Sloane waste anymore of his time. Paul assures her that he won’t and thanks her for coming in to clear things up. Anna leaves, and Nathan runs into her in the hall before going in to see Paul. He can see she seems troubled.

At Julian’s place, Ava gets a visit from Morgan, who asks her not to take his sister away. Morgan tells her that Sonny has had a huge setback, and that having Avery with him will help Sonny recover. Morgan offers to come back to her if she agrees not to take Avery away from his parents, and that he’ll assure she has a relationship with Avery. She is furious that he’d use their relationship in this way, and says as much as she loves and wants him, she is taking Avery.

Carly and Michael return to Sonny’s place and they worry about losing Avery to Ava. They try and come up with a way to discredit Ava in court. Michael suggests they tell the judge she’s the head of the Jerome crime family, but then realizes she’ll use the same tactic against them. He also tells her about Ava’s claim that Carlos shot Sonny, and that he’s working on his own. Carly asks how he knows all this, so he reveals he took Sonny’s place at the meeting of the families. Carly is furious as Sonny would never have wanted him there, but Michael says it was he or Morgan that had to represent the family, so he went as they couldn’t risk Morgan going and losing his temper. Carly tells him that this can never happen again, and makes Michael promise not to become involved in the business. He assures her that Sonny will be well enough to go to the next meeting and oversee things. Morgan returns home and tells Carly and Michael about going to see Ava and trying to persuade her not to take Avery. Michael informs him how dangerous she is as she’s just crowned herself the town’s newest mobster. Suddenly Ava walks in to collect her daughter.

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