Hayden and Nikolas are at the Floating Rib. He reluctantly agrees to wear a bib. She wonders if this is their first official date. The brunette quizzes him about how he hurt her. Meanwhile, Sloane gets plastered at the bar. He spots the prince. “Look who’s eating pig parts with the peasants!” he bellows at him. Hayden gets him to sit down and tell them all about Anna and how she turned her back on everything. After he stumbles off drunk, Nik returns to telling Hayden that their relationship was just about sex because he thought she was a player. Now that he’s gotten to know her, he’s impressed by her skill with his son and Alfred. But he’s still not sure he can trust her about Jake. A song starts playing and she asks him to dance.

Michael shows up at the PCPD and takes Dante aside. He asks him to bring Carlos in. Anna’s ears perk up as Michael explains that Carlos may have shot Sonny. Ava told him. That makes this unconvincing for Dante. Paul wades in and says that it might not be that much of a stretch and offers to call for a new search for Rivera. After Dante and his brother head off, Paul asks Anna what she came there to tell the cops. Before she can answer, he gets a call. It’s Sloane. He has information about Carlos: Anna killed him. He gets off the line and hurries off.

Ava arrives at the penthouse and informs her brother that no one will be gunning for him anymore because Carlos shot Sonny. They discuss his motivations. Julian explains his argument with Anna and wonders if she knocked the enforcer off. His sister tells him about her sit-down with the five families. Julian thinks she must have already replaced him with someone. She claims she’s flying solo. They have martinis. He repeats that he’s staying out but he’s sure she’ll be great. He’s decided to move out. They joke about that and she adds that Avery will be moving in. He thanks her for clearing him and will miss all of their late night chats. Ava says he can come back when he needs some baby time.

At the Noodle Buddha, Sam tells Robert how lucky she was with Jason. She hopes that Jake gets the same level of happiness she did. Reliving her wedding ceremony was painful, but now she feels like she’s ready to leave Jason behind. If he were still alive, he would have been there. She sets her doodads aside.

Kyle meets with Paul on the pier. He hands him a key to the safe deposit box containing the gun and evidence that Anna killed Carlos. Kyle wants immunity. Paul explains that this is getting in the way of his plan to cover up Sonny’s shooter. He kills Sloane.

At the hospital, Sonny is about to slip the ring on Carly’s finger when it drops from his fingers and he starts to convulse. Patrick boots Carly out and tries to stabilize things. He calls for a radiologist. Carly sits down and prays to Jason for strength. Michael and Dante arrive. Patrick returns to say that Sonny has a brain embolism. The family gathers around Sonny’s bedside and asks him to come back to them. “You are the love of my life!” Carly sobs.

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