Jake and Sam are at the Noddle Buddha. She admits that she still thinks Jason is alive. Since she didn’t see a body, she’s never been able to get closure. “It feels like he’s right beside me,” she says. He’s sure that it would hurt Jason to see her struggling like this. Robert, the owner, wanders out and Sam explains that he performed the wedding. His blind grandma comes out. When she’s introduced to Jake, she’s sure that he’s Jason and thinks that they should renew their wedding blessings. She asks them to do it for her sake. Sam and Jake cave to the request. They join hands and Robert performs the ceremony.

At the hospital, Liz assures Patrick that Sam will let go of Jason. He thinks he’s messed things up by asking for too much. She assures him they’ll all get a happy ending. Meanwhile, Carly and Sonny plot to keep Ava away from the baby. They’re going to get married and she’ll be Avery’s mother. Patrick comes in with Liz. The doctor agrees to let them get married there as long as Sonny doesn’t start bleeping. The justice of the peace arrives. Patrick and the nurse serve as the witnesses and the vows are made. Before Sonny can slip the ring on her finger, it drops from his hands and he convulses.

Ava stumbles into a restaurant for the meeting of the five families. She announces that she knows who shot Sonny. Bickering erupts between her and Michael. She explains that Carlos was the shooter and was acting alone. Michael doesn’t buy it. Since she won’t budge, he demands that she hand Carlos over. She would if she could find him. Ava moves for a truce. The families agree and ask Michael to accept or face war on all sides. Jerome and Corinthos shake on peace. Ava tells him she’ll see his father in court.

Alexis and Julian make out at the penthouse until they are interrupted by Anna. She barges in and begins threatening to make him pay for Duke’s death. He insists that he didn’t have Duke killed and accuses her of feeling guilty for his death. Anna demands to know if Alexis thinks he’s innocent. She thinks back to Julian confessing the hit to her, and gives a vague response. Julian challenges Anna to make the shooter pay. “Unless you already did,” he adds. She sputters and her eyes dart around until she repeats that Julian will pay and then storms out. Julian apologizes to Alexis for the scene. After she leaves, Ava shows up and informs his brother that he’s off the hook for the shooting.

Paul wanders around the PCPD, talking to someone on the phone about his latest plan. He approaches Dante and asks after Sonny. Paul is smarmy and assures him they will bring Sonny’s shooter to justice. The cop catches him up on the case going cold. Dante spots Anna and rushes over to hug her before introducing her to Paul. They remember each other. The last time she saw him, he was working for Faison. She has something to announce but Michael interrupts. His brother steps aside and Michael asks him to find Carlos.

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