At the penthouse, Alexis tries assuring Julian that the new DA may give him a fair shot. They talk about Patrick’s proposal being rejected. Alexis hopes he asks again. Julian talks about putting the mob behind him and how excited he is to have a future with the lawyer.

Ava meets with Paul on the pier. He’s arranged for a meeting of the five families and expects her to be there. She can’t go public as head of the Jerome organization or she might lose her daughter. The DA points out that Sonny is in the identical position. He expects her to give the families the details of Sonny’s shooting. Paul wants her to name Julian as the shooter. When she refuses and threatens to expose him, he threatens her back and issues orders. Once she’s gone, he makes a call, telling someone that Ava is at the meeting.

At the hospital, Michael and Morgan discuss Ava going after Avery. Ric shows up. He has information about the shooter. The children demand to hear it. Ric explains that the five families are having a discussion about it. He plans to go in his brother’s place. The sons refuse to allow that. Morgan wants to go. “You’re joking, right?” Ric asks. Michael orders him to focus on the custody case. After the lawyer exits, Michael tells Morgan he’s not going to the meeting either. Morgan has a tantrum. Michael insists that he is the only one who can go and the only one the families will take seriously. Meanwhile, Carly and Avery visit Sonny in his room. He senses something is wrong. She informs him of Ric getting fired and Ava’s court order. He doesn’t take it well. Morgan comes in to take the baby away. Sonny vows not to let Ava get her hands on his daughter. Carly warns that they might have an uphill battle. He mutters that he’ll take care of Ava himself if the courts don’t. She begs for no more bloodshed but he’s not making promises. “Marry me, right now,” she says. Out at the nurses’ station, Patrick overhears Liz blabbing on the phone about her upcoming wedding. She gets off the line and the doctor congratulates her on setting a date. He’s envious. Jason is getting in the way of his wedding hopes. Sam turned him down because of his terrible timing. He suspects there might be more to it and they might not be meant to be together. “That’s not true!” Liz blurts. She encourages him not to give up. He won’t, but he wonders why she is supporting his relationship so intensely. She’s a cheerleader.

The five families meet at a wedding. Michael represents the Corinthos family. Ava saunters in and announces that she has the information they are looking for.

Jake startles Sam when he pops up at the Noddle Buddha. He’s there to get some food that doesn’t taste like old socks. She tells him the story of getting married there. He has vague flashes of it but fobs them off. Sam informs him of Patrick’s proposal and her rejection. She brought her figurines out tonight in the hope that she could come full circle with losing Jason. Although she loves Patrick and wanted to accept his proposal, she couldn’t because part of her won’t accept that Jason is gone. Jake suggests she really doesn’t want to let go. “Deep down inside, I still think Jason’s alive,” she admits.

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Sam makes a confession to Jake at the Noodle Buddha.

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