Alexis meets Paul at the Quartermaine estate to discuss Julian. She admits that she has a personal relationship with her client. Alexis goes on to insist that her client is innocent and the witness against him was lying. They’re also dead. Paul is not swayed and wonders who she thinks the criminal mastermind behind all of this might be. He assures her that he doesn’t intend to put innocent people behind bars. She thinks that he’s a breath of fresh air.

Sam pays her father a visit at the penthouse. Julian is jumpy. She suggests he get some protection or leave town. He’s not going and is determined to find out who is framing him. So far he’s clueless so she offers to help. He’s reluctant to let her her but she’s insistent. Sam tells him of Patrick’s proposal and how the timing is off. She explains it’s her anniversary. He repeats his request that she stay away from trying to clear him. After she leaves, Alexis shows up and assures him that the DA is cautiously open-minded about his innocence.

Michael strolls into the hospital and bumps into Jake. They catch up and Michael tells him how crucial Jason was to Corinthos operations. Jake mentions that Sonny mistook him for Jason. The topic turns to his wedding to Liz and Michael gets an invite. Jake offers to fetch some food for the family and heads out. Meanwhile, Patrick checks in on Sonny and reminds him that Jake saved him and he mistook him for Jason. Sonny’s sure there is more to that than the fact that he was on morphine. The doctor tells him what happened when he was shot. “I knew Jake was good but didn’t know he was as good as Jason,” Sonny says. They discuss Sam’s ongoing attachment to Jason. Out in the corridor, Ava shows up and corners Carly and the baby. She announces she’s there for her daughter. Morgan lurks as the women bicker and Carly calls Ava an unfit parent. They bicker about Morgan and his wandering libido. When Ava reminds Carly she has no rights, Carly calls Milo to take her away. Ava whips out a piece of paper. Scott got a court order stating that she has every right to see the child and even take her home. Carly refuses but Morgan encourages her not to violate the court order. Carly caves but after reading the order, points out that the custodial parent needs 24 hours notice. Ava has to hand the child back but she promises to be back for her. Once she leaves, Patrick comes out and tells Carly she can take the baby in to see Sonny now. As Ava heads to the elevators, Paul calls and asks her to meet. He’s ready to make his next move against Sonny.

Sam goes to the Noodle Buddha and takes out her wedding doodads. Jake shows up.

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