At Patrick’s place, Sam looks through a box of Jason’s things and thinks about their wedding. She goes to see Patrick, and worries he’s upset about asking him to put the proposal on hold. Patrick tells her that he’s only upset with himself for blindsiding her, and that his timing could have been better. She assures him that she will accept his proposal when she’s ready. The two make love, and then Patrick heads to work.

Jake wakes up at Elizabeth’s place having dreamed of saying his wedding vows. He tells her about dreaming about a wedding, and she tells him that it is the anniversary of when they first met. Liz suggests they just go get married today. However Jake tells her that today doesn’t seem like a good day, as it feels insensitive with Sonny in the hospital. He also points out that Carly is a good friend of his who wasn’t able to have her wedding. Liz understands, but Jake says he thinks he knows the perfect date for their wedding.

Scott shows up to check on Ava at Julian’s place, only to find her chipper, and he wonders why. She claims if Ric or Paul had the flash drive then they would have used it against her by now, but so far she’s not in jail. She wants him to get to work on getting her daughter, but Scott reminds her that he owes her five million. Ava reminds him that he lost the drive, and she agrees to give him one million if he can put Avery in her arms by the end of the day.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon toasts with his dad to his new job as DA. However he does worry about his dad taking on the mob, which will put him in danger. Paul tries to reassure his son that he knows what he’s getting into. Dillon asks about the screw-up with Ava which landed him this job and if he’s going to put her away. Paul says Ava will pay, as will all mobsters in Port Charles, as they all answer to him now. Dillon has to get to The Haunted Star and get to work on his film, but tells Paul how proud of him he is before he leaves.

Julian and Alexis return to her place, and Alexis still can’t believe Morgan acted the way he did. She also fears Julian is still in danger, so he needs to go away for a while. Julian refuses to go into hiding, and says he will take care of things. He decides to go pay Ava a visit to find out what is happening with her.

At the hospital, Morgan refuses to see a doctor, and Michael and Carly argue with him about his erratic behavior. They tell him that Sonny wants him to get help, but Morgan doesn’t care if he’s bipolar as he only wants to send someone to get Julian. Michael points out they don’t know if it was Julian who shot Sonny, and Carly suggests it could be Ava. Carly realizes now that now that Ava is free that she will be coming for Avery. Carly and Michael start to formulate a plan, and decide to bring Ric in and see if he can prove that he is on this family’s side and go up against Ava. Morgan doesn’t think they can trust Ric, but Carly says they don’t have any choice. Carly calls him and he agrees to help them. Sabrina brings Avery in, and Carly promises that she’ll never let Ava get her hands on her.

Julian returns to his place to see Ava and catch up. He tells her about Morgan’s attempt to kill him, and that he needs to find out who is framing him. He asks Ava to help him by making some calls to some of their old associates and see if they know anything. Ava says she’d do anything for him. Julian leaves to start making some calls to old associates for some leads. Later Scott arrives with news for Ava.

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